Sunday, February 27, 2011

Next Week or La Semaine Prochaine

In no particular order -- it's so much fun to be whimsical -- here's what's on the agenda for the week ahead:

1.) News, Views, This & That

2.) I HOPE on-the-street -- I'll do my best.

3.) Questions answered with visual aids regarding the resort vacation you're taking and I'm not.

4.) Catching up on some lovely awards and re-distributing them your way after I profusely thank the donors for their kindness.

5.) Surprises.

Think of me tomorrow in the sous-sol of BHV. Yes they still have the birds -- or at least they did the last time I drove by as fast as I could --  and I agree that part is charming. 

A demain.


KCF said...

Hi Trish, I've been a lurker for some time now and am literally keeping up with your new entries while making my way through your archives (somewhere in the middle of 2010!). I started out absolutely crushing on tons of fashionista young women's blogs and fed up with the lovelies as I sit here about to be 5-0, I literally went searching for you and found you! Here, I blog about it.

Here's my question on your excellent warm-weather musings: I think 3/4 sleeves is more attractive, but here in NYC, it gets so hot and sticky... Just sweat it out? Or am I imagining how much cooler shorter sleeves are?

BigLittleWolf said...

Looking forward to the upcoming week. (And enjoy what's left of your weekend.)


knitpurl said...

Hello Tish, will be catching up weekly to your blog until post vacation. Just read everything about w.w. vacations for which I thank you. Seersucker slacks? Where? And my new packable straw hat goes back to LLBean. (Has my head size shrunk, or do I need to puff up and spray my hair?) Waistcoats (uhm, vests-lol) are either knit or fleece here.

Great suggestions totally. xoxo C.

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