Friday, October 28, 2011

YOUR Faces Through The Ages

Debora Rorvig
Things That Are Lovely 

You know that saying about life and hope?

Not to be trite, but. . . isn't that what it's all about? Plans and hope for the future?

I think if someone were to ask me what, as I read your candid, charming, intelligent e-mails, I take away from my encounters with you, I would have to say, it's your hope. You are lovely on the outside, but even more so beneath the surface. I have a friend who accuses me -- Americans in fact -- of gushing, implying perhaps that we would rather use a superlative when a perfectly good, simple, solid adjective would be more appropriate.

The 50s. . .
Connie Ailey
Cindy Swanson

Becky Nystrom

I promise you, I am not gushing. But I am filled with such respect that, as I said yesterday, words fail.

Once again, you've expanded the definition of what's possible, what women of a certain age can do if they put their minds and passions to the task. You tell me you teach, you paint, you teach painting, you play the fiddle (!) -- isn't that fantastic (?) -- you love your animals, you're working on finding out what went wrong so you you can fix it and move on. Yes, the wild, exciting, yet to be explored new worlds of evolution and reinvention. . . you are the pioneers.

Here is what one of you told me about her journey:

And how about mentioning women in midlife who have found their way into therapy and are re-shaping their own image of themselves, working hard to understand and shed the hold of a difficult past and to move into a space where they are living from their soul?  I've been on that kind of a journey for 6 years now (started on my 49th birthday quite by "accident" but of course it wasn't an accident at all), and I'm not done yet.  I'm determined to understand, to sort out the influences and patterns that have not served me well, to be comfortable in my own skin and to fall in love with myself.  Life is too precious not to. 

I'll leave you with her words, and as you can see some surprises.

50 & 50 Doubled. . .
Judy Antonio
Judy's Auntie Grace on her 100th birthday. She is now 101.(How about those genes?)
Please continue to send your pictures and your stories ( If I haven't included your picture to date, just you wait.  Remember, we all want to hear from those of you who are in your 30s to forever.

 A demain, mes trés, trés, trés chers amis.

Ooooops, almost forgot, please go here , what the world needs now is more funny, articulate curmudgeons. Please support the curmudgeon movement. Merci.


BigLittleWolf said...

Fabulous, Tish. And do keep gushing. If ever there were reason for superlatives - it's this series.

I especially love your 50 x two!


kathy peck said...

I love what someone wrote about their "journey". Beautiful and brave.

Theresa Peters said...

I love the pictures (great idea you had) and your commentary as well. As for your critical "friend," I'd rather be (and read) a gushing, free-to-choose-superlatives American than a judgmental, rigid and rude European any day. (Why do they feel so compelled to make pronouncements about us all the time?) Carry on, and gush if you feel like it.

Lorrie said...

All of these women are inspiring to me. I love the idea of reshaping oneself and "living from the soul." This is a great series, Tish. Thank you.

Pam @ over50feeling40 said... is too precious not to enjoy who we are and to learn to love where we are...the age we are...I so respect that she shared her journey with you! Beautiful faces all!!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

There's a curmudgeon movement??!

Susan Tiner said...

Thank you for sharing the words of that one woman's journey. I have been on a similar one.

Beadboard UpCountry said...

What a nice thing to see the grandaughter and the Grandmother!!!!! Aging beautifully!
Maryanne xo

M-T said...

I finally have a fabulous face to associate with all the lovely Comments you have made on my Blog, Cindy. You look beautiful.

I have a rather big and SCARY B-day coming up in February. Not sure how I will handle it. All I can say is, "Thank you, Lord, for my husband's failing eyesight. He thinks I still look 24!" Thank you, Jesus.

Claudia said...

My heart skipped happy beats - just the loveliest posts!

Cindy Swanson said...

I don't blame you for wanting to gush...this feature is so very inspiring!

I'm not crazy about the changes happening as I get older, but I find I have to turn it around, put a positive spin on it, and be the best "woman of a certain age" that I can possibly be! Your blog encourages that!

Thanks for using my photo. :)

Cindy @ Notes in the Key of Life

Elizabeth Eiffel said...

These women are inspirational...and now have me searching for a new face cream. Even though I'm just middle aged, I feel quite worn out when I compare myself to the ladies who grace your blog. Yes life is about hope and moving forward - I just wish I could turn the clock back on my face!!

Have a lovely weekend.

Elizabeth Eiffel said...

These women are inspirational...and now have me searching for a new face cream. Even though I'm just middle aged, I feel quite worn out when I compare myself to the ladies who grace your blog. Yes life is about hope and moving forward - I just wish I could turn the clock back on my face!!

Have a lovely weekend.

Lost in Provence said...

Oh my, I just came back to reread this post and am so glad that I did as I missed the curmudgeon movement and that truly was exactly what I needed this morning--laughter always wakes me up quicker than coffee. :)

But looking again at these beautiful women, I can't help but be overwhelmed by their strong spirits shining through. I know that I sound like a broken record, but this series is the best.


BigLittleWolf said...

As James does not have "Name/URL" open for comments, I will have to leave one on the curmudgeonly factor here, Tish.

Delightful read! On that note, I must head out and pick up some horrid, ghastly, ghoulish, bad-for-you-treats ASAP, for the Anti-Harvest Holiday soon to be upon us.

Jill Ann said...

Good genes indeed! Auntie Grace looks like she's about 80. Excellent. I'm afraid my skin isn't going to hold up that well. I will just have to strive for the "inner beauty" thing when I'm elderly!

quintessence said...

As they said in Harry Met Sally - I want whatever they (the Antonios) are having!!

Carol said...

Gush away Tish, we'll join you. There is so much to gush about here.

l am another woman who is on the journey of ' coming home to herself' due to difficult circumstances so thank you for sharing the wise words of yet another inspiring woman.

beachside cottage Linda said...

Happiness is the best beauty product!

Thanks for sharing and celebrating the over 40 beauties everywhere!

Happy Hallowe'en, too!

beachside cottage

Francine Gardner said...

I am loving these posts...I should send you a picture of my grandma on her 100's Birthday. She sadly left us a the prime age of 104! Hopefully, I will follow in her footsteps..nothing like good Bordeaux wine and Foie Gras for a healthy long life.

Young at Heart said...


Jeanne said...

I am late getting into the game here Tish...I love what you are doing, so inspiring!!

Jeanne xx

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