Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Stockings Hung By the Chimney: Part II

          For me, filling Christmas stockings with care is the most fun of all. You might say I'm ever so obsessive about the project. That's why I turned the adventure into a two-part mini series.

          Again today I've filled our stockings with my fantasy of what even the woman who has everything would find pleasing and if not always useful, at least fun. Once more, everything is under $50 and the sequined col Claudine (Peter Pan collar) is a mere seven Euros from C&A.

          Time is running out so we mustn't tarry. Here are a few more of my favorite ideas:

          1.) An apron, but not just any apron of course, it's a Tablier Menu pour la Table du Roy. This one is from the museum shop at Versailles and is inspired by an 18th century manuscript describing a royal menu.
          2.) The Claudine collar of silver sequins would sparkle, catch the light and throw flattering reflections upon our visages. It may be a fad, but I'm on board -- at least for one season.
          3.) Resin bangles from Satellite, they're wide and a wonderful way to add color to winter neutrals. I own them.

          4.) The ultimate luxury in shampoo from Christophe Robin the hair colorist to the stars. It smells delicious and it makes hair silky and shiny. It seems rose has marvelously mysterious powers.

          5.) The next time you have an Epiphany, why not write it down in a gorgeous blue leather notebook designed specifically for such occasions.
          6.) Granted it seems strange, but at the same time it sounds fascinating, a personal air purifier that recharges on your computer with its USB connection. It supposedly helps us ward off colds, flu, allergies while keeping unpleasant, polluted air at bay. Click here for more.

          7.) Why not? It's the season after all. Gold eye shadow from Chanel would certainly add a nice touch of gilt to a holiday ensemble, n'est-ce pas? A dab right in the center of your lower lip could lead to a very merry Christmas.
          8.) Maybe this one is "iffy"/kitschy but I'll mention it nonetheless, an iPhone cover featuring the Eiffel Tower. One could consider it another costume change for one of our most essential accessories.

         9.) Sugar, but not just any sugar. All the products from Terre Exotique are stylish and special.
        10.) Four porcelain cocktail plates by Médard de Noblat from the Musée de Porcelaine Adrein-Debouché. I've ordered them.

        11.) If you're looking for cosmetic magic, look no farther. It's in this tube of Baume Beauté Eclair from Clarins. I've been using it for six months and I promise you it gives new meaning to "a glowing complexion."


Deborah Flanagan said...

I'll be traveling to Paris for Christmas and you just helped me make my shopping list. I've been looking for an apron for a while but none "struck my fancy". Now I am in love with the museum shop apron.
Merry Christmas Tish.

The enchanted home said...

All of your ideas are wonderful especially loving that French apron...tres chic!

Duchesse said...

Dliights indeed! I'd love any of them (except the gold shadow, which I'd admire on others.) $50 is a full-feathered gift for some readers, is it not?

Déjà Pseu said...

Wonderful ideas here! I love that apron, and second your recommendation for the Clarins Beauty Balm.

BigLittleWolf said...

Lovely. I am only now finding a bit of holiday spirit, thanks to a tree and a dog and a man named Joe... and perhaps something more.

Love the little glimmer of gold on the lids.

xoxo for a beautiful holiday season.

mette said...

Simple and cute. The stockings as well. I wonder if the shampoo is sold elsewhere too?

Karen Albert said...

Tish yes I would love all in my stocking and to give to dear friends!
Your choices are excellent!

Love and Hugs
Art by Karena
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hostess of the humble bungalow said...

I love that apron and who wouldn't like to wear a beautiful glow....on one's skin and eyes!

LPC said...

Oh my god. Those plates are to die for.

Nancy said...

Sigh... Long-time reader and lurker here and when I saw that apron, well, just had to have it! And now, here I am, 100 Euros poorer after shopping at the Boutiques de Musees website and getting even more nifty French things that an hour ago I didn't know I couldn't live without... And I got the apron!!
Sigh autre fois...

quintessence said...

All wonderful picks!! The Baume Beauté Eclair has been in my arsenal of secret beauty weapons for about 20 years - the best!!

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