Saturday, February 5, 2011

I'm Keeping It!

It's not as if I didn't think of this moi meme, but validation is so, so comforting. Yesterday, Avril Leigh pointed out that my black lace camisole could be considered lingerie thus giving me a 20 item wardrobe deficit of one piece.

Faster than you can say Bordeaux silk velvet on Audrey Tautou, I've appropriated her jacket. It meets all the rules: goes with everything, everyone can always use another jacket and I want it. 

Mission accomplished.

Next week I'll answer all your questions regarding the series and will tell you about the 20/20.

Cherie was bumped again this week because I didn't want her interrupting the flow. It's true, she always interrupts the flow in one way or another, but I wanted the series to continue unbroken.

If anyone is interested in my cough medicine (a legal drug and sold over the counter) and is yearning for that pleasant/unpleasant hallucinatory experience, do let me know. Maybe we could work something out. I couldn't be arrested for trafficking and you could join me on this weird trip. 

Let me know when I completely stop making sense.

A demain. Do have a wonderful weekend. 


vicki archer said...

Happy weekend you and your cough syrup :) xv

Francine Gardner said...

cough syrup....they pulled a few of the shelves in the States as kids were tripping on it...Enjoy while it last1
have a great week end, francine

Deja Pseu said...

Good choice! Now do tell us where we can find that fabulous jacket...

Have fun with the hallucinations...not my tasse du thé!

Murphy said...

Beautiful clothes -especially the velvet jacket! So, just to be sure I understand - you actually own many of these items, but so far only aspire to the others? Is this exercise to see how far one can stretch a perfectly coordinated smallish wardrobe, or are you actually culling your own wardrobe in order to search out the Holy Grail of perfect pieces?
Also - would this wardrobe cover casual days working at home, or is this more of an "out and about" mix?
Everything really is gorgeous!

Beadboard UpCountry said...

Good! I love that jacket, enyoy your couch syrup, Hic! Maryanne xo

That's Not My Age said...

Beautiful jacket - lovely colour, kind of like cough medicine don't you think?

Marsha said...

Oh, that jacket. I seldom salivate over clothes, but that jacket . . . Such a good choice.

Shelby said...

Yes! Where oh where is that jacket?

Beatnheart said...

cough cough. always intersted in pleasant/weird experiences. Love audrey T.

Anonymous said...

Now, I want one!!! How did you "appropriate" one from 2007?
Please please share your knowledge. Your skills are amazing!!

Shelley said...'re making better sense than ever! Especially about that velvet jacket. I'd grab it too!

Karena said...

Tish have a great weekend!! Adore the jacket! gorgeous!

Art by Karena

a Broad said...

Oh would I enjoy some hallucinatory cough syrup right now !
I have this tickle cough left over from my bout with Whatever a couple of months ago. I would rather hallucinate than sit and hack away like I do sometimes.

I just happen to have a few of those silk velvet pieces .. black and deep burgundy.
I will keep them forever.

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