Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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Cherries from our garden, circa 2010.
Yes, it's true. . . Running late again. Lazy days of été perhaps? I was obliged to make what may be the last run of the season to the market for a supply of cherries. I love, love, love cherries, but the season is pretty much over I'm afraid. Our three cherry trees gave us exactly one cheery this year and I can't blame the birds this time. We had leaves, flowers, hope and nothing.

Never mind, today's musings:

Explain Me These

Yves Saint Laurent.
Yves Saint Laurent. What can I say?
YSL back view so you have a true picture of the danger involved.
For those of you who don't know the way My-Reason-For-Living-In-France sometimes speaks, one of his favorite expressions is, "Explain me this [or that]."

As I was saying, explain me these shoes. Who wears them except on the runways and in magazines? (Does that make me sound old and fuddy-duddy?)

They ring in at what I would think a visit to the emergency room, an operation, pain killers and a cast would cost. Then you would have to add on post op physical therapy. A verrrry expensive foray into the realm of fun, fad, fashion.

Les Whoopies

Les Whoopies -- that's what they're called here.
They've arrived and can be found at La Grand Epicerie in Paris. Confession: I don't think I've ever heard of them or maybe I have and they were called something else. Because, I am quite sure meeting a Whoopie Pie would be unforgettable.

It's probably a good thing I've never come across one. If you are interested in the history of the confection, click here .

Bless You Christian

Christian Louboutin has kindly given us an alternative to above mentioned killer wedgies, kitten heels. They're sort of cute don't you think? When looking for a little lift to the calf without breaking it, they might be just the thing.

Send It Directly Chez Moi
Let's not be coy. I love this belt from Paul & Joe. Imagine it with khaki or white this summer. Changes everything, non?


une femme said...

I'm SO glad to see kitten heels making a resurgence!!

Rubi said...

Darling Tish, you've opened a can of American regional dispute without even realizing it. Here in New England, we adore our whoopie pies (though the cake bit is chocolate, and there's no frosting or whatever-those-gummie-things-are on top, just cream in the middle). The dispute resides in that the Amish area of Pennsylvania also claims this treat as their own. Cue martial music played by a toy orchestra.

Happily, everyone can agree on the cuteness and practicality of kitten heels. I kind of want to nibble on that second pair.

Spiral Style said...

Hurray for the kitten heels. I do not need an orthopedic injury at this point even if they are YSL.
Whoopie pies have been around for a while. My (now 31 year old) had them instead of birthday cake when she was about 10.

Lorrie said...

Tottering around on those first shoes would put everything out of alignment. But I love the first Louboutins! Yay for kitten heels.

BigLittleWolf said...

I'm mad for Louboutin (though not usually big on flats or 6" heels), but I will say those kitten heels are adorable!

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

If I had the money both Louboutin shoes would be in my closet...my feet love kitten heels!! But, the wedges?? After bunion surgery, nothing like that will every happen. I am pleased to say that since my new diet...the whoopi pies are not even tempting...but the kitten heels are!!

barbara said...

Tish, maybe you read about the mass death of bees worldwide.
Maybe that's the reason for just one cherry on three trees.
It's neccessary that the bumble bee pollenize the flowers to get fruits, vegetable etc.
Meanwhile I got an adress where I can buy a small box with bumble bees, one box is enough for a big garden and I have ordered one.
You don't have any effort with them, during winter they are asleep and that's it.
Those Louboutins are wunderbar.

Louise said...

I must admit that I am very keen on the current offerings from YSL. I bought the Muse II handbag last year, and this year, I am trying out the Tribute platform sandals (the lower 3" version, not the ankle-busting 4" version). But those gold gladiator wedges with the elongated back are a little too weird for my taste!

ida said...

Have never left the kitten heels,they went out of fashion here in the UK for the 'stilt killers' but think they might be creeping back in...hope so.LK Bennett did some fab ones.

Adore our big Kent black cherries yummie fresh from the orchards.Ida

Cindy Swanson said...

Those wedges are a bit too high for me (I'm a true women-of-a-certain-age), but I'm actually looking for some wedges that are higher than I normally would go for. A wedge is more comfortable to wear than your typical high heels, because the weight is distributed better. I've tried on some really comfortable ones. And what the extra height does to the line of your leg is so pretty...

That being said, I do NOT wear anything that's painful! It's just not worth it. And I do love kitten heels.

I love your fun, inspiring blog!

Cindy at Notes in the Key of Life

Cindy Swanson said...

Oh, and the whoopie pies! I gained 5 pounds just looking at that picture. :)

Cindy at Notes in the Key of Life

vicki archer said...

Cherries are a favourite of mine too Tish....and as for shoes, love them all! xv

Duchesse said...

The belt is chic and probably great with everything, from a white shirt and jeans to a jersey cocktail dress, all year round.

Expliquez-moi pourquoi... so of course the transliteration is "explain me". (I live with this all the time, too.)

Those Louboutin kitten heels: very cute. If one wants cute. The platforms scare me, but at least they are not stilettos.

Catherine said...

LOVE the black and pink kitten heels. Love the YSL heels as well but, like you, cannot wear them anymore w/o hurting myself.

The belt is fabulous- with a maxi dress?!

Kaitlyn said...

Tish, I can't believe you've never had a whoopie pie! I love to make them. If you are ever in Boston....or better yet, a recipe for you to try if you feel adventurous!


Now I want some cherries :-)

tiffany rose said...

Love cherries and the belt too. The kitten heels are darling. And a long time ago, used to know someone who'd ask explain me this all the time and thought it charming.

The YSLs remind me of one night watching the crowd at the hottest club in Las Vegas. Hundreds of young women walking around on breathtakingly high heels while simultaneously pulling up, and down, their strapless and very mini tube dresses. After dinner, we were by again and noticed many, many of them now carrying their shoes and one being transported out in a wheelchair ... one foot bare, single shoe in hand.

Shelley said...

Bill's ex-wife wore some very sexy shoes somewhere last year. She fell off and broke her ankle. She wasn't skinny to begin with and with the resulting loss of mobility she packed on another load of weight. Having watched Bill's mother I learned that a woman's mobility is key to her health, never mind her youth. How sexy can you be in advanced age in a wheelchair, eh?

Chicatanyage said...

I did discover who wears the YSL style towering wedgies. I saw a couple of very thin young girls dressed from head to toe in "designer" plus said heels tottering off an enormous yacht moored in St. Tropez harbour. No doubt I will see more of the same when I go back there next week. It is another world!

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