Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dear Cherie Is Baaaaack!

Cherie is deeply touched, though frankly not at all surprised, by your support. You-Know-Who (heretofore YKW) can be uppity -- heaven knows why, Cherie got the good genes after all -- and excessively territorial about "our" blog.

She doesn't seem to realize that Cherie raises the bar and provides the je ne sais quoi for which we (you and most certainly Cherie) live and breathe.

Your questions were particularly interesting and challenging. Your overwhelming response and need for Cherie is once again evident. Translation: Cherie will be back regularly to answer all your questions and assuage all of your fears.

YKW has forbidden Cherie from talking about fall until August 1st. Though Cherie has infinitely more style, charisma and charm than YKW, unfortunately she has taken control of the controls in this space. Until then, let's attack your concerns.

Q: Mme. V: Dear Cherie, What did you wear to the wedding in Monaco?

Dress from Rochas, heaven only knows whose idea it was to add the black opaque hose.
Lanvin, Albert, an old friend, agreed to extend the fabric to just below the knee. He is a darling.
A: My dear Mme. V, How interesting that you should ask. Of course Cherie was invited although we were all quite worried that Charlene would make a run for it before the big day. (YKW was not invited obviously. But you probably knew that.)

Some of Cherie's friends left their shopping to the very last second because, let's face it, there are so few weddings of that sort these days. We decided amongst ourselves that if things fell through in Monaco and we had already bought our day and evening wear we would throw a few parties on our own to justify the enormous expense of trying to compete sartorially with all the cameras in the world focused on us, well moi certainly and of course the bride and a couple of the princesses over there.

One thing Cherie discovered in her shopping excursions was that finding a confection perfection for a wedding of this genre is not a piece of cake. Arms should be covered, at least slightly for the église, the last thing one wishes is to look like any of the other European royalty in their too tight Easter egg pastel suits, one wants to appear chic, elegant and décontracté (relaxed, in control, nonchalant). Then there is the question of the hat that won't make one look like a fool.

Elie Saab, another old friend. He added more layers to the skirt. Cherie likes to show a little skin, but she does not like to feel exposed.
Elie Saab
It's wasn't easy. For the soirée there was a plethora of choices in the collections -- almost too many from which to choose.

Above Cherie shares her final cull down.

And, finally, a few accessories.
Roger Vivier clutch to go with every evening gown in the world forever.

Lanvin envelope to accompany  Rochas dress.

Dior. YKW has a fab-u-lous shoe man, Monsieur Cotte, who cut an inch off of these shoes without disturbing the delicate balance.
Cherie's driver kept these close at hand when above scary shoes became too, too much.
These exquisite court pumps are in the Metropolitan Museum and were designed by Roger Vivier in 1980. But, wouldn't they be lovely?

Guess which of the day and evening looks Cherie chose.

More very, very soon my darlings.



LuxeBytes said...

With Cherie back in the fold, it feels as if -- to quote Jeeves -- "God is in his heaven and all is right with the world." Welcome home, Cherie.

xoxoxo --

kathy peck said...

I think that Roger Vivier clutch would go with everything in the world, not just evening gowns- Want it!

BigLittleWolf said...

Personally, I'm delighted to see a few sleeves offered in these lovely fringues. After all, some of us are indeed women of a certain age, and even a bit of upper arm cover-up is de rigueur.

Love the shoes!


Splenderosa said...

Oh, my precious Cherie, it is sooo good to hear from you again. I completely take to heart all your excellent advice & definitely agree the black stockings are ridiculous.
The world is a better place now that you're back!!

A-Dubs said...

I'm with LuxeBytes. It's lovely to read your prose, again, Cherie.

Villette said...

The color of the Rochas dress is heaven. And Elie Saab...sigh. Wonderful choices, Cherie. Indeed, I think you may have been more chic than the wedding deserved.

knitpurl said...

Cherie, it is delightful to have you back. However, I must ask YKW - did you survive the picture taking session, sanity intact?

Cherie your selections today spoke to me because of color. Roger Vivier's clutch would be nice. The Dior shoes (uncut) and Unisa's are musts. I think you chose Elie Saab, gray for pm and Lanvin, with added length, for day. Tell us what you chose! xoxo, C.

Fifi Flowers said...

FAB fashions! J'adore the idea of an evil twin... LOL!!!

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