Thursday, September 8, 2011

News & Views, This & That

 Entire ensemble from Haider Ackermann (photographed by Jon Wellers for French Elle).

The time flew by yesterday -- early into Paris, late coming home. It felt strange indeed not writing a post.

Today is a bits and pieces day, full of items I, and by extension I hope you, will find interesting and entertaining.

Before we get to the headlines, let me show you a photograph that would make My-Reason-For-Living-In-France exclaim: "Explain me that!?!" Well, cheri, I would like to, but I can't. It appears she either forgot to pull her skirt up or, the other possibility, it's falling off her almost non-existent derriere.  Whatever the reason, somebody in charge over there liked the look.

My Bompard Catalog Is Here (!)

The so-much-fun color chart.

As I like to point out twice a year, my Bompard catalog arrived a few days ago. Monica Belluci, who certainly beautifully fills out a cashmere sweater, is the ambassadrice for the latest number. With few exceptions, the offerings are cautiously classic. Which is fine with me. What I like almost more than anything is the card with threads of cashmere showing the colors of the clothes and accessories.

If you didn't have an example of Coquillage (shells) for example how would you know it's the palest, palest lavender or that La Solitaire is a cross between sapphire and electric blue or that Aubépine (hawthorne,  or may you would know if you knew what color a hawthorne is and you also know how to translate it from the French) is the palest, palest pink -- much lighter than Poupée (doll).  Ruisseau (a brook or a stream) does look like clear, blue water.

The twin set with lace insets adds a new twist to the cardigan and "Marcel" beneath.

Little Things Mean A Lot

As you know, it doesn't take much to make me happy or give me a petit frisson of delight, in fact I'm almost feeling smug in regard to a purchase I made waaaay in advance of the official fashion moment sanction it recently received. Furthermore, I bought my shoes on markdown.

Sometimes even I'm amazed by my perspicacity.

I purchased my moccasins last year and look (!) they're hot. Exciting, non? In the small scheme of things that is. . .


Rebecca said...

Congratulations on your perspicacity! (I'm going to look up the definition as soon as I post this comment.)

They ARE great-looking shoes.

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

I like the new cardi twin set...Looks like something I would love to wear!

Bienvenue chez French Girl in Seattle... said...

You were tres perspicace indeed. Bravo. The same shoes probably cost a lot more and it feels good to know that, for a whole year, you were part of the "Avant-Garde" ;-) Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

Coastal Harp said...

chaussures merveilleux!
My father made me look up perspicacity when I was I know how to use it in a sentence!

California Girl said...

I would love to receive a catalogue with yarn colors attached. It's not only clever but gives the customer one more reason to buy with the assurance they'll know what color they'll receive. Not always the case when one buys online or from a catalogue.

Shoes are awesome too. I have a difficult time finding a reasonably sized heel as I've noticed do many of your followers in the U.S.

That's Not My Age said...

Forward-thinking - and fabulous (?)

knitpurl said...

Perspicacity indeed! Love it! The twin set looks fabulous with the new lace insets. Cashmere season is upon us. I'm still organizing and not willing to hunt down my sweaters, but it is better than being cold. Fashion week is about to begin in NYC, anxious to read reports. xoxoxo, C.

Debbi@SheAccessorizesWell said...

Love the colors in the catalog. The Clementine is lovely. Last year I purchased my very first cashmere ever. I do love it and I was amazed at how warm it keeps me in the coldest days.
Thank you for sharing the lovely colors with us.

Francine Gardner said...

Love the idea of picking my colors...My skin being so "delicate " poor me can only wear cashmere in the winter, as wool would send my skin into terrible rashes.Isn'it a great curse to rationalize yearly cashmere expenditures. The moths also make sure that i would be caught wearing the same cashmere two seasons in a row.

Lynda said...

That color chart that accompanied your Bompard catalog is a sensual delight!

As for the first photo, my first reaction was to literally laugh out loud. The poor girl looks as though she's either in severe pain, or trying desperately to effect a smolderingly seductive look, and failing miserably. Seriously, a severely malnourished 22 year-old in a laughable get-up? I hope she got combat pay.

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