Friday, September 2, 2011

News & Views, This & That

Michael Kors. Tell me, what's not perfect about every detail? Exactly. Nothing.

Today I've opened my file of "This & That" and as the name implies, the contents have no common thread.  Let's consider them news bytes -- not earthshaking, but entertaining I hope.

In Today's Headlines. . .

Little Girls Playing Grown-Up (Sort Of)

No, they're not eyeglasses. It's a serre-tête or headband scaled down for little têtes by Emmanuelle Khanh. You may recall I showed you similar models for big girls some months ago. They're rather cute, non?

The Question Is Simple: Why?

Please focus on the gold sequined boots.
Bonpoint, the ultimate emporium for fun and classic children's wear, often with a whimsical air to the designs, has decided to give little girls bottines encrusted with gold paillettes. Now, I do not deny they would catch the eye of many young, aspiring ummm (?) princesses, back-up singers, debutantes of bad taste. . . But they seem so un-Bonpoint to me.

Is this a bad reflection on my idea of "fun"!? Maybe. Probably?

Leave It To Chanel

On the outside chance you didn't realize you needed it, you now have the iPad case of your dreams. It goes with all the other quilting you have in your accessory collection. How fab-u-lous is that?

Mad About The Look

Michael Kors. I like it so much I had to show you twice.
This oh-so-me ensemble from the spring Michael Kors collection has been sitting on my screen for months waiting for the right moment to show you. The moment has arrived. Too late no doubt, but it is season-less and I'm in thrall over it. I'm thinking maybe I can pull together some facsimile from what I have in my closet.


déjà pseu said...

Oh yes, that Michael Kors ensemble is VERY you.

LuxeBytes said...

Michael Kors really does some great sportswear.

Bon week-end!!


kathy peck said...

Love the Michael Kors. I always wonder though, when you see the models wearing the clothing in such a chic, and slouchy look that only a rail thin body can pull off, how it would translate to a normal, woman of a certain age body? Would love to hear your take on that.

BigLittleWolf said...

The Kors is fabulous. (Love the second look!)

And the headband is a stitch.


Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

I love it as well!! Glad you ran it twice...would love to wear it once!!

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

The ensemble looks elegant, refined, luxe and comfortable.
I think it's perfect for you Tish!

Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

Now I like that Michael Kors ensemble but I know my husbands comment would be that it does not fit. LOL Diane

Martha said...

I have a black raincoat I bought in Vancouver years ago that looks just like that Michael Kors coat! Still looks good. I may take it to Paris the end of October (it has a liner, so it would be warm).

I love it, but my sons used to call it my Darth Vader coat.

Professor Chaos said...

When i first started watching Project Runway, I hated Micheal Kors. I don't remember why, but i do remember that The only thing I'd ever seen from him was a pair of courduroy slacks at TJ Max or Ross or something, so every timehe criticized someone's work, my wife & I would yell, "Oh, it just can't compare to brown courduroy pants!" or some such thing. Aaaaaanyway, now he's my favorite, except for Tim Gunn who I have sort of a straight-boy crush on, if that makes any sense.

hausfrau said...

My husbands comment would be "Why are you wearing your pyjamas?" Can you really wear such a thing out and about, unless you're very tall and thin?

Aesthetic Alterations said...

Pssst. There's also an Hermès version of the iPad cover. I wwwaaaannnntttt. It's pretty!

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