Sunday, January 29, 2012

Next Week or La Semaine Prochaine

First off, I don't know what has happened here to my type face. I'll look into it later.

The up-coming week, if all goes according to plan, will include a great reveal. Excited, deliriously happy, floating on a cloud would be the best way to describe the situation chez moi.

Here is your weekly line-up:

Lundi: I shall send you to another site where you will find me telling you "Why I Love My French Girlfriends."

Mardi: A foundation discussion in which I sincerely hope you will answer my questions.

Mercredi: News & Views.

Jeudi: Surprise.

Vendredi: The Great Reveal.

Samedi: A French Country Weekend.

Dimanche: Like today, but different.

Weather report: Cold, cold, lots of gorgeous sunshine, morning frost, bottom-line, crisp and invigorating.

A demain mes trés, trés, trés, chers amis.


kathy peck said...

Looking forward to "The Great Reveal"......

Lorrie said...

What a tantalizing lineup you've got for us this week!

hopflower said...

Good-o! Can't wait for the main events.

J. Beaudet said...

The big reveal! Ooooh that's sounds exciting!

Duchesse said...

That you are deleriously happy chez vous is all I need!

The enchanted home said...

ooooh, something sounds awfully exciting. Can't wait for the "big reveal"!!

Carol said...

Sounds intriguing and exciting, l can't wait to hear details of the ' big reveal '

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