Thursday, January 5, 2012

Detox: This & That

Juniper berries.

It appears we are all -- more or less -- concerned about entering the new year with, let's not call them "resolutions," but rather "good intentions."

French Elle has advice that could help us move painlessly in that direction. Here then, are a few ideas from the pros:

 Bouillon, bouillon, bouillon. Make it part of a detox regime. Best if homemade. (As you have pointed out, you can control salt and avoid the nasty stuff listed on the ingredients labels that make no sense and are most certainly not giving us extra vitamins, minerals and good health.)

Homemade chicken bouillon.

Since most of us eat chicken, try this recipe:

In a large pot, toss in the chicken carcass, cover generously with water (3 liters), then add:

One carrot
One large leek
One onion "decorated" (stuck-in) with cloves
One large celery branch
One bay leaf
Thyme and parsely
Salt & pepper

Cook for three hours, let cool and remove all the fat that rises to the top. Then, pass your bouillon through a filter -- cheese cloth for example and I've been told coffee filters work well. You know far better than I.

Now you have the base. You can add various ingredients to your broth or drink it as is. Think about, strips of chicken, shrimp, vegetables a little rice maybe. It's your call.

 Spirelli de Gefu instruments which turn veggies into pasta.  I will own one no later than next week.
Just for fun, treat yourself to a Spirelli de Gefu, which will transform vegetables into "spaghetti."

Chew, chew, chew. According to the experts, and yes, I know, we've heard this before, but repetition for emphasis: every morsel of food that enters our mouth should be chewed between 20 and 25 times. Supposedly the mechanism releases enzymes that not only help in digestion, but also in weight loss.

On another register. . . If you can, think about a visit to a hammam with gommage  (a full body exfoliation).

Gommage Corps du Sable Noir from Anne Semonin --  where function meets fun.
I've done this. It's heaven. Recommended once a month. (I've never done it monthly. Unfortunately.)

Steam clean your face. You don't need a professional for this, just a bowl, hot water, a towel to build a little tent for your head over the bowl, three to four minutes and a few drops of essential oils like juniper berry or rose geranium.

When you decamp, spray your rosy fresh skin with a spritz of eau de rose or eau de fleur d'oranger which you always keep in the refrigerator at the ready, n'est-ce pas?


déjà pseu said...

These all sound lovely. I'm adding "making chicken bouillon" to my to-do list this weekend. I still love that rosewater spray you put in my cart at Monoprix. Use it as a toner and (this week) just a skin refresher when the air is dry.

NotesFromAbroad said...

We don't eat meat and I don't drink very often, wine or a Bloody Mary now and then..
My vices are chocolate and coffee.
I really should detox a bit with the caffeine and sugar. But then I might sleep all the time ! lol
besitos, from a very hot Buenos Aires.

coffeeaddict said...

Juniper berries are a key ingredient in gin. So if I drink G&T (light on bubbles) can I call it a healthy detox plan ;-P

kathy peck said...

I'll be buying one of those vegetable to pasta machines right away.
Do you have "spaghetti squash" there? Almost no calories, tastes delicious and almost exactly like real pasta.

Karena said...

I have really cut back on sugar. I love soups and broths like this!

Tish do you have a link or source for the Spirelli?

Art by Karena

Tish Jett said...

Excellent question. It can be found on Amazon --

I'll keep looking.

Elizabeth said...

Tried to order from Amazon UK but they will not ship kitchen utensils to the US (???) - No other UK site will either and there is no GEFU distrib here ... AU does not ship either - whaa!
Anyone ?

Morgane said...

interesting how detox comes in our lifes right after the fetes ( foie gras overdose for sure) , i have my own remède : le jus de bouleau from weleda , it works nice . And a lot of green almond tea from kusmi ( yummi and healthy ) !
i love your spaghetti maker ! really funny ... I gonna buy it right now!

Tricia Rose said...

I am longing to go again to a Korean bath-house for an amazing scrub, and recovery on a heated stone slab. It SHOULD be monthly!

Splenderosa said...

I just did a post on dieting for myself so this is very well received.
Sending love, cookie...

Pondside said...

What a great little kick-start post. Those of us trying to do things a little differently - to stay on a regime - need all the bits of encouragement they can get!

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

I'm on a detox kick right now too and have been sipping on Miso soup which could really be grander with some spaghetti veggies like yours.

Warm broths really do help satiate me when I am dining on the lean side.

Thank you for the recipe!

Lorrie said...

Lots of great ideas here for getting back to normal after the holiday indulgences. And the cutting back (bouillon) is combined with pampering (face steaming, mud massage) - I can handle that!

The enchanted home said...

What a great post.....learned so much in one place! I am bookmarking this and must get that little gadget if not to play around with
This is a big resolution for me, to get back in the best health possible in mind,body AND soul....loved this!

Veronica said...

What a lovely post ~ I needed this since I just did a delectable post on champagne ~ in the spirit of the week ~ but time for steaming tents etc! That gadget is FUN!

Tassels Twigs and Tastebuds

BigLittleWolf said...

Delightful suggestions. I've been making many of my own soups these past 6 months (recipes on my site!), and have fresh organic leeks, carrots, and red potatoes I picked up this week to make soup.

Now you have me contemplating skipping the pommes de terre and going for bouillon instead.

On verra...

CC said...

Hi Tish,

I have used cloves before in my chicken broth, but only a few...Curious on your recipe... the "decorating of the onion" how many cloves do you use?


Carolyn C.

Duchesse said...

Oh, I love gommage at the hammam, like being licked by many cat's tongues. I'm not a detox-er but have often gone on an alcohol-free month for January,some years. Can't say I feel any better but feel quite virtuous.

Carol said...

What a fantastic tool the Spirelli is. l'm going to track one down here in Oz and when l've done that l'll be making bouillon.

You've posted helpful tips for our collective detox Tish, thank you

Lost in Provence said...

So grateful for this post. I am tryyying Tish! I really am. Sigh. And I spray Monoprix's rosewater on my face first thing every morning--what a great way to start the day. :)

Have a wonderful weekend!

Northmoon said...

There will be a sudden world wide rush on Spirelli's!! What a great fun little device. Although I suppose I could use my mandoline to slice veggies for a soup instead. (I'm supposedly on a shopping fast this month.)

Thanks for a great post!

Mo5m said...

I just read that adding 1 tablespoon of cider vinegar helps leach out the nutrients from the bone. Worth a try to get some extra nutrition.

sanda said...

I rushed home last night and made this lovely bouillion and just finished having a bowl for lunch today. The cloves make it taste awesome! Thanks for the recipe. I want that gadget! But doesn't seem to be available on Internet sites in the U.S.

Anonymous said...

That simple yet brilliant little machine is not to be found in the USA! I'm checking Canadian Amazon and if all else fails a friend will be in the UK in April and can pick one up for me. Really surprised how difficult it is to get my hands on this. :)

LuxeBytes said...

A hammam treatment sounds absolutely splendid. Barring that, I do like to mix a big handful of sugar with almond oil and a few shakes of essential oil (lemon, orange, lavender, whatever) and work myself over in the shower with the water turned off. I don't do that nearly enough, and instead soap up one of those nylon scrubby sheets that you can get at Asian supermarkets. It works very well and is expedient, but does seem to lack the decadence and massaging effect of a salt or sugar scrub.

xoxo --

Susan Tiner said...

I love the chicken bouillon, and it fits nicely with the low carb diet I put myself on a week ago. Like Duchesse, I'm also taking an alcohol break.

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