Monday, July 18, 2011

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Simple question: Where do you look first when you see this gown from the Givenchy haute couture collection? The "hat" -- am I right?

Just when you were becoming accustomed to my "all-over-the-place" posts, today I would like to welcome you to the champion of scatter-brained stream-of-consciousness exercises.

That's what happens when one has no grand plan in life. Some of us just live on hope and happenstance -- with a little work and effort thrown in to help guide the fates.

On to the headlines then. . .

Where Do You Wear It?

More Givenchy
In the past, when I had front row center seats at both the couture and ready-to-wear collections, many designers threw in a few bare breasted numbers to wake up the crowd. After several seasons of such "shocking!" revelations, we became blasé.

I never did know whether the see-through numbers or the nothing at all numbers were only for show or if some were cut and sold. For a while they made for good writing material.

To my chagrin, I was surprised to see these Givenchy haute couture dresses. Maybe it's the pristine whiteness of them that makes the gowns seem so improbably wrong. I don't know.

Bottom line: Who will/would wear them and more importantly where? They're probably pure artistry and I'm too literal to understand. That's probably the explanation.

Hilarious, But Silly

I have no idea what the message is, but I suspect these earrings from Les Néréides  would make for a great conversation opener.

They're called, La Diva et Le Maitre d'Hotel.

Diet Trick Of The Day
Zero calories and no exercise involved. Have I got your complete and undivided attention? I'll bet I do.

You see the chocolate cookie ring above? Under normal circumstances, as in considering it an accessory, I wouldn't dream of wearing it. I think it's ridiculous, unattractive and definitely not age appropriate.

However, I see it as a sort of talisman. (You know my powers of exaggeration and rationalization are boundless.) Those of us concerned with discipline in the calorie department could wear the ring as a reminder not to eat a real chocolate cookie or whatever one's weakness might be.

It must be worn on the hand in which one normally transports food to mouth.

What do you think? Oh yes, its from the Marushka Collection.

A demain for more of the same. . .


une femme said...

The "hat" reminds me of an operatic viking helmet. Someone once remarked that "Fashion is Theater" and I guess that explains a lot.

No, to the cookie ring. It would only make me want to eat cookies. I'm more the "out of sight, out of mind" type.

helen tilston said...

You are so right the first gown one looks at the hat as there are subtle arrows bringing your attention upwards.
No the the cookie ring
Yes to the earings

A fun post, thanks

LuxeBytes said...

No to the hat.

No to the sheer dresses.

No to the funny earrings.

No to the munchie ring.

Whew, glad we got all that out of the way. What's next, Tish?

xoxoxo --

Elizabeth said...

Eyes to the hat first - Really?!?! I think not. I adore the see-through dresses, but wouldn't dare wear one out of my house here in the Deep South........of course I might if I had large stickers to cover my nipples!

About the jewelry - I prefer diamonds on my fingers and cookies in my belly, thank you.

Such an interesting and fun post today.

ParisGrrl said...

I think those gowns would work fine...with Just the right bra! Big "non" on the cookie ring though--makes me hungry just looking at it.

kathy peck said...

If I had that ring, I'd think about cookies all day long. So I'm another NO. The Givenchy gowns are actually quite beautiful, but unwearable. Earrings...cute.

Charlotte Holmes said...

Not my style...I use my hands too much for such a large ring and, as Kathy said, it would make me crave chocolate all day. The see-through dress would distract my students. The Viking helmet wouldn't fit in my tiny car as I motor around town. And the earrings would also be distracting, and probably heavy as well, and since I wear glasses, a bit too busy.

The dress IS lovely on the model, though. I think much depends on the body the dress encases, as to the effectiveness of the dress...

Splenderosa said...

Well, obviously, Givenchy is designing for Carine Roitfeld, who would actually wear this creation. Well, maybe Anna Dello Russo would wear the helmet hat. And, for now, I'll just wear my own jewelry, but those are amazing party favors for the girls. Always, a great post, Tish. xx's

BigLittleWolf said...


And a shame... I thought the second dress (Givenchy) was gorgeous - or would be, with even a hint of sheer something underneath.

TK Kerouac said...

If one had a flat perky breast, perhaps you could get away with those dresses

the rings and earings are quirky and cute.

M-T said...

Well, well, well. Now I know where to tell the Metropolitan Opera to look for costume inspiration for their next "Ring Cycle". Brunnhilde and her Valkyrie sisters would look smashing in those helmets.

Although, riding winged horses in those filmy see-through dresses might pose just a bit of a problem. Still, I can see great potential. To see what the fashion forward Valkyries are wearing this season, visit my blog post:

365 Tage said...

I'd wear the dress dans la piscine, to feel like a mermaid

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