Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Ah, Romance. . .

What a sweet way to say "I Love You" from Jean-Charles Rochoux.
          Purely for the back story. . . I may have told you this a long, long time ago, but it bears repeating so that I can put the remainder of today's news in perspective.

         It all began in a conversation with my great American friend, Jean. Jean has lived in France forever. We were talking about affairs and with whom we would like to have them. Jean proclaimed, without hesitation, that she had dibs on Monsieur Propre, better known to most of us as Mr. Clean.

        She said she figured he would keep her large Paris apartment spotless and she would never have to search in the depths of her magazine and newspaper piles to find anything. After he did what he does best, she was convinced he would then move on and arrange everything by month and year.

        Where Jean got the idea that he would do anything more than clean her kitchen and bathrooms, I do not know. But when it comes to affairs of the heart I think one shouldn't dash hope with reason.

      I told Jean she could have Monsieur Propre because he was not on my "Most Likely to Have an Affair With" list. Number One for me is, and always will be, Monsieur Picard. (I'm assuming there is a Mr. Picard.)
Kiss hors d'oeuvres for Valentine's Day. Just add Champagne.
      Picard is a chain of the most remarkable frozen food stores that anyone could ever imagine (even some of the best cooks in France visit Mr. Picard occasionally). In fact, many of the offerings chez lui one could never imagine like Les Bisous Apéritifs for Valentine's Day. One features foie gras topped with a raspberry jelly, another fromage frais with basil and red pepper puree. You will note the different "lipstick" colors.

Fondue au chocolat for dessert. Isn't it romantic?
      THE dessert for the big day is tiny heart-shaped cookie/cakes that are to be dipped into melted chocolate.

     You can see right here that Monsieur Picard is far more romantic than Monsieur Propre. And, the way I look at it, if it's true that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach Jean may not be able to hold on to Mr. Propre unless she visits Mr. Picard.  


BigLittleWolf said...

Oh, the hors d'oeuvre kisses! They are divine.

(I'm holding back the laughter at the thought of one's secret heart throb being Monsieur Propre... and then hoping he would organize and do other cleaning! What a delicious fantasy!)

I admit to pondering my assorted Objets de Désir yesterday... a "crushing" post with an eclectic collection... and I didn't even include one of my all time favorites, Jean Réno. (There were a few others on the list that are classics, nonetheless.)

As Valentine's approaches, wishing everyone the pleasure of love & Love... love of whatever gets them up in the morning and makes them smile (Heather's beautiful Ben and Kipling perhaps, not to mention her RFLIF, of course... and your own...) and all the friends who are there for us on good days and bad.

I think that deserves a capital L... and maybe a beautiful chocolate heart!

Jennifer- The Adventuresome Kitchen said...

hee hee- at first when you said Mr. Picard- I thought you were talking about none other than Jean Luc Picard- that devastatingly handsome (and bald) captain of The Enterprise! My Reason for Living Anywhere has a bald pate, and I consider him to be devastatingly handsome! He also does a great job of helping to keep the kitchen clean- for which I am ever grateful!

Chicatanyage said...

I don't know what I would do without Monsieur Picard when in France. I certainly would not be having the neighbours round for L'aperatif.

Elizabeth Eiffel said...

I have just started my day (southern hemisphere) with a big smile on my face. Thank you.

vicki archer said...

You are so funny.Tish..and maybe you need to be in France to really enjoy Mr Propre.. and Mr Picard...:)
This did make me really smile... oh where w could go with this joke... ;) xv

The Silver Bunny said...

Mr Picard in the days of horse lasagna ? No, not for me, he might be in the same league as Mr Findus ... Personally, I'd want Mr Cartier .. or Mr Chopard .. or Mr Winston ..X

Kare said...


Anonymous said...

That explains a mystery to me. My mother in law is Moroccan francophone and she told me once she was so clean that her nickname was Proprette!


GREAT POST! such a fun twist on a predictable and very commercialized day...yet it IS a fun day, with or without an "affair".

Young at Heart said...

oh my....those lips arw kind of weird!!

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