Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dressing Up & Staying In: Part I

Jean Harlow, preparing not to go out.

It all started innocently enough. A charming woman wrote in the comments section herein that she had been divorced for 20 years and was soon to be a new bride. During those 20 years she had been sleeping in pajamas (she's not the only one btw) and was musing/wondering whether she should re-think her nightwear.

Feeling somewhat out of my depth, I asked a few of my great, glam pals to weigh-in on the subject. 

To each, I posed the following question: What is the difference among sleep wear, seduction wear and lounge wear (if the latter even exists today)? 

I find the subject fascinating and the series will have several parts, all from distinctly different perspectives, all from exceptional women. 

Today, Deja Pseu, creator of the archly witty and intelligent blog Une Femme, debuts the series focusing her impeccable fashion eye on the subject. She tells us not only what and why, but also how -- as in how to take care of pretty little things. Pseu writes beautifully and always takes us in unexpected directions when she approaches a subject. You'll see here and when you visit her chez elle

Merci Pseu.


When Tish asked me to weigh in on the topic of "Seduction Wear vs. Sleep Wear vs. Loungewear," I thought I'd start by asking le monsieur for a view from the male perspective.  His response: "We don't care what you wear to sleep in, we just care what you wear to bed."  Well.  

Creamy silk pajamas, just add Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy, from Wintersilks.

While there may be times that call for the full Fredericks of Hollywood  treatment, in those situations comfort is irrelevant as those pieces generally aren't worn for an extended period of time. ;-) But in between naughty-wear and oversized cartoon character sleep shirts, there's a middle ground I think of as allure, and it's achievable on a regular basisYou can find sleepwear that's comfortable, yet pretty enough to garner some favorable attention from that person on the other side of the bed.

Simply perfect from Mary Green.

Little slips with a touch of lace from Julianna Butterfield.

Silk is my first choice for sleepwear, especially silk charmeuse.  It has that Jean-Harlow-in-a-dressing-gown glamour and, except during the warmest weather, is comfortable and breathable for sleep. You don't have to pay La Perla prices either to get some nice silk nighties. This nightgown from Mary Green is a pretty choice. If lace bothers you, go for a plain chemise like this one, also from Mary Green. The Juliana Ray "Butterfield" chemise is a nice option if you prefer something a bit longer. 

If pajamas are your thing, these 
silk charmeuse pajamas from Wintersilks.com are great for those cooler nights. Think Myrna Loy and mix yourself a martini.

It's cotton (!) "Cool Nights" from Soma.

Silk can be washed in the machine on the gentle cycle (preferably in a lingerie bag, no Woolite) and hung to dry. It generally will dry in a few hours and so is great for travel.  But if you're one of those people who finds even lightweight silk too warm to sleep in, the "Cool Nights" pieces from Soma are another alternative.  I haven't tried these myself, but some of my "warmer" family members have recommended. 

It's my firm belief that we don't have to choose between pretty and comfortable, and what we wear to bed is no exception.


LuxeBytes said...

So true, Pseu: one needn't choose comfort over beauty at all. Love that beautiful mulberrry gown. Delicious.

Lorrie said...

Lovely post. Comfort can be beautiful and alluring. Yes.

Belle de Ville said...

Well done Tish and Pseu!

Shari said...

That silk pj set in black has been added to my wish list. Thank you, Pseu! I've been looking for those -- and in petite, so I won't trip & rip. (I wanted the lovely French gray color, but it's out of stock in my size.)

Victoria's Secret has a "satin" set I've had my eye on, but this is better as it's a more natural fabric. I simply adore silk and the ghost of Jean Harlow can be my muse any day (or night)!

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

I love the feel of silk and I am going to check out those links and perhaps buy a new slip...your fashion wisdom is truly a gift, and I am grateful.

Deja Pseu said...

Thanks again, Tish! This was fun to put together.

spacegeek33 said...

Wandered over from Une Femme... I can't say enough about Soma's Cool Nights collection. They changed my sleeping/sweating habits for the better! The cloth is not cotton, btw, but rather bamboo rayon, and as a result doesn't stay cold and clammy when wet. Truly a miracle for those of us in "flux".

My DH tells me routinely that he too, doesn't care what I wear for sleeping--less is definitely more for him. Sigh.

Sharpiegirl said...

I wish they had those in plus size! It's been hard to find anything that looks good and is comfortable in my size.

Jill Ann said...

Doesn't silk get horribly wrinkly when you sleep in it?

Deja Pseu said...

Jill Ann - it really depends on the fabric weight and weave. I have a couple of silk charmeuse pieces that hardly wrinkle at all, some that do a bit more.

Pearl said...

I used to sleep exclusively in silk chemises (many of which I still have). Simple, comfy, and warme nough for me even in winter. Now I opt for full-length ones, given older legs.

Julianne said...

I am a nut for lingerie and I have 4 of those Soma gowns with the lace top. I adore them and they are really pretty and comfortable too. Can't wear pj's and I cant stand anything twisted around my legs. Thanks for the great guest post as always :-)

The Style Crone said...

Words of wisdom from Deja Pseu. Vintage lingerie is my favorite. Lots of peachy pink silk from the 30's!

Katriona said...

Love the silk pajama's for comfy glamour, and applaud the Soma's for their understanding that a woman needs to feel pretty even (or especially) when she is creating her own weather pattern in bed. I used to sleep in soft running tops and shorts because they were made of wicking fabrics until I found an internet company called Red Hot Mama that made sleepwear for women who had hot flashes. Now there are more choices , but I was grateful at the time

lala said...

So funny. Comfort definitely can be alluring, as Lorrie mentions.

I have developed a mid-life, mother-of-young-boys night-time uniform: a men's XL cotton poplin long sleeve shirt. It keeps my shoulders and arms warm enough for our Minnesota nights while leaving my legs bare, so I don't overheat under the covers. At the same time, it covers my bum so that I can leap from bed at a moment's notice and still be decent. I can also make breakfast, and answer the door (if I have to)because the fabric is not clingy and gives me absolute modest coverage of my curvature (38D).

At the same time, my husband strangely finds it very alluring. Maybe the buttons?

I highly recommend sleeping in men's shirts. I don't even steal my husband's, but go out and buy my own in pretty blues or pinstripes or whatever appeals.

Ms. Mig said...

I was just thinking about adding some little silk nighties to my collection last night. And some cashmere won't hurt. It's still a bit chilly, you see. Can't have too much of either. Merci beaucoup for your post. Ms. Mig

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