Sunday, February 20, 2011

Next Week or La Semaine Prochaine

Coming up in the days ahead, in no particular order:

News & Views. I've got plenty of them -- views, that is.

Debut of warm weather vacation (or on the other side of the world) clothes series.

On-the-street (probably Friday).

Cherie has been angling, so I might relent. Send your questions please.

Daily wardrobe reports -- how exciting is that?

I had another idea, but I forgot what it was. If it comes back to me you'll be the first to know.

What I'm Wearing Today:

1.) Black gab trousers.

2.) White shirt.

3.) Black cashmere V-neck sweater.

4.) Black patent leather ballerinas.

5.) Simple pearl stud earrings. 

6.) Watch.

And that's it. 

Hope you're doing something wonderful today or recovering from something spectacular last night. Remember: wear  your bed jacket if you're feeling poorly.

A demain.


knitwit said...

Well, we are wearing the same earrings today, so slowly but surely I am becoming more stylish! Can't wait to see the updates this week!

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dear Tish, I live in pearl studs. I'm so boring I rarely change them.

The warm weather has departed us too, it's dull as ditch water today.

I'd love to put on one of my ridiculous bed jackets and stay in but I have to show my face at a friends fashion show. I'll just smash and grab it and come straight home I think. I can't face an after party.

Have a great evening xx

quintessence said...

Mmmm..I see none of my comments have shown up lately. Well - will try again. Like you and Christina, also wear my pearls constantly - they are such a versatile always elegant choice. We are starting to see signs of a change in the weather - so looking forward to it!!

Claudia said...

Pearls always work for me. With a raging blizzard outside, I am thinking I should find something - not white.

Sukhi said...

Hi Tish,

I've been silently reading for the past little while, and I love reading your posts. I'm not in the age group you're targeting, but I love your articles because they are full of good advice for classic fashion.

I have a question for you. Are French women as obsessed about flashy engagement and wedding rings as their American counterparts? And do they wear their wedding ring(s) on a daily basis, or are they more selective about when they adorn their fingers?

Just curious...

knitpurl said...

Tish, mid-snow and sleet, quick note I'll be reading the blog later in the week. Will be full time nanny for the grandkids the next 3 days (plus a sleepover for my granddaughter -- what am I thinking?). xoxoxo

Beadboard UpCountry said...

You Rook Mahvelous!!!!!!!!Maryannexo

Chicatanyage said...

I too adore my pearl earrings, they cast a very flattering light onto the skin. I also have a pair in light grey and a very unusual colour which is somewhere between deep grey with a touch of green. Gorgeous.

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