Thursday, April 21, 2011

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Jane Fonda with nice bangs.

If the calendar did not say Avril, one would swear it's Juin. And that's today's weather report.

I'm off to Paris. Instead of Botox I'm getting a haircut with major bangs. Immediately thereafter, when Estelle has erased a decade from my visage, I'll hit the streets with my camera and see how the new me plays out with my potential subjects.

Ellen Barkin with sheep dog bangs. Still, I see possibilities.

Estelle is brilliant. I want bangs sort of like a cross between Ellen Barkin's and Jane Fonda's, but not the rest of that wispy business going on chez Jane. My hair will be just above the shoulders. And, no, I do not look like Jane, nor are we the same age. I don't look like Ellen either. I simply thought it was bad form to demonstrate my fringe on a 20-something model.

Moving along, with helpful headlines. . .

Another "truc" From the Experts
Tilda Swinton taking her white shirt out for a turn on the Red Carpet. Far be it for me to criticize a style icon, BUT wouldn't that get-up have worked better with a belt of some sort? Or is it just me?

It's not as if you haven't heard this from me scores of times, but this time it's coming from the group of experts telling French Elle what tricks we should try to appear fresh and rested. Yesterday it was sparkly bijoux, today we're in everyone's budget bracket. White shirts.

All from Celine, all with distinct personality, all worth owning. My opinion.

 I know, I know, but it's true. Certainly, even for those of you who don't really like them, there must be some style out in the vast, vast world of white + shirt/blouse that would make you happy.

If not, consider, pale, pale pink. It's not the same thing, but it's kind, as in flattering, to all skin and hair colors. Maybe you can start a new trend.

Just add the rose tourmalines from yesterday and you've definitely got a look going.

No Can Do

7 For All Mankind jacket. Does that mean someone has already been wearing it for 7 years. . .?

Jeans jackets. Many of you love them. I am aware of this, and I say -- go girl.

I am not a jeans jacket sort of person. Then I saw the above jeans jacket.

I sort of like it. I wouldn't wear it, but I do sort of like it. It has style.

It also seems someone has taken advantage of its style for a few years. Oh, wait, wait, I know, that's the vintage/distressed look.

Now I get it.

When Chicken Get Teeth
Flying chocolate fish from Jean-Paul Hevin .

When we realize something is impossible, it will never happen, like one's husband picking up his socks for example or winning the lottery, we say, "When hell freezes over." The French say, "When chicken get teeth."

I think it's hilarious. Another twist on the theme, "when fish fly."

OK, I'm off. I hope I'll be back with on-the-street pictures for tomorrow. At least I'll be back with my new fringe.


Spiral Style said...

Nothing like a great haircut. Hope you love the bangs. Yes, Tilda needs a belt.

Jeanne-Aelia Desparmet-Hart said...

I.LOVE.WHITE.SHIRTS. "un point c'est tout" (end of story), another one of our sayings. I love crisp starched white cotton as much as loose white linen ones. Men's shirt style- but slimmer- and round neckline with a small ruffle in the front . You name it I probably have or have had one. "vintage jean" I leave to the 15/20 group.
Oh, and fish do fly! with all due respect, I saw them jump/fly in Africa and they were not en chocolat...
Good luck with the bangs, I am sure you will look great. Great post.

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

I have worn bangs most of my life and I love them. My stylist is trying to get me togrown them out...I am conflicted. I really like my bangs...hope you do to!! And I love white shirts...especially tunic style ones with leggings or skinny pants. I like the white on white style that is in...but I kind of feel like a doctor in it...haven't done all white yet!

K.Bean said...

I'm slowly making friends with white short-sleeve blouses. I still feel odd in a long-sleeved one.
Will we get to see a picture of the bangs?

Shelley said...

I gather the origin of the word 'bangs' has to do with trimming horse tails or something. In Britain they call it 'fringe' which makes more since, but makes me feel like a lamp shade....Have had hair covering my very high, broad forehead for all of my life, bar a weird year when I tried to look like Peggy Lipton...

LuxeBytes said...

Tilda's style is very tone on tone on tone on tone. I have always found her to be equal parts intriguing and repellent.

Have you seen her movie "I Am Love"? Exceedingly stylish. I recommend it.

We also say "when pigs fly."

Bangs hide a multitude of sins, don't they? Bonne chance with your cut today. I know you'll look splendid.


knitwit said...

Tilda's skirt looks rather like something I made in home ec class (back when home ec was something we all still had to take). My version had an elasticized waist, and hers looks like it does too. The woman needs a belt!
On the edge of my seat for more on-the-street pictures!

Deja Pseu said...

Tilda always does something a little bit "off." Think that's her style. I wish I could wear white shirts, but they just look wrong on me. Will have to settle for white tee shirts. Good luck with the bangs; I'm sure you'll look smashing!

When donkeys fly is another version.

Duchesse said...

Jane's fringe means the tongs, are you willing? Get a fringe that you can maintain.

Tilda does not wear conventional combinations (except on camera), part of her "odd" look.

White shirts are never white for long on me, I have one or two but am not bonded to them.

Dannie said...

Luxebytes--I agree with your comment on Tilda--finding her "equal parts intriguing and repellent"! That skirt she has on can only work (visually) if you have no hips. Can you imagine a normal woman in it--eek! Super puff!

Had to give the white shirt a break for a decade (raising twins), now I'm back to replentishing my 10-deep stash of simple, button up whites (french cuffs please).

Looking forward to:
photos of the femmes out and about in Paris
your new hairstyle!!
more photos of the gals in Paris! I love your country/urban real live french women photos!!!

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

Would you consider taking a photo of your new hairstyle and share it on your blog?

I am curious about the youth full transformation of bangs and wonder if I should be considering this myself as I never will do Botox or have a facelift.

White shirts are classic and Tilda can wear just about anything...she has such a strong personality that comes through the camera lens.

Enjoy your new bangs!


LPC said...

I tried bangs for a while. Just couldn't get them right. Went back to a ponytail. Some things are inescapable. Have a wonderful haircut:).

Anonymous said...

If I could I wouuld live it white shirts with pearl earrings. This combination lifts my face like nothing else can. And boy do I need that help!

I love your blog and have quietly been following it for some time but just today I was moved to comment.

Here in Australia we say "Rare as hens teeth"

Karena said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Karena said...

Hi Tish,

Love bangs they don't work on me because of the dreaded "cowlicks" God knows where that expression came from!

The Jean jacket that is fitted I do like and I actually have a double breasted one with back vents!

Adore white shirts when they are comfortable and not alwats having to rearrange them.!

That was not a good look on Tilda!

Art by Karena

Come and enter my Fashionable Giveaway from the French Basketeer!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Tilda Swinton fascinates me no end. I stare at that bone structure in wonderment. I myself thought about a belt with that butter and white outfit, but then I thought to change Tilda wouldn't be right somehow. Her originality is like fresh air.

I never wear jeans and I've had bangs forever. Highly recommend them! Although I do wonder if Ellen's cut would survive in the wind.

Shari said...

Good luck with your new do, Tish! I've had bangs on and off for years. My hair is becoming wavier/curlier as I get older and my hairdresser cuts them in such a way that I now have a choice of wearing them fringed over my forehead or swept to the side where they blend unnoticed into the layers. I like the versatility as I might change my mind daily. It's amazing how something so subtle can change your look.

I adore white shirts if they are feminine, fitted to the waist and not too bulky or bulbous, but I have a hard time keeping them as crisp & pristine as I would like. French- cuffed is definitely my favorite style.

Personally, I think Tilda leans far more toward repellent than intriguing. She looks like she's recovering from a long illness and needs a month in St. Tropez to recover.

The cut of that jean jacket is great -- so much more feminine and fitted at the waist than the normal box cut. It's the bleached & tattered look that would keep my from buying it. You'd need to be very young to pull it off without looking a bit faded and frayed yourself.

cigalechanta said...

I've always told others that my bangs are my botox!

knitpurl said...

Tish, love bangs too - hope you love yours. And, I am now a white shirt convert, own 3, they are the best to wear anywhere.

I posted a correction for Cherie on the wrong daily blog of yours - basically: my nail tech uses nail shellac which lasts 2+ wks. Love it, a gel hybrid I guess.

knitpurl said...

Oh yes, that jean jacket - try to find one around here that has style like the one pictured - not happening! Still living in cashmere, wool, and fleece. xoxoxo again

tattina said...

A funny idiom.
In Russian it sounds like that:
when a crawfish whistles:)

Jill Ann said...

Tilda Swinton is one of those celebrities I just don't "get." Like Chloe Sevigny. They are kind of homely and dress oddly, IMO. Yet somehow they are "style icons." I guess I'm old-fashioned with regard to my style icons; I bought a picture book recently called "A Matter of Style". It features ten stylish ladies, including Chanel, both Hepburns, Grace Kelly, Jackie O, Bardot, etc. Much more to my liking. Yes, I do realize most of them are dead. Probably says something about me!

deb said...

Amen, Knitwit! Exactly what I thought when I first saw Tilda's dress - one of my early sewing projects that had the "loving hands at home" look about it. A belt would help, but must admit, I don't "get" some of Ms Swinton's choices.
But I do love white shirts and have begun a collection - always feel pulled together and appropriate for nearly anything in a crisp white shirt.

Me said...

Its all in eyes,then the mind,then....?

quintessence said...

Can I tell you how many white shirts I have? They need their own closet!! But there are so many variations - like black pants or the lbd - there's no way you can own just one. Now for me the Tilda Swinton outfit is almost right but not quite. The person who handles this look so perfectly is Carolina Herrera, another fan of white shirts who wears then effortlessly with everything!!

chicago.girl said...

Bien sur, Tilda needs a belt. And Jane's bangs look fantastic! If we could all look that good...

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