Monday, June 20, 2011

Walking In Straw

Tory Burch

Long time planned, held in reserve, cancelled for Caillebotte and other passing fancies that took precedence last week: Walking In Straw.

Summer ballerines.

Sweet, not serious, pretty and perhaps, if we're lucky, about to be on markdown.

Tory Burch

Jack Rogers

Jack Rogers



On another subject: Eye creams. I know you're concerned about the info from my dermatologist and her assistant. Neither uses them as you may recall. Their reason? "They're not necessary." Both say they take their night creams up and around their eyes, but not too close.

Remember: tap, tap, tap. . .
No one wants to wake in the morning looking worse than she did when she went to bed. Never put eye cream too close to the eye because it will melt and seep into the eyes which equals, puffy eyes. Not the look you were dreaming about.

If, however, and Dr. Gallais emphasized the point, a woman has found an eye cream she believes works for her, she should continue using it.


Spiral Style said...

Love the idea of straw for summer. Cute finds.
I do use a moisturizer around the eye but I don't spend lots of money for it. Drug store brand of light moisture helps keep the skin from looking dry and crepe-like.
Happy Monday.

Anonymous said...

As a former cosmetic chemist, I agree with the eye cream info EXCEPT for Kiehl's Avocado EyeCream. It is the best and does not migrate. Use just a tiny tiny bit on the crease on your lids and around your eyes especially at night. Most eye creams are minimally or not fragranced whereas regular moisturizers may have more scent to them causing irritation. Try the Kiehl' is fabulous!

LuxeBytes said...

Those straw ballerines are adorable. I've never noticed that my wardrobe was missing a pair, and now it seems so obvious.

I haven't found an eye cream I've loved since L'Oreal discontinued my favorite about 10 years ago. Face cream seems to work as well as anything I've tried since then, so that's what I use.


Catherine Robinson said...

Love the Tory Burch pair...I'm really into flats this many to choose from.
I agree with your dermamtologist many people say eye cream isn't necessary and they're so expensive...definitely a cream we can go without! :)

Catherine Robinson said...

Love the Tory Burch pair...I'm really into flats this many to choose from.
I agree with your dermamtologist many people say eye cream isn't necessary and they're so expensive...definitely a cream we can go without! :)

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

I love the Tory Burch straw flats....and the orange is yummy!

Eye cream has never been on my radar so it is comforting to hear that some experts do not suggest it's use.

Have fun on Wednesday at Eric Bompard!
Please show us what you buy!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the quick response to my query.
You're a hoot, I look forward to your posts!

ida said...

Tory Burch have opened a store in the UK earlier this year,the orange ones are yummy.Maybe........ Ida

BigLittleWolf said...

These straw flats are lovely. (No straw heels in the offing?)

I'm still longing for a fedora after your recent post! (No time to go browsing to find a hat, and like so many women, when I buy hats, I'm then too embarrassed to actually wear them out!)

That's Not My Age said...

Those Zara pumps are very cute - and your dermatologist is very wise. I never use eye cream.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to read a post that included more tips from your dermatologist! What's essential, what's not, etc. I'm not sure how to go about finding one that wouldn't load you up with unnecessary products, but I feel like it's time to find a good skin doctor. Thanks for all your posts! It's a daily read for me.

Karena said...

Oh Tish I love the Zara flats, so darling!!

Agree about the eye cream, not too close or puffiness for sure!

Art by Karena

Be sure to enter my exciting Giveaway from the Artisans at Novica!

Villette said...

BigLittleWolf shouldn't be shy about wearing a fedora. I bought one in Rome a couple of years ago because the sun was far too strong for my pale skin, even with sunscreen. Now whenever I wear it, women ask me where they can get one too (Borsalino in fact, so it is v Italian stylish) Also, I realised the first time I caught sight of myself in the reflection of a shop window that the strong horizontal line of the brim was a great balancer for my shape. Now, jeans, jacket, fedora -- it just works.

nmaha said...

I just found your blog and I'm sorry but you make me want to gush. So here goes. I love love love your attitude and your practicality. I just turned 30 and I can see so much here that will help me.

The best part, your cool sidebar.

Mean Mama said...

Just returned from the Languedoc area, and I must say that "ballerines" were everywhere, as well as thin-soled flat little sandals. Is the entire French nation headed for plantar fasciitis???????

Mary said...

Excellent information today, Tish!

I have ONLY been wearing flats now for 33 years and my feet will never allow me to go back. My doctor wouldn't be pleased, either, since I have a diagnosis of osteoporosis and a fall could be dangerous.

There are so many cute flats to choose from it has never been a difficult decision for me. I'm with you, I usually scope out what's new and then wait until after July 4th and I can usually still get some summer wear out of reduced sandals.

My fedora finally got worn yesterday. I have had it in my closet for over a month but I took the plunge. IT WAS A HIT.

Kate said...

I love ballerinas and adore Repetto. Can't get them in Bahrain so shall be stocking up when I'm back in Europe over the summer.

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