Sunday, July 31, 2011

Next Week or La Semaine Prochaine

A great deal of thought and dithering has gone into my decision to address a hot topic. Hot in oh-so-many-ways: Fidelity/Infidelity, Respect/Arrogance, Loyalty/Deception. In a word, Love, and what we're willing to give and do for love and what we hope and expect in return.

You know, except for the naughty nightwear/stay-at-home-and-have-fun wear, s** is a subject largely eschewed in this space along with the other no-no's religion, politics and money (except for how much something costs or all the better if it's on markdown).

Moving right along, on the calendar:

News & Views

On-the-Street: Let me explain. I was in Paris last Friday and the streets are deserted, not a stylish French woman in sight. I'll see what I can come up with out here in the country next week. You know I'll do my best.

Cherie will answer your questions -- if she doesn't I will. She hasn't worked in months and now she wants a vacation. So typical.

Surprises! (Last week was a complete surprise for me)

More News & Views

Ed. Note: Thank you so very, very much for your comments on the future of reading. You are so brilliant and interesting. I'm so lucky. In fact, thank you for all of your thoughtful responses.

Have a beautiful Sunday.

Weather report: Perfect.

A demain.


Karena said...

Tish looking forward to the week ahead, sounds fascinating!!


Art by Karena

LuxeBytes said...

Oh, that Cherie. Hers is a charmed life indeed. See you next week!

xoxoxo --

ParisGrrl said...

I wish you could have seen the woman I saw at Montparnasse today, sporting blue gingham ballerines with a blue floral dress--too adorable!

Julie said...

I can't believe there were stylish Parisian women to be seen. Ah well, we'll look forward to the country village ladies.

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