Friday, February 25, 2011

Warm Weather Dressing Part IV

Mulling over yesterday's post about how I would pull together a capsule wardrobe for the resort vacation I'm not taking, I decided instead of seeking professional help to assist me in withdrawing from my black-all-the-time-almost-every-day neurosis, I would try to detox on my own.

I've taken what I consider a professional approach to my problem while at the same time assuming you may or may not suffer from the same malady and thus we could all profit, as the French say, from my treatment.

Charts and imagination are involved so I require your attention. It can be divided attention because it's not that complex considering the source.

Alrighty then, let's begin.

Yesterday's post for a sun drenched vacation was built around black and white. So, in the middle of the night when ordinarily I have nothing better to do than sleep, I asked myself this simple question: "Why couldn't you do the same thing with, say brown or navy for example?" 

And my answer to me was, "Well of course one could. You really are a genius." An hour or so later I fell asleep.

The Brown Approach:

1.) Travel in a brown pantsuit, white or pale blue shirt, brown and white striped seersucker waistcoat and ballerinas in brown patent leather. A shawl, to be discussed.

2.) Pack one or two pairs of white trousers (or your shorts or your capris or whatever you prefer, but at least one pair of trousers, please). In this case you could perhaps opt for beige pants if you're afraid of white.

3.) One pair of brown striped seersucker trousers.

4.) An appropriate collection of T-shirts and tanks in white, brown, beige and a color (back to that in a moment).

5.) A long skirt in browns and beiges.

6.) Two tunics. If you have great legs they are a super beach cover-up and they can be belted if you want a different feel.

7.) A brown T-shirt dress -- long, short, whatever you like. This is not a once-in-a-lifetime investment item so don't think of it as a LBD gone awry. It is something else entirely and packs like a dream.

8.) Two white shirts and another in let's say pale blue or pink or beige for example.

Sandals by Christian Louboutin and ballerinas from Tory Burch.

9.) Pretty sandals, another pair of ballerinas. 

10.) Jewelry of your choice, remember coral and turquoise look splendid with brown.

11.) Two or three swimsuits and two pareos. Note to self: the pareo is a bijou on vacation as an all-purpose cover-up.

12.) Two cardigans, one in brown, the other to be negotiated.

In Your Navy:

1.) En route: navy pantsuit, white or light blue or pale pink shirt, blue and white seersucker  waistcoat, navy ballerinas. Shawl to be discussed.

2.) White trousers.

3.) Blue and white seersucker trousers.

4.) Long, blue summer skirt of your choice. In the case of navy, maybe you would like a long white skirt?

5.) Appropriate collection of tanks and T-shirts, including white, navy, Klein blue and colors to be discussed.

6.) Two tunics.

7.) Two white shirts and another in pale blue or pale pink or lime for example.

8.) Pretty sandals and another pair of ballerinas.

9.) A navy T-shirt dress. Again, it's a great go-to piece and works with several above mentioned separates. It's not a long term investment, but it will pay for itself. Enough said.

10.) Jewelry and accessories of your choice, and may I point out once again turquoise and coral continue to keep on giving. Add some shells to the mix.

11.) Two or three swimsuits and two pareos. Make sure one of the pareos can double as a back-up cover-up for evening.

12.) Two cardigans, one in navy, the other to be negotiated.

Steel yourself, for the show and tell. Please use the color charts as reference. One, as you can see, shows the seersucker spectrum, the other cashmere (probably pashmina) color choices used here solely for demonstration purposes.

Coordinating colors:

In choosing your extra shirt, ballerines, tunics, cardigan, pareo, etc. think of all the tones that add tropical punch to your foundation color.

Brown loves: coral; certain purples and mauves; turquoise; fuchsia; pinks; some bright blues; beiges (of course, but not thrilling); and yellow if you dare for example. Don't forget brown on brown.

Navy loves: white (yes, I know, duh); other blues; lime green; pinks including shocking pink; fuchsia; purples and mauves; turquoise and maybe coral, maybe not. And, don't forget the chic of navy with navy.

**I know many of you don't have the same affinity for linen as moi meme, which I understand, but a lined linen jacket in a dark color I've found does hold its crisp shape with few wrinkles. If you are still not convinced you have chino, cotton and other blends that hold their own. As with everything worth owning, time and patience are usually involved in the hunt for the best. The wrinkle issue is one reason why I love seersucker.

All tunics are from Tory Burch.


BigLittleWolf said...

Oh, how I'd like to be on that (fictitious?) resort vacation along with you! Could we possibly make it materialize??

I'm with you on the always-in-black-neurosis as well (in fact a gentleman gently chided me for wearing all black last weekend, as we sat outside in a French café here in the US, on a surprisingly glorious pre-Spring day).

Those blues and fuchsias look delicious. But I'm not quite resort-or-spring-ready for so much color (says the woman hiding in her perpetual black).

Louboutin makes flats?? Go figure.

a Broad said...

It is late summer here, and my wardrobe has been mostly black and white with a little khaki thrown in and a pair of red ballet flats if Some color is needed :)
I did get a skirt that is all soft silky floaty almost tie dyed looking, blue/black/white .. it looks fabulous with a sleeveless black tee shirt and black flats.
I find it impossible to wear some colors (fuschia) .. they overpower me .. if I were a brunette, I think it would work but not with my coloring ..
Regarding the gentleman gently chiding you for wearing all black ( BigLittleWolf) .. I hate that. If it was a stranger.. I hate that strangers feel the right to comment in a negative way on what a person wears .. gentle or no, it is rude. Unless he was a relative then you could at least give him a gentle smack :)

Anonymous said...

Not a regular reader, but I'm so glad I popped in today! I should stop by more often. The navy will work for me when I travel to Italy in 2012--plenty of time to gather my wardrobe! Thank you for this very helpful primer.


Deja Pseu said...

I love a soft coral paired with navy...magnifique!

This seems to be a pretty posh resort destination. ;-)

I think I need to put you on retainer for when I start packing for the next trip.

Shari said...


Je m'appelle Cynthia said...

I love seersucker. I am a sucker for seersucker. Thanks for showing it!

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