Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dear Cherie Is Baaaaack!

What a joy, what a pleasure, what a relief to be back with you my dear friends and fans.

Mere taught us how to share, but You-Know-Who never seemed to get the hang of it. For months now she has been closing Cherie out of the blogosphere despite the clamoring for her immediate return. Most certainly the clamoring has been for an immediate return to sophistication and glamour. Cherie got the dominant genes in that pool, everyone who knows us agrees on that point.

But, Cherie is here and that's all that counts. Certainly Cherie has missed saving you from your fashion missteps, but she has been traveling, shopping, entertaining, being entertained, spa-ing, shopping -- the usual, but it's now time to get down to business.

Your questions:

Q: Mme. S: Dear Cherie, Words cannot express how thrilled I am to see you back where you belong. The only reason I keep coming over to check out this blog is to see if you're here.

I have an urgent request. My son's wedding is approaching and I am in the midst of a conundrum. I have great legs, but they are slightly marred by veins, spots, etc. and I definitely cannot wear opaque tights in the summer. What can I do?

A: My dear Mme. S: First thank you and second, Cherie has an easy-peasy answer for you, one she often uses herself. Auto-bronzer or self-tanner. You can choose the color you wish and the type of product. Before the Big Day, three words of warning: practice, practice, practice.

Apply with surgical gloves -- you don't want the palms of your hands the same color as your legs -- and play around with different formulations, i.e. creams, sprays, lotions, pads.

To look fresh and rested, put your day moisturizing cream in the palm of your hand and mix-in the auto bronzing product, apply to your face. Chances are you won't need makeup except for blush, lipstick and major eye la-dee-da. Practice with this as well.

Finally, if you feel you cannot pull off the leg bit by yourself -- Cherie never does -- there are salons all over the world that will happily spray on a sugar based (read non-toxic) solution that will give you a perfect no-streak "tan". It's a slight investment, but worth it.

Ines de la Fressange, proving once again "there are no rules."

Q: Mme. D: Oh, darling Cherie, hallelujah, you're back! Help! Memorial Day is approaching and I need your advice. Do those rules about white clothes still apply, i.e. never take them out before Memorial Day and put them away after Labor Day?

A: Ah, Mme. D, Cherie can see her return is not a minute too soon in your case. Do you live under a rock or what? Are you still wearing your little white gloves and a hat to go to work? Do you drink Manhattans?

Write this down on a collection of little cards and slip them into your mirror, your calendar and wherever else you will see them often: THERE ARE NO RULES. "Rules," if you like the word apply only to one's figure, self-confidence and in some cases age.

Cherie lives in France as you know where the prevailing guideline is, if you're not chic, stay home. Actually, one is required to be stylish 24/24 and 7/7 -- it's a strain, but one gets used to it and Cherie can attest to the benefits of the effort.

Q: Mme.V: We know you taught Ines everything she knows, can you tell us what you think of her book? What about her comment on "no pink on lips"?

A: Dear Mme. V, At last a woman who gives credit where it is due. Merci. Cherie has yet to receive her copy of the Parisian Chic book, but it is wending its way as of yesterday. Therefore, no comment before total immersion. However, the pink advice cannot go unremarked.

You may recall  sometime back You-Know-Who told us how the French say we can find our perfect every day lip color. The secret formula is: Bite your lips (gently) and quickly examine the color. Then run out and try to find a product that replicates the tone. That's every woman's perfect, slightly bumped-up lip product.

Q: Mme. J: Dear Cherie, I didn't see your name on the abbreviated list of wedding invitations -- yours was probably hand delivered, but I was wondering what do you think about the royal wedding?

A: Dear Mme. J, For those who do not understand Cherie, and they are legion, she has been accused of being jaded, world-weary, blasé. Fools all. Cherie is simply a sophisticate with an acutely developed sense of propriety and impeccable taste.

That being said, Cherie is tous simplement enchantée by the royal nuptials. Cherie would have attended if it weren't for two annoying details:

1.) Cherie hates crowds.

2.) Cherie hates even more not being the center of attention.

To remedy the latter, Cherie is hosting a champagne breakfast Friday morning -- demanding proper attire évidemment -- to watch the event without the hoi polloi. Cherie is positively giddy with excitement over her brilliant solution -- no crowd, center of attention.

Being a material girl and finding Mademoiselle Middleton charming, disarming, lithe and lovely, Cherie is overwrought with anticipation waiting for the dress viewing.

A la semaine prochaine mes amis.


Class factotum said...

What about her comment on "no pink on lips"?

Didn't Miss Piggy say never to put anything blue on the lips or yellow on the cheekbones?

Tabitha said...

Howling with laughter at " if you're not chic stay home!"
I had on a pair of Roger Viviers yesterday - 4 people said " those are the ugliest shoes you've ever worn!"

Anonymous said...

Ines always has the same silhouette.
Her body never seems to change. And neither does her bag!! Her purse is always medium small, on the shoulder, short and close to the body. There must be a reason she chooses this style. Must we read the book to find out???

quintessence said...

Thrilled to see the ever entertaining and informative Cherie back!!! I think this is going to be the year for me to try some salon implemented color on my legs! And so looking forward to reading your protégée's book - actually stopped at the book store yesterday and they were totally sold out - evidently they are reprinting. And lastly, if you enchanted by all things royal wedding, do stop by - we have been posting all rw inspired things last week and this!!

LPC said...

Cherie! My darling! You are back and Absolutely Fabulous is in reruns on my local LOGO cable station! The stars have aligned and all is well. Please go easy on you know who. She's a good sort.

Shari said...

Oh, but Cheri, I DO drink Manhattans and I WISH I could get away with little white gloves and a hat to work. Apparently, I was born in the wrong era.

Yes, I'm thinking it's time for the annual bronzing product experiments. Do you or you-know-who have any favorites worth mentioning?

The lip tip definitely works. Every time I try a color other than my "usual" dusty, plummy rose to mix things up, I soon regret it and go back to the tried & true.

Miss Middleton certainly is lovely. I am eager to see the dress, as well. In my mind, it's the only real reason to bother viewing the nuptials.

So good to have you back, dahling. Thank you ever so for taking time away from your busy pampering & partying schedule.

I'm Crayon said...

DuWop's Revolotion works well on less than perfect legs and upper body and is reasonably transfer resistant, but don't moisturize under it! It will look really dark but fades to a very nice shade after you rub it in. Definitely worth a try for the wedding!
I think the trick of looking at the color of your gums to determine your natural lipstick color works well, too.

cigalechanta said...

Ines's book is so-so, there are suggestions that don't work unless you're a teenm like combat boots with sheeer summery dresses. Her bags are all Vivier who she works for.

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