Tuesday, April 2, 2013

By Invitation Only

         Every month, as you may know, our international group of talented, creative, brilliant (I'm running out of superlatives, but I'm not exaggerating) writers and artists, takes on a subject which each member then discusses from her point of view.

         Today's challenge, is exactly that: The Challenges we have taken on in our lives and overcome -- or, in some cases, may continue to face and quell.

         Because I'm still working on my major goal, finishing the last details of my book, I didn't want to address our project lightly, therefore I shall lead you through to our founder (and leader), the wonderful Marsha at Splenderosa, where you can connect with the members who will, I'm sure, dazzle you with their style, wit and intelligence.

         Please visit as many blogs as you can. You will be enchanted by everyone, I'm sure.


Francine Gardner said...

I understand the pressure you must be under. Wishing you all the best!

Anonymous said...

I believe I read that you have written other books. How has this writing experience differed from the ones you have done before?

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