Saturday, July 9, 2011

Saturday In The Country

Parked in front of the church, you see the wedding carriage of choice these days. Spiffy, I think, but very difficult to navigate in a la-dee-da wedding gown.

You said last week that you liked to hear about my glamorous life in the French countryside, so taking my cue from your kind comments, the following is on my calendar today:

1.) Deadhead roses (I'm wondering if that's two words in this

2.) Find a collar for one of our dogs who can't seem to find hers -- and neither can we.

3.) Weed the potager -- perhaps. I should; I know I should. I'll think about it.

4.) Water the boxes of lavender on the front porch.

5.) Make my weekly bouquets.

6.) Go to market -- we need fruits and veggies. The potager has not started to produce as yet. (Thank you Duchesse for the slug/beer trick. I think it's working.)

7.) Take pictures in the town where the car was parked.

8.) Maybe -- maybe -- buy a pair of ballerines on 50 percent off soldes. Actually, probably will.

And, that's it. I'm exhausted reading the program.

Weather report: Slightly chilly (for July), sunny, pleasant. No complaints.

A demain.


Francine Gardner said...

Sounds like my week end, just add a rigorous hour of swimming and very hot sun. My weeks are so busy exhausting, and i do cherish these loose week end plans.
Bon week end,

ida said...

My one favourite chore dead heading roses has taken me most of the morning...warm & sunny here today!!!

Now off to do the weekly shop urggh
now that is boring....not a decent shoe shop in sight out here in the sticks (sob)

Good luck in finding the dog collar,happy weekend. Ida

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

Actually, your weekend plans sound lovely...I would take the slightly chilly weather in a moment...we continue to be very hot and does not motivate me to want to be outside. But, I look forward to your countryside pictures!!

une femme said...

That's a fairly packed itinerary! I spent several hours last week deadheading my lavender bushes, and now am committed to doing this weekly to keep it manageable. Hope you get some time to put your feet up and sip something delicious.

Young at Heart said...

just back from visiting friends in france armed with a huge bunch of her lavender .....filled my carry on suitcase perfectly once the gifts had been decanted....luckily 5 days of hot'n'heavy sunshine, pink wine and poolside in-action......vive la differance!!

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

I love dead heading the roses...
it is not as difficult as weeding which I do sporadically.
Like you I tell myself it must be done and often I do something else instead.

Ballerina shoe shopping sounds like fun...

Your weekend routine sounds similar to mine but in the countryside of France it sounds magnifique!

James said...

Great car,and yes weed!

Angel Jem said...

And time for a coffee? Have a good weekend!

Kathleen said...

Except for the dog collar, my day has been similar. The morning included gardening and shopping at the nearby farmer's market. Hey, it is only "work" when you would rather be doing something else, right?

Beadboard UpCountry said...

Lucky you, great weather, the potager....The local market... Everything is hot as Hades here.....And the soldes are already starting???? When is the official time? Things have been busy here...... I always try to "tune in" when I can. xo Maryanne

legend in his own lunchtime said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend. I'm just about to go down to the garden and rub some lavender between my finger tips. I love that smell.

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