Thursday, December 22, 2011

Lost In Translation -- Again. . .

Since My-Reason-For-Living-In-France (MRFLIF) has not gotten beyond e-mail in his comprehension of the Internet and all its magic and mysteries, he likes me to tell him what I'm up to on my blog -- which he doesn't really "get" but thinks it's wonderful nonetheless.

When I decided it was time I got on the Facebook bandwagon I tried -- and failed -- to explain why I would embark on such an endeavor. As a consequence I thought I would share our conversation with you. I swear, every word is true though some have been translated. The conversation transpired in French, English and our own version of Franglais.

MRFLIF: Don't you think you have enough to do without joining Facelift?

Moi: It's Facebook.

MRFLIF: Whatever.

Moi: I really don't want you to go around telling people I joined Facelift.

MRFLIF: Don't worry. Just tell me why you joined this new thing.

Moi: I need a broader platform.

MRFLIF: A what?

Moi: A broader platform.

MRFLIF: I don't know what you're talking about. I'm an architect. Since when do you need a platform?

Moi: It's not that kind of a platform. It's a 'presence' which helps me build my name recognition where people come from all over the world and we become virtual friends and sometimes real friends.

MRFLIF: What are you talking about? Don't you have enough friends? I'm French I understand that one can only have a small number of real friends.

Moi: This is different. I need people to 'like' me.

MRFLIF: People always like you.

Moi: Thank you, that's very sweet. But, this is different.

MRFLIF: You already have about a million people visiting you every day on your blog. Those people 'like' you. Why do you all of a sudden need a 'platform'?

Moi: I do not have one million people visiting my blog daily -- if only -- that's page views and my blog is three-years-old. Furthermore lots of those people come over, check me out and never come back because they don't like me.

MRFLIF: What are you talking about?

Moi: We'll discuss all this later. For the moment, as I said, it's important that I'm on Facebook, especially if everything comes through with my 'project'. I need an important platform. And, that means lots of friends. You know, people who 'like' me. Everyone says so.

MRFLIF: I trust you.

Moi: Perfect.

MRFLIF: I remember when I always understood what you were telling me. I guess those days are over?

Moi: Just trust me.

MRFLIF: Oh, I almost forgot. Andrea said you should probably start Twitting. Are you going to start Twitting?

Moi: No, I am not.

MRFLIF: Do you want to tell me what it is?

Moi: No.

MRFLIF: You see what I mean? We're not communicating the way we used to.


Sam @ My Carolina Kitchen said...

How funny and I completely understand. My husband does get the blogging thing and even participates by taking the blog photos. He doesn't like Facebook at all. I put him on FB because some of his friends asked him to join and I knew he wouldn't do it on his on. Boy was that a mistake. I was practically ordered to take him off of there. I thought he would enjoy it, but guess I was wrong.

Perhaps there is some good to be found in all of this. Maybe we don't want a husband finding "new" friends and being more interested in FB and Twitter than they are in us. I'm counting my blessings Tish.

Joyeux Noel.

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

I live in between both sides of this argument! I am on Face Book, but do not have the time to do much with it and every time I begin to think I will have time to manage other social media besides the blog, then something happens in real life world that demands my time. Social media is fun and necessary to grow,but such a time zapper.

Frugal Scholar said...

I noticed that the people I met in France last summer checked their email every now and then (every few days)--unlike Americans who check every 10 minutes.

Jeanne-Aelia Desparmet-Hart said...

It reminds me of Laurel and Hardy... or Who's on First or something; no offence, as my kids say. Very funny. Over here, we are both equally internet "aware" etc. but I am much more a FB user- he is NOT at all- but I still have to find a use for my twitter account. Like you, maybe soon for my big new project...

NYC, Style and a little Cannoli said...

Really great post and I just love your blog! So brillian! I totally agree with the facebook thing but I have really come to like Twitter, especially for my blog. I really do not go on facebook much lately as don't really have the time it takes to get thru everything. I find twitter much better and quick to read/ say what you wish and get off. Have a wonderful Christmas!!

déjà pseu said...

Too funny! I can just *hear* this conversation! Le monsieur and I had a similar exchange the other night when I mentioned I'd been invited to do some "guest tweeting" in January.

He: You TWEET?? You TWEET??? We're now officially in different generations!

Mom on the Run said...

My daughters' French teacher (from middle school, with whom we became fast friends) visited us this summer and she was telling me that all her relatives are so suspicious of facebook. They live in S.Korea and she was tired of posting pictures of the kids everywhere for her French relative and her husband's American relatives to see, so she made them all join facebook. Her French friends and relatives regularly send her cautionary messages about what she posts....I believe that's one of those thing where you just say "it just doesn't translate!"

Judy said...

This made me laugh. Cultural and NEVER really understand what we are talking about!!

I love your blog - cannot wait till you are on FB!

Sam @ My Carolina Kitchen said...

I forgot to say j'adore your page on Facebook Tish. You've done a marvelous job and it's so much fun to have your wit and wisdom there as well as here.

That's Not My Age said...

Hilarious - and very similar to a conversation I had with Mr That's Not My Age. Merry Christmas!

kathy peck said...

So funny, I was laughing out loud. I accidentally realized the power of Facebook early, and, as you know, have an art related page, which now has 16,000 followers. I think a "real" blog is way more work.
My husband thought Facebook was horrible for years. Then he started a blog, and I convinced him to connect it to a FB page. It grew so much.
I know I should tweet. Maybe after the holidays when I'm on a diet, it'll be my distraction?

Jenny D said...

Morning Tish! I am fan #154 on your FaceBook page! I have a French Mister as well and completely understand the communication gap!

Tree said...

I like you, so I just "Liked" you!

LuxeBytes said...

Very funny! Sounds like a conversation or two that my teenage son has endured with me -- with me, of course, playing the role of YRFLIF.

Fashion, Art and other fancies said...

Hilarious, is it not?
Happy Christmas;-)

Lorrie said...

Very funny. My husband leaves the blogging and Facebooking up to me, but he likes to hear what I've been reading about friends and family.

Love this conversation. And your Facebook page is great!

Rayna@BrightCopperKettles said...

First, this is very funny and true.

Second, Who, Tish, drops by and doesn't want to stay forever? Yours is one of the most charming blogs I know, and like a good book, I hope that it never, ever, EVER ends.

Third, I am very excited to hear all about this project, and am practically on pins and needles until you tell us.

Lastly, and mostly: Merry Christmas!

SE said...

I loved this. And I have to say, even with the 'lost in translation' nature of this, the wonderful marriage you have still comes through in this exchange. Sigh. You are such a lucky girl.

mary timmers said...

So funny, Tish. And there isn't anything lost in the English to French translation, it's the female to male part that always makes it confusing. I personally love/LIKE all your stuff! Here's to a bigger platform!

Elizabeth Eiffel said...

Oh how I can relate to this on 2 levels. Mr. R is supportive of my blogging but has no idea what's going on. As for Facebook - I've tried and failed. Also I learned that, when you sign up for Facebook, the rights to EVERYTHING that is posted on it are signed over to Facebook.....all of your written content....all of your original images. This too scared me off.

I would love to have a 3 figure following on my blog ......1 million followers is beyond my comprehension!

Can't wait to hear about your project Trish.

Joyeux Noël

BigLittleWolf said...

Crack me up!

And actually, I think you would love Twitter.

Je tweete
Tu tweetes
Il / Elle tweete
Nous tweetons
Vous tweetez
Ils / Elles tweetent

Ne t'en fais pas. We won't require passé simple. It's all about, um... "presence."

SheilaLouise said...

I love this post!!! So LOL funny!!

Mo5m said...

My husband calls it Faceplate and he doesn't understand the concept of a blog at all.

helen tilston said...

Hi Tish

Your husband is adorable and really supports you which is great.

Personally I love blogs. FB I use for family frienship - twitter is not for me.

Looking forward to hearing about your upcoming venture and may I wish you success

Helen xx

Carolyn C. said...

I adore your conversation! Thanks so much for "translating"!

Bravo to you both.

Carolyn C. said...

I adore your conversation! Thanks so much for "translating"!

Bravo to you both.

Carol said...

Oh Tish, this is simply adorable.

l laughed all the way through,imagining just how perplexed your MRFLIF must have been by the conversation.

Pat's Addition said...

Too funny! And I love the comments.

quintessence said...

Oh I just laughed out loud!!! Of course I already "liked" you over at your new platform! Your RFLIF is a step ahead of my husband who has no comprehension or interest in anything to do with my blog!

Lilacs In May said...

Happy Christmas, thank you for the inspiring reading this year.

Lynda said...

"Lost in Translation" is practically the theme of our marriage! My husband and I routinely have misunderstandings that, fortunately, leave us laughing at ourselves more often than not. The thing is, he's an engineer and I'm ... not.

As for Facebook, he was on at the beginning and encouraged me to join. I'm the one who didn't understand the draw (or many of the ins and outs), but I've slowly become accustomed, and now have connections with my circle of friends. But there are still days I'm right there with your RFLIF. Right there.

Kaitlyn said...

Tish, I just read this post to my father...he absolutely loved this! He also sends his best to you and YRFLIF and wishes you both a Joyeux Noel!

Anonymous said...

I like you!

But for those who visit once and leave, it's not that they don't 'like' you, it's just that your blog isn't what they're looking for. You can't be everything to everyone!

Merry Christmas!


Catherine said...

Tish- this is classic!! My husband is the same way, doesn't get any of it at all but tries to be supportive. I already 'follow' you but will go to FB right now and 'Like' you- which I already do but you know what I mean!

Best wishes for the new year!

The Fashionable Traveler said...

I find myself laughing hysterically as I read your post. It reminds me of my friend's mother who is "up" on social know "Spacebook" and "MyFace"

Happy New Year

Anonymous said...

i dream of living in france and find your blog lovely. my partner and i own IT consulting business, so knowing a lot about internet privacy and security, we refuse to ever join facebook/my space etc. also we much prefer to have meaningful relationships with real friends.
your husband is very wise in telling you that you can only have a few real friends. this thing that leads people to believe that it is possible to have 100's, 1000's, 100000's "friends" is a deceiving enemy, designed for lemmings willing to give up their privacy and waste their precious human life on make-believe relationships and fake connections. ask yourself: will these so-called 'friends' be there for me in times of need? you are a smart femme d'un age, you know the answer already.
just be honest and tell your husband that this 'facelift' is simply a marketing tool = everyone pretends to like each other, and you make money of them.

Susan Tiner said...

So funny, I'm still chuckling. I'll have to read this one to my sweetie.

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