Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Noël à Paris

Twas the week before Christmas!
   All over the world
The children were breathless
   as visions unfurled
Of the magical time when their
  dreams would take flight
And sweet sound of sleigh bells
  would ring in the night.

But Santa was frantic --
  he wasn't elated.
For his dear Mrs. Claus
  could not be located.
The lists were not finished;
  the maps were a mess,
And where to deliver
  was anyone's guess.       
Illustrations by Sheryl Dickert.      
        And so it goes, the utterly charming sweetly sophisticated The Night Before Christmas in Paris by award-winning interior designer and bestselling author, Betty Lou Phillips. Written in the rhythm of the verse we all know so well, she has created a delightful book for children of all ages.

           She tells us the beguiling story of how Madame Claus flies off to Paris to shop and play while poor Santa is in a tizzy of last minute details in preparation for his big day. Every page is just plain fun to read and the illustrations underscore the ambiance. (I won't tell you how it ends because I wouldn't want to deprive you of the pleasure of discovering the romantic twist.)

          Brilliantly, the book was designed to slip perfectly into a Christmas stocking. Measuring eight-and-a-half inches by four-and-a-half inches it is the ultimate gift for little girls who dream of Paris, Santa, Christmas and shopping and big girls who still have the same fantasy.

          What Betty Lou's The Night Before Christmas In Paris does is make us smile, and I ask you: Is there a better cadeau de Noël in the whole world than that? **

**Published by Gibbs Smith, $9.99.    


Mademoiselle Poirot said...

It looks and sounds adorable - probably more of a present for myself than my son though ;-)

Sandy at You May Be Wandering said...

This book sounds it okay if I mention it on my blog? (with a link back to yours, of course).


Tish Jett said...


Yes, please, please do mention it. Believe me it's delightful. You are sweet to ask.

That's Not My Age said...

What a lovely gift - and yes, it made me smile!

Lily Lemontree said...

What stunning images! I must get my hands on this book, my daughter would love it (and so would her mother!!)

Barbara Lilian said...

Delightful, I hope a copy gets slipped into my Christmas stocking ;-)

Lorrie Orr said...

The illustrations are so charming. This might be a gift to give myself.

BigLittleWolf said...

Having spent a Christmas with friends in Normandy some years back, and a few years later, the week before Christmas in Paris, seeing art and friends, this post immediately conjures that very magical time and spirit.

This book sounds like the ideal treat for the holidays! (I may need to scribble it down and discreetly drop it into a conversation somewhere...)


Une Femme said...

What delightful illustrations! It would be a lovely gift for all ages, anyone who dreams of Paris.

Karen Albert said...

A lovely magical book for the holiday gift list!

2012 Artists Series & Giveaway

Joseph the Butler said...

oh I hope I can find this for my niece.

carolyn bradford said...

Very cute and quite clever! I made up my own version as well last year and will definitely post it again!

High Heeled Life said...

Sounds like a wonderful book for all ages! ... Paris and Christmas = magic!! xo HHL

Jennifer-Adventuresome Kitchen said...

I second that, High Heeled Life. Having spent a few Christmases in Paris, I concur that Paris+Christmas=Magic. So much so, I have yet to visit our favorite city at any other time of year. Something I hope to remedy this spring!

Vicki said...

What a charming little thing! I want it, so will endeavor to find. The illustrations have such whimsy. Thank you for tipping us off to, yes, a perfect stocking stuffer.

Deborah Flanagan said...

What a timely post. Our family will be in Paris for Christmas. I need to get his book. Thanks so much
Glad to have you back Tish.

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