Monday, November 28, 2011

A Day In The Life. . .

Sunday we were invited to a luncheon in celebration of the hostess's 50 birthday  -- she looks 38, max and doesn't care one whit about moving into another decade. Her three daughters, ages 25, 22 and 16 were there as were her husband, two other couples and the two of us.

I thought it would be fun to share some of the conversation with you because it was so typically all-over-the-place French.

A soupcon of politics: What is the world coming to? Can the Euro be saved? Will our taxes be raised -- again?

A detour on the subject of sex: Who can possibly believe Dominique Strauss-Kahn was trapped in a conspiracy at the Sofitel Hotel in New York? And, even if it were the case -- which it wasn't -- he fell for it, didn't he? How much longer is his wife going to tolerate his public humiliation of her? Etc.

Pierre Hermé macarons.

Always food: One of the birthday gifts was a beautiful box of 50 bite-size macarons from Pierre Hermé which logically led to a heated conversation about who makes the best macarons in Paris. I was the only one who voted for Ladurée. With one exception, the large chocolate ones, and only the large chocolate ones, from Dalloyau, were deemed the best in that category. For the rest, all agreed, Pierre Hermé wins the competition.

Moving right along, shopping: After 10 years, Marks & Spencer has returned to Paris, and we are all ecstatic. You have no idea how much we have missed the smoked salmon, short bread cookies, shetland sweaters, corduroy trousers for men and on and on.

Next up, the girls were thrilled about the first ever Banana Republic store opening next month, right across the street from Abercrombie & Fitch where they and their friends are more than willing to line up for hours to find arguably the world's best T-shirts for example, particularly the débardeur.

One version of the famous débardeurs from Abercrombie & Fitch.
All three of the shops are on the Champs Elysées.

Ed. Note: My friend in the fun-filled world of Francophile -dom, Jennifer Scott, The Daily Connoisseur, has just written a book about her experiences and the lessons learned from her student days living in Paris. Click here and she will explain everything to you. If you haven't met, you'll see how absolutely charming she is.


Jennifer-Adventuresome Kitchen said...

When we visited Paris last Christmas, we made a point of trying as many macarons as possible. They're naturally gluten-free, so an easy pastry choice for our family. We agreed that Pierre Herme was best, followed closely by Laduree. We also liked Stohrer- mostly because they were 3 steps from our apartment. There's now a Laduree in NYC, so I'm hoping I can express order some for the Holidays. Macarons are our favorite!

Dorky Medievalist said...

I would also vote for Laduree.

And for M&S cotton undies in the 5-pack, because I'm classy that way.

déjà pseu said...

Once again, you've given us a wonderful taste of Paris by way of table conversation. This is why we love you.

BigLittleWolf said...

Nothing quite so marvelous as Paris this time of year. You are making me very nostalgic for Christmas Season in the City of Lights!

(And a bit of shortbread with my good French coffee.)

kathy peck said...

I would be quite excited if Le Bon Marche were to open here in Los Angeles! I remember both A and K and Banana Republic, when they were more like "safari outfitter" shops - the go-to place for a khaki jumpsuit.
Your party in Paris sounds like so much fun.

California Girl said...

sounds like a FUN luncheon.

I hear you on Marks & Spencer shortbread (my favorite type of cookie) and Scottish lox. I was raised by a Scottish lady which is why I love them both. Yum.

Nice to hear most of you don't consider DSK innocent. much of what we've heard about the French reaction to the scandal was that Americans were over-reacting and he's always been sexually aggressive and the woman (maid) must be a liar because she was busted before in an unrelated event.

Lost in Provence said...

My Dad, W. Brent Robinson, had a big part in transforming A & K from leather rhino footstools to the retailer it is today, thanks also to the foresight of the Limited's CEO and owner, Lex Wexner. We still have a few of the "before" pieces though and they were/are exquisite in their quality.

As for DSK, I will save my gossip for in person...


helen tilston said...

Hi Tish

A fun party and great conversation.

I love the debate about the macaroons.

I thank you for your book recommendation, I have just placed an order for my copy. Looking forward to reading

My best

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Tish you are a darling- thank you for posting about my book. I am going to let my readers know about the honor tout de suite! And those macarons look so divine... I need to find some tomorrow for tea :) xo

Carol said...

Sounds like a scintillating ( and delicious ) party.

The Daily Connoisseur is a delightful blog so l can imagine the book a terrific read..

Susan Tiner said...

What fun reading the conversation snippets. The book does look charming. Maybe I'll get one for my daughter for Christmas.

Elizabeth Eiffel said...

Enjoyed reading al of these "titbits" and as a Francophile, I scanned Jennifer Scott's site. Her book looks interesting.....never to old to learn!

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