Monday, November 12, 2012

In the Bag

What secrets are held within?

Ed. Note: My darling Marsi has come up with one of my favorite subjects: What's in a woman's purse? I find the contents therein tell us so much -- from her organizational skills to her secret pleasures and much, much more. You are going to love this post.

Marsi begins. . .

By far, the oldest bookmark I have in my web browser is for a 2001 New York Times interview with a watercolorist whose work has always fascinated me.

Nathalie Lecroc ("Miss Lecroc") is a Paris-based artist who creates small watercolor "portraits" of the contents of a woman's handbag.

Each painting is assigned a number. She calls each rendering a Petit Anthologie des Sacs et Sacs a Main. Don't you love it?

According to this interview from early 2012, Miss Lecroc's goal is to paint 1,001 handbag portraits, at which point she plans to showcase each painting in a coffeetable book (and retire from painting handbag ephemera).

What makes this project so intriguing is the opportunity it affords us to peek into another woman's private world ... to see what she loves, needs, values, uses. A woman's beloved everyday items reveal so much about who she is.
Ever since learning of Miss Lecroc's 1,001 sacs project, I've longed to splurge on a portrait of my bag. Will it happen? Doubtful. For one thing, she may well have reached the thousand-and-first portrait and have retired. (She was at 811 in January.)

But I'd still like to play. Will you show me yours if I show you mine?

(left to right) sunglasses, nitroglycerin tabs, a pre-flight incantation I never travel without, a slew of lip balms, two vintage Creed perfume decants, Chanel eyeshadow compact, two Sharpies, my billfold, an Italian hard candy, two old Métro tickets (still loaded), and a handful of European coinage that I like to believe will come in handy. 

I tossed a couple of old receipts. Otherwise, I emptied my bag and neither added nor subtracted anything from the contents before taking this picture. 

What's in your bag? You can describe the contents in a comment below, or -- even better -- why not blog about it yourself? 


Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

This time of year my bag gets really bulky....I stuff coupons from retailers in there just in case I am out shopping and need one!! Since the holiday coupons are coming in, my bag is much fatter...I also carry a reporters notebook and recorder just in case I happen upon a story while I am out. I am probably killing my shoulder or back carrying it everywhere I go!

Sandy @ You May Be Wandering said...

I am quite certain that if I tossed out the contents of my bag right now it wouldn't look nearly as pretty as any of those paintings or your photo!! Maybe I should try it (and clean it out in the process)!

Footrina Bella said...

I love her artwork. I will have to fo find her on the web.

This sounds fun. Now, do you want my real bag? or my cute litte on the go bag? ha. I may blog about this! But, mine is way less interesting than yours.

French Girl in Seattle said...

Call me strange, but I have always been more interested in the handbags themselves than what is inside them. Let's take yours, for example, dear Tish. My eyes were drawn irresistibly to that pretty Chanel purse you are fortunate to call your own :-) Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

sanda said...

I blogged on this very subject Oct. 30, 2012:
Like you, I have always been intrigued by the contents of a woman's handbag.

That's Not My Age said...

The usual stuff & my bike lights, which seem to switch themselves on at random moments. Nice idea, I'll let you know if I blog about it.

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

I might just take up the challenge and do a blog post.
I do think your bag is sublime.

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

I posted the contents of my bag and am linking it here.

What a great idea Marsi.

BigLittleWolf said...

What a fun post! And love love love the purse artwork.

I once did a post on the contents of my bag - part of a group thing. It was fascinating. (Couldn't find it quickly.)

I also once matched up my purses to the cities I associated with them. That was interesting to glance back at just now...

Bags are SO gorgeous these days. Terribly difficult to make choices!

Wonderful post, Marsi.

playingwithscarves said...

LOL! My bags are like suitcases. Full with stuff. My whole life is in my purse!
Anne (Playing with Scarves)

The enchanted home said...

With me, its more like whats NOT in my bag! I carry A LOT! And on any given day you might find something really random! I like roomy bags that hold a lot......but when I go out at night, I do love a beautiful small Chanel classic bag or small clutch.....these are really fabulous!

myletterstoemily said...

sunglasses, wallet, kleenex, make up bag
w/ tiny le mer cream, under eye concealer,
lip stick, and powder. a tiny bible given to
me by my father in law, and my phone.

Amelia said...

Among wallet, cell phone, pen, notebook, lip balms, brush, nail clipper, emergency sewing kit is a sandwich wrapper, menu, a tube of superglue, Cheesecake Factory coupon...oops this purse needs a good cleaning out.

Rosemary Nardone said...

I love love those prints! They are amazing...framable for sure. My purse has gotten smaller in recent years, I have a new tory burch that I love and just the right size. Inside, let's see Cell phone, lipstick and gloss, MAC powder, rhinestone earbuds, michael kors gold wallet, keys, small tablet and pen. Thank you for this post!!

silkpathdiary said...

Hello - I'm a recent discoverer/reader of your fantastic blog and had to comment - your bag is gorgeous! I recently blogged about one of my bags and its content - hope you accept links
My bags get rotated depending on what I'm doing that day and how much I need to carry.

Boho Dresses said...

Thank you very much.

sisty said...

Haha! i think it's cute how some of us are conveniently leaving out the dirty details!

I vowed I would not edit, except for receipts, so here goes:

keys, three pens, blackberry, cellphone, sunglasses, card wallet, change purse, two mini-packs of tissues, three farecards for three different cities, hairbrush, work IDs (2), empty tin of licorice drops, hand cream from hotel, eyelines, brown shaper, one mint, a plastic spoon, and a small plastic baggie with vitamins and a pair of earrings in it (?!?). And I forgot my lipstick.

sisty said...

Sorry -- that should be "eyeliner" and "brow shaper" up there.

searchingforsaraspunza said...

Completely gorgeous! I will oblige with a cursory description here and then follow up with a bit more later.
Chanel lipstick in Camelia. Prius and Rover keys. Phone. Index cards for notes. Sunglasses (Brighton that I have had for 8 years!).Wallet. Baggie of almonds and dried cranberries. Glass nail file. A pen I stole form a hotel... Dental floss and Ahava hand cream. Lots of loose change. Too many crumpled receipts.

vicki archer said...

These illustrations are totally wonderful... as for my bag... a big, big mess...:))) and not nearly as tidy as Marsi's... xv

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why no one carries tampons or knicker liners. Am I the only one who does?

Kelly Gasner said...

Which bag do you want to see: my work bag or my personal bag? My personal bag is so minimalist: keys, wallet, iPhone, Clinique Chubby lip gloss in Strawberry, emergency tampon. That's all.

My work bag is another story: several sets of keys, passport and immunization card, first aid kit, mini office supplies, headache pills, spare tampons in every size, altoids, business cards, papers and papers and papers, a couple of lengths of satin ribbon, a brass bag hanger, several back-up charger cables, lip balm, flashdrive, nice pen, Chanel lipstick in Portofino, iPhone, iTouch, laptop (when I'm traveling), a small tape measure, and cough drops.

Lord I can't wait to retire.

Anonymous said...

Brahmin croc bag
Coach wallet
Coach checkbook
Moleskine daily planner
Straight pair of black tights
Pair of reading glasses
Lint remover
Work I'd
Car keys
Several pens
More reading glasses

I once won a game at a bridal shower with all the thing in my purse. 2 things I didn't have...... A gun and a condom....

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