Sunday, February 13, 2011

Next Week or La Semaine Prochaine

Oh, the up-coming week will be sooooo exciting. I don't know where to begin. (Can you still your beating heart?)

While we're on the subject of one's heart, as we all know Monday is Valentine's Day! Now, you may view the "day of love" as a ridiculous commercial obligation OR a pause in one's busy life to say, "I love you" in some special way. 

My vote falls somewhere in between: celebrate if one is so inclined, pourquoi pas (?), but it's quite sad to think one celebrates love once a year. Every day is best. If Valentine's Day makes us think about the latter then I'm all for it.

The other day I asked My-Reason-For-Living-In-France what he thought of the fete and he replied: "It's nice, it's fine, but I think one should show love every day in small ways and give gifts throughout the year." 

Then he said, "Is today Valentine's Day?" (If it weren't for the bright lights and Christmas decorations all over the country he probably wouldn't know when it was Noël.)

On The Agenda For The Week:

1.) A short story on Valentine's Day, about Valentine's Day, by someone I love.

2.) News, Views, A Justifiable Rant

3.) More on dressing

4.) On-the-street photos

5.) Surprises

6.) Country Life

7.) The Future. . .

A demain. Have a lovely Sunday. We are in the midst of false hope. It appears that spring has sprung, but next week winter will return. My poor forsythia thought the coast was clear.

*What I'm wearing today:  White shirt; gray flannel trousers; navy boyfriend sweater; navy Chanel ballerinas; round, flat lapis lazuli stud earrings, my watch. 


LuxeBytes said...

Beautiful outfit, Tish. And the sentiments you and YRFLIF shared about Valentine's Day are ours as well: one should treat every day together as Valentine's Day. Be kind and sweet every day.

Tomorrow is our 21st Valentine's Day together -- and it will be the very first time we've ever dined out for it. My husband is meeting me at my office and we're walking downtown (in the false-hope sunshine) for lunch at an osteria that we both love. No gifts, as always. Then, yoga class together.

Looking forward, as always, to your week ahead!


Anonymous said...

I just had to tell name is Valentine because my parents were married on Valentine's Day 67 years ago! Then my husband and I were also married on that day, 41 years ago! Isn't that romantic! Valentine

Marguerite said...

Anonymous, that is beautiful, your name and it's origin. You had very romantic parents. A true example of love. Congrats on your anniversary together!

BigLittleWolf said...

Love the ballerina flats (but you won't ever catch me in those. . . it's a matter of stature...)

And a very happy Saint Valentine's to you and yours!

Anonymous said...

I don't know if it makes me happy or sad, about your forsytha. We, in New England, are far removed from that. We're praying that the last part of the winter isn't as back breaking as the first was. Thank you for your generosity in telling us about your 20/20 and the remix each day. Love seeing how it's going on the other side. Since you've been so giving with details would you mind telling us what bag you're carrying? That would complete the picture. Thank you. Does spring really begin in February?

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