Thursday, February 24, 2011

Warm Weather Dressing Part III

It's not that I wish this series to be "all about me," but to my chagrin I've discovered as I try to pull the story together I keep flipping back to "what would I take?"  It's sort of embarrassing. Talk about your unbiased journalist.

New approach. Let me tell you what I wouldn't include because the first rule of traveling, no, make that dressing period, is you have to have clothes you would actually wear. Makes sense don't you think? 

Can't get much more basic than that.

Here is an abbreviated list of clothes that I would -- admitting upfront the qualifiers, "probably" and  "unfortunately" -- not pack.

1.) Shorts of any length.

2.) Revealing sun dresses unless I kept them covered up at all times. Kind of a drag really.

3.) Cropped pants. On me they look like regular pants that I've outgrown. 

4.) And, alas, a bikini.

In my most charitable and loving heart, I hope all of you are folding the above mentioned articles into tissue paper -- you know, it prevents wrinkles and all that -- as you read these words. 

The following is what I would wear while traveling and take with me for the vacation, which, as I've mentioned, is totally virtual for me. No matter.

1.) Black linen pantsuit. 

(You're right, I should choose navy. Maybe next year when I don't go to a resort again.)

**Ummm, lemme explain: You see the white linen suit up there? That's the suit I would have, except in black, but I couldn't find it in black so please make the leap of faith. Merci par avance.
I wouldn't mind owning it in white too, but I'd still need the black. 

2.) White linen trousers.

Lose the rope.

3.) Black and white seersucker trousers. (Same thing, here and above, pretend you're seeing black and white stripes.)

4.) Black and white seersucker waistcoat.

5.) A collection of  long -sleeve T-shirts and tanks in white, black, Klein blue, one polo in Klein blue. One of the tanks will make a twin set with the below mentioned cardigan.

(I don't like short-sleeve T-shirts, except for polos which are not really T-shirts, I don't think they're chic. Let me know if you don't agree, or not.)

6.) A long, full skirt.

7.) Two white cotton shirts.

8.) Two classic tank swimsuits, with a medium leg cut -- neither the matronly long version nor the high on the cheeks Vegas showgirl interpretation. One in black, the other in navy (or brown).

9.) Two pareos. One cannot leave home without them. And, as you know, they're great cover-ups as in back-up shawls.

10.) One cashmere shawl in Klein blue.

11.) Two tunic tops -- one for shopping, the other more embellished for dinner. (The two shown here are by Tory Burch -- she soooo gets it.)

12.) Two summer light cashmere or cashmere and cotton cardigans, one in the same blue, the other in black.

13.) A black T-shirt dress, long or short. At the top from Talbots.


Panama hat.

Lots of coral and turquoise jewelry plus fun, wooden or plastic bangles.

Sunglasses (duh).


Bright blue patent leather ballerinas.

Black ballerinas.

Pretty sandals.

One cummerbund and a couple of grosgrain ribbons to work as belts. Yes, I might use a shell brooch as a belt buckle.

I'll shop for a new straw tote at a market when I get to wherever it is I'm not going.

With my suit on the plane I'll be wearing: My black ballerinas, white shirt, seersucker waistcoat, blue shawl. I'll have a large tote which is my handbag and a carry-on.

(In case you think I've over packed, I'm staying two weeks. So there.)

Ed. Note 1: Regarding the suitcase in the earlier post today -- and the read toes -- everything belongs to my daughter who is a Virgo. I was so amazed that I photographed it last fall.

Ed. Note 2: I have a few more items and coordination options to discuss in the final chapter of this saga tomorrow. I know you were expecting on-the-street pictures, but no one is on the streets. It's raining in Paris, boutiques near us are closed and everyone else is skiing. I'll make it up to you.


Villette said...

This series on hot-weather dressing is just terrific, and so useful. I've already printed out the pictures of the long skirts (day 1) to take shopping with me so I stay 'on message.' And you are so right about short sleeved t-shirts. They hit at an unflattering place on the arm and at the bust. Long or three-quarters is the only way. Now if only Repetto made ballerinas in AA width....

knitwit said...

I am so with you on the bikini, shorts and revealing sundress! I haven't owned any of those things in years (ie. when I finally came to my senses!). Capri pants that are short enough not to look like floods, I'm okay with in theory, but I actually don't own a pair of those either. I'd rather wear skirts if it's too hot for pants.
Love your picks, and I'm taking notes!

the gardeners cottage said...

love it all. pretending i'm going with you on your pretend vacation. isn't THAT pathetic.


Karena said...

So agree with your entire ensemble, I might add a couple of extra skirts for shopping lunch etc.

Art by Karena

Anonymous said...

Great ideas in this post! Bought several tee shirts in different colors last year with a charming elbow length sleeve - whew! But, last year, all my linen shirts, skirts, and pants wrinkled horribly. As fashionable as linen is considered to be, it's a real pain to travel with.

Deja Pseu said...

I'm dying to know where that turquoise necklace is from!

I don't do sundresses, bikinis or shorts either. I will wear narrow crop pants or capris though. I love the idea of a linen suit.

Jeanne said...

Tish, I agree and love every single one of your ideas and I mean every single one!! I have warm weather frustrating but I think you have put together the perfect wardrobe.

I just bought a waistcoat that is nearly identical from Toast...see here...

I am thinking of all the possibilities :)

Jeanne xxx

quintessence said...

LOVE the coral and turquoise necklaces!! The key to my warm weather dressing is white bottoms - jeans, linen, cotton, etc. I do a ton of accessorizing with sandals, belts etc. But need more of these colorful statement type necklaces!

Valerie said...

I live in the tropics (Merida, Mexico) year 'round. Temperatures are moderate (75F - 85F) 4-5 months per year and hot (86F - 106F) the remainder of the year. We will not mention the humidity.

After several years of trial and error, I have adopted a "uniform" of white cotton or linen tops with long or 3/4 quarter-length sleeves and navy, black or beige linen pants. My favorite look is a straight, sleeveless linen sheath, but that look calls attention to the condition of bare arms. I am inspired by Tish's posts to re-visit skirts.

Accessories are limited mainly to shoes (espadrilles, more structured sandals with varying heel heights) and handbags. During the "cooler" seasons, I love being able to wear my collection of light linen, silk and cotton scarves. At other times, even earrings can feel too heavy.

I have the good fortune to have a tailor who can copy anything and household help to take care of the the washing and ironing. Keeping the whites white is the biggest problem and the reason why the tailor and I are close friends.

Right now I am happily pulling together my cold weather wardrobe for a business trip in March to the mid-west and then on to a conference in Boston. Unlike most of you, I am dreaming of boots, gloves, cashmere wraps and coats!

Thanks for the many great ideas using your own clothes, Tish. I, too, have loved hearing what you are wearing each day.

Mary said...

Since I have never vacationed on an island - perhaps my comments are not relevant :-)

When it is warm going towards hot - I would not like to be wearing 3/4 or long-sleeved anything. My summer vacation wardrobe is similar to yours except for that consideration. I have at least one long-sleeve blouse that I can also wear as a jacket should it get cool.

FYI - The necklace pictures is Howlite - not turquoise. It is inexpensive but highly dyeable and is available in many colors. I have it in fuschia and love it!

The long skirts are my favorite, too as the cool breeze (if there are any) can keep me cooler than capris or long pants. (I do wear capris)

I, too, love to hear what you are wearing each day. You are a fabulous dresser and I enjoy reading your blog, daily!

Belle de Ville said...

I'd skip the cropped pants but not the shorts. They are essential for me. I'd also skip all short sleeve shirts. They just aren't flattering.
I love the long skirt that you posted and the bright blue ballerinas and the shawl.
Coral and turquoise are perfect for any warm weather outfit.

Looking Fab in your forties said...

I have a white Tunic just like the Tory Burch one, sadly its not Tory Burch but "Yay" anyway!

Anonymous said...

How do you keep linen from looking like you slept in it? I love the idea of linen, but I can't keep it presentable, especially when travelling. How do you do it?

Shari said...

Oooh, lots to comment on relative to this fun post. I'm longing for a sunny clime, too, with this storm front pouring down and snow on the horizon in San Francisco!

In agreement here ladies that I haven't worn shorts or a bikini since I left my 30s. Even though I'm slimmer now, it just feels awkward. I am shocked by what some older, ample women wear and shouldn't. I know, one should be comfortable, but my thoughts are not always so gracious when confronted with these inelegant sights. Perhaps I'm shallow.

Tish, I'm trying to keep up with you on the fabrics. I so want to like linen and seersucker and certainly admire it on others, but have never found a piece I would truly be happy wearing. They hang forlornly in my closet for years. (I could make an exception for that delicious waistcoat, though.)

I'm in mild disagreement over the short sleeve shirts. Yes, wide short sleeves on a boxy shirt are definitely not chic; but tight sleeves, especially capped on a slim figure can be attractive and elegant. In California, it is a must for many months of the year and I prefer capped sleeves to tank tops at my age, though my fav option is 3/4 length when it's below 80-something degrees.

I am enamored with your style sense, Tish, even though it's not always quite "me" since you're contrastingly tall and blonde and ever-so chic. Every post contains at least one gem. (The darling accessories with the LBD in the top photo just MAKE that outfit.)

Honestly? I do get the sense that you've overpacked for your virtual suntrip, dahling. I am similarly in the process of painstakingly eliminating things for our one-month trip to France using carry-on only and it is a serious challenge. The irony is that I keep buying more items at the same time that I'm trying to simplify the wardrobe! (I have to say, your fab blog w/daily temptations doesn't help that li'l problem.)

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