Thursday, August 25, 2011

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Hermes. For years, I considered caftans "at home wear" and I have yet to meet a woman who wears long, lush leather gloves chez elle.

During my first day out on my virtual shopping expedition yesterday, I realized once again what some clothes represent. I remember thinking years ago, when I saw a pair of pink satin, marabou-puffed mules chez Chanel, "now, that's the life I would like to lead." In my dreams.

Furthermore, for some inexplicable reason, one of my dogs -- and she's huge -- steps on my shoes at least three or four times a day. I don't lead a satin muled life.

While pulling some of my choices together I discovered the coral caftan from Hermes. It is pure glamor and suggests a lifestyle. When clothes are evocative and transcend the quotidian, I find them fascinating.

Moving along. . . It's a headline day:

Would You? Could You?

Seriously, would you plunk down 700 Euros for one of these Olympia Le-Tan embroidered cotton sacs?

I'm merely asking.

Oh, And I Thought It Was Jewelry. . .

Boxes of Patrick Roger chocolates.

Let's say you are sometimes momentarily blinded by excitement -- an odor that harkens cherished memories, a color that signals Tiffany (!) for example.

Tiffany. That's what I thought for a nanosecond the first time I saw a box of chocolates from Patrick Roger . They are delicious, but they're not keepsakes.

At the moment the magazines are suggesting we run out and buy a collection of his chocolate marbles. They apparently make us think of back-to-school. I would think a chocolate iPad would make children think "back-to-school," but what do I know?

At the moment, I'm in my third week of dieting with Dr. Pierre Dukan. I don't think I'll be permitted to  savor a piece of chocolate until late 2012.

Not Just Another White Shirt

Under the subject of we can never own too many white shirts, another example to prove the point, from COS .

Logo Mania

Look at it this way, the vertiginous "Fetish" shoes (that's what they're called) featuring sweet petite patent leather ribbon bows are probably waterproof. Price: 630 Euros.


Elizabeth said...

Wait - the shoes cost less than the Milk bag?

LuxeBytes said...

Olympia Le-Tan makes the most kitschy, least attractive handbags on earth. Have you seen her book ones? Not ok.

The shape of the LV shoes is kind of pretty (minus the hidden platform), but ... as you said, they're probably waterproof ....


coffeeaddict said...

Love the kaftan and with gloves OMG! That's definitely a statement piece. As for the milk bag it reminds of one of those tawdry crafts projects we were forced to create with macaroni and felt in 6th grade ;-P

helen tilston said...

The caftan is so elegant. I feel I should be living on an island and hosting a cocktail party

déjà pseu said...

The Hermès caftan is probably a beauty. Unfortunately, due to associations with Mrs. Roper from Three's Company, I'll never be able to look at caftans any other way.

I think we bought some of those chocolates on one of our Paris visits. I do remember the box and the name. Le monsieur is the chocolate specialist in the family, he'd know.

And the bags and fetish shoes? Er, non, merci.

Bienvenue chez French Girl in Seattle... said...

J'aime le caftan--- but I fear I am too short to wear one. Recently saw a picture of gorgeous Elizabeth Taylor wearing a caftan. She pulled it off, but then again, what do you expect from "La Liz" ?! Those sacs en coton are plain ridiculous-- the price even more so. Do people actually walk around with these? Veronique aka French Girl in Seattle

knitpurl said...

Ah, yes, Mrs. Roper - I thought of that too - but the caftan is lovely with the right lifestyle. The shoes - I draw the line at anything over 3-1/2 inches. I don't think they look attractive. The white shirt - awesome!

BTW, Tish, has anyone posted here that Eucerin's Hyaluron Filler for day is n/a anywhere in the States. Amazon states they are not sure if they will carry it again. That's what happens to us procrastinators - zero product and lines getting deeper - lol. xoxoxo, C.

California Girl said...

I have a question about neutrals vs the once popular "seasonal color" manner of dressing. I refer to determining whether or not you are an Autumn, Winter, Spring or Summer in your color choices.

I understand the variety allowed by picking a predominance of neutrals and adding color via scarves, shoes, whatever. But neutrals are not that attractive on many skin colors and tend to wash out the wearer. It's a quandary.


ida said...

Tee, hee thought it was a special brand of milk!!!!

Kaftans some years ago were all the rage,not keen on them but would cover up unlovely bodies.Ida

Mary said...

Love the outfits!
I own a caftan I bought it this spring. It's paisley grey and silky and I must admit when I wear it I feel like I should have a long cigarette holder ( I've long given up smoking) and a turban. But no, instead I paired with white jeans and sequined kitten heels.
I am on the hunt for the perfect Ines de la Fressange white shirt. Any ideas?

The Fashionable Traveler said...

Hi Tish-
Your caftan and marabou reminds me of a post I read today on Bergdorf's blog from Michael Kors.

p.s. Love the LV shoe

Rose said...

Milk bag! Exactly what was missing from my closet!

Northmoon said...

Nothing in this post speaks to me. I definitely don't live a "caftan life style". The milk bags are weird and expensive. The shoes are a strange colour, and what's with the skinny bow? Even the chocolate - marbles? why does it need to look like something other than chocolate?

Okay, I'll say one positive thing - the colour of the boxes is a nice turquoise blue shade.

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