Thursday, March 24, 2011

This & That + A Major Diet Trick

Skirt from Jil Sander, page from French Elle, photographed by Marcin Tyszka.

As I sit here, not at all hungry, on my sixth day of eating with Dr. Dukan, I've read and been told that the translation of his book, or rather the merit of his regime, now also in English, is causing quite the stir in the United States. (I haven't heard about a fuss being raised in other English language countries. Could be wrong. It's happened before.)

You know how I feel about his ideas and I do love his pseudo crepe for breakfast. I actually leap out of bed to eat it, and that's saying something. It's delicious. On that point I admit, I have friends who do not agree. (If you own a horse, I'm sure he or she would concur.)

But, never mind diets. In fact, some of the magazines have been telling us they're passé -- more about that another day -- I have a fast, easy, efficient way to appear to lose weight and look like a long, tall drink of water. 

It's called vertical lines.  

As luck would have it, from the Jil Sander spring/summer collection we have two major choices: the dress if the arms are still good (notice it barely touches the body, and the length. . .) and the long black and white skirt. The beauty of the skirt is we're covered to our ankles and we can choose the appropriate top according to whatever our hang-ups happen to be, or not to be.

The Other Choice

For those of you who either wouldn't dream of wearing a jeans shirt, or already own one or more and you're covered, the other major blouse option for summer (we'll be back to this subject later as well) is light, pretty and feminine. 

Case in point, the one Robin Wright (no longer Penn) is wearing in this Gerard Darel ad.

I can see it with above mentioned skirt.

Sweet On Your Feet

From the top: The Vichy pattern makes one think of Brigitte Bardot, non? From Andre and a mere 39 Euros. If you want to show off your pedicure, the A.P.C. slippers are just the ticket, 130 Euros. And the woven Atelier Mercadal model -- the boondoggle/woven business is VERY big this season, we know this because Prada is doing it. These shoes, 160 Euros.

Three pairs of -- what else (?) -- ballerinas for warm weather. Not one is from Repetto. I restrained myself.

I'm off to Paris. Tomorrow you'll see what I found for you on the sunny streets.


Semi Expat said...

Particularly love the ballerines especially the APC ones ..x

Perdita said...

I love the flats too! Vertical stripes don't seem to work on me- tey emphasise my bust unless loose enough to swamp me (the curve of the line does it) so I always do horizontal on top, vertical bottom. I thought I was loopy till I saw Gok do the same on TV- horizontal can be more slimming than vertical because if the verticals are distorted it can look 'bumpy'.

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

Vertical stripes do work! If you get the right have to try them on as with everything. I also am on a controversial diet..the HCG..I have recently lost 22 pounds and need to keep going...weigh in is today...I have blogged a little about the experience...but I would love the crepe reciepe..sounds so good!!

LuxeBytes said...

Dear Tish, is gingham really also called Vichy? Who knew? Now I've heard everything!

Since late January, when I had surgery and malaise, I've lost a bit of weight. Encouraged, I started the Dukan last Friday. Isn't that a funny coincidence that you and I are on it, and are perhaps on roughly the same day of the regime? In total, I've lost eight pounds -- though sinus surgery is hardly the way to go.


Deja Pseu said...

Love the Gerard Darel blouse, even though I'm not a ruffles girl. Our local Bloomingdales just started carrying GD!!!

BODECI body said...

I am going to check out Dr. Dukan. (I am not a diet book fan.) I do love the vertical stripes. It remeinds me of resort which reminds me of sun...something we haven't ha for a long time now!

Fifi Flowers said...

Lots of good ideas!

Lisbeth T. Hansen said...

I love the gingham ballerinas. How can one get hold of a pair in the USA? Is there a website??
I love your blog and follow you every day.

Lisbeth T. Hansen said...

I love the gingham ballerinas. Can one buy them on line from the US?
I love your blog and I read it first thing every morning!

BigLittleWolf said...

Ah, the power of vertical stripes! What's not to love?

Belle de Ville said...

I'm not a fan of that vertical stripe dress...and I'm pretty sure that I would look like a beach chair or window awning in it, rather than a thin waif.

Alice Olive said...

Love the Jil Sander vertical stripes. I like the looseness of the dress, too.

The Clever Pup said...

Vertical lines are so hard to find. I think it's easier to knit fabric the other way around. Definitely agree with Perdita - ribbed knitwear accentuates my top-heaviness, although I'd like that Jil Sanders dress. Gudrun Sjoden had vertical skirts.

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