Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Weekend VOUTCH

"I'm looking for a wine which combines well with the very, very, very bad news I have to tell my wife."

This one's for you. . . (It's a secret.)

But, I'm sharing it with all of you because it is truly one of my all time favorites from VOUTCH. There is another one with a man in an infinity swimming pool, which I'm still trying to find, but this one is in the top five.

It is marvelous because, as I'm sure you've noticed, when one goes into a wine shop in Paris (and I've seen the same inclination in New York and I imagine it's true the world over these days) customers like to discuss for-ev-er how wines blend with foods, enhance ambiance, impress guests, and so forth. Once again, Voutch's attention to detail -- imagine drawing all those bottles -- is amazing.

Do have an absolutely magnificent autumn weekend. It's gorgeous out here in the country. Even my tomatoes and roses have decided to enjoy the lush days of this most wonderful season.

Oh yes, a petit P.S.: I really needed Voutch this week and I hope he has brought smiles and pleasure into your life as well.

A demain.


sharon said...

Hi Tish
I'm so glad you have introduced us to VOUTCH but I'm so sorry that your week was that bad that you needed him!
speak soon :)

LuxeBytes said...

Best one yet, Tish.

Bon week-end!


Karena said...

Tish, this is very, very funny! Yes very unique and you have brought a smile to my day!

Art by Karena

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hostess of the humble bungalow said...

Thank you for sharing these comical posts...I do not normally read comics but appreciate the clever wit behind VOUTCH.

Enjoy your weekend in the country.

bv said...

loved being introduced to Voutch...i am a student of cartoons. i must confess the only reason i take The New Yorker is for the cartoons and the caption contest. i think my brothers said the same about playboy!

Lorrie said...

These VOUTCH comics are wonderful. Thank you for sharing them. I hope this weekend will lead to a better week ahead.

Elizabeth Eiffel said...

Thank you for introducing me to Voutch. I enjoyed your last Voutch posts, but this one is my favourite. Your observations about wine purchases are accurate, but I have found that when one gets to a certain age, that type of discussion no longer happens. There is a much shorter process between buying, opening and enjoying! I hope your week is not as rocky as your weekend. Keep smiling.

carol said...

l love having met Voutch. He has certainly added a smile to my week. Here's hoping the coming week will be full of smiles for you.

Susan Tiner said...

I'm a bit behind reading blogs, catching up now. This one made me laugh! So funny. The shop owner looks very serious.

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