Thursday, May 26, 2011

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Carole Bouquet
No good reason to be running late today, so will dispense with excuses and get on with it. Lots to tell you, to keep us on message headlines oblige.

White Shirt Sagas

Charlotte Rampling
True, not your every day white shirt, but so beautiful on Tilda Swinton.
Charlotte Rampling
We've discussed the subject innumerable times -- or rather I've nattered on about the wonders of the white shirt. We must, absolutely must, have them in our wardrobe. Time and time again they prove how simple it can be to look chic without the slightest effort.

Cases in point, the women who chose them during this year's Cannes Film Festival.

One Tank Top = One Marcel

Look! Look! A color-block Marcel -- is that exciting or what?
I ask you, why would anyone refer to them as "wife beaters" when all it takes is substituting the synonym, "Marcel"? Or, how about "tank top" if you're trying to find them in a store and the salesperson doesn't know what you're talking about?

No, not at all a "cult" fashion item, they're simply handy, inexpensive go-to tops that can be sophisticated when properly accessorized or beneath jackets and cardigans. No big deal.

I found them in a rainbow of colors yesterday, but, me being me, bought only gray, white and navy. I had a special discount at Monoprix because I'm such a good customer. Therefore my total was eight Euros.

Happy Birthday Ken

For a moment I thought Barbie was the original Cougar, but she is a mere two years older than Ken who will celebrate his 50th birthday this year.

What fun it would be if the Mattel company created a Barbie Cougar with a much younger lifeguard or model toy boy (literally in this case). Maybe it would be a bad influence on children, but what a great gift for women to give to friends.

Don't forget, you heard the idea here first.

More on My Converse Conversation

How about these for a ladylike alternative?

Yes, I believe they are absolutely ageless and, frankly, they are budget friendly making it possible to have a whimsical pair and a more "classic" understated version.

And, as you pointed out, they're fun without being "wacky."


Vivienne said...

I would LOVE to wear white shirts, but I'm very short-waisted, big busted, with short arms. Do you or your many fans know of any place that makes made-to-measure dress shirts for women? I would be SOOO thrilled...

Belle de Ville said...

IMO every woman of a certain age needs several white shirts in her wardrobe.
Carole Bouquet has aged so well, how old is she now?
I'm adopting the term "Marcel" and thank you for the converse alternative.

Monique said...

I like colors and ne vivons-nous pas en couleur ?

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

What's in a name?
I choose Marcel!
Wife beaters would have me running in the opposite direction Tish!

Jennyta said...

To Vivienne, try Bravissimo's new clothes site,
Pepperberry. They specialise in 'well endowed' ladies. :)

Lorrie said...

I had a moment of enlightenment when I looked at Tilda Swinton's photo here. Crisp white shirts are just not for me - I have a small frame, but a large bust and a short waist. I find crisp fabrics uncomfortable and they pull unattractively, even when the fit is right. BUT...a white shirt in a fluid fabric - now THAT I could wear.

Encore merci!

Elizabeth said...

That picture of Charlotte Rampling leaning back on wall - - Minus the head it could be my grandfather.

That's Not My Age said...

Like the colour block Marcel - I lived in Converse in my twenties, now sadly they're too flat for my middle-aged feet. I've also been put off by the fact that David Cameron wears them!

Rubiatonta said...

My white shirt is made of slubby cotton jersey -- much more flattering on my rondeurs, and more comfortable, too.

Anonymous said...

For converse lookalikes at a much cheaper price look at good old M n S!!!

BigLittleWolf said...

I love this white shirt look - always chic.

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

I have more white shirts than anything else in my wardrobe...I feel like I am still in search of the one really perfect one! But i love and wear all of is for sure a staple of in your closet.

Karena said...


I love a wonderful white shirt. You can wear with jeans a summery long skirt or of course with business attire!

Art by Karena

quintessence said...

I own several version of white shirts - long sleeves, 3/4 sleeve etc. and use them all frequently. As you know I just adore Charlotte Rampling - what a timeless style icon!! And love your Barbie Cougar idea - hysterical!!

Northmoon said...

I always worry about looking like a waiter in a white shirt with dark pants, although I do have a couple.

I saw a wonderful option on the streetcar the other day - a white linen shirt, tunic length with straight hem, 3/4 sleeves, very chic.

Anonymous said...

I put insoles in my Converse for arch support. Can't wear them otherwise, so I can relate to what That's Not My Age is saying.

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

I love all of these women. Doesn't Tilda look fantastic? xx

corsets said...

These Woman's looks Gorgeous. Corsets

Italian Ceramics said...

I love a wonderful white shirt. You can wear with jeans a summery long skirt or of course with business attire!

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