Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Five Easy Pieces: Part II

Moving right along. Five more pieces today, taking us to the halfway point in my 20-item wardrobe.

Regarding the color I add to my basic black/gray neutral formula, I consider the add-ons "neutral accents" which is to say they are vibrant and true, and work with 95 percent of the other pieces -- otherwise they wouldn't be included. 

They are too strong to be the foundation of a wardrobe. One would tire of them quickly and they are too "look at me" distinctive to morph seamlessly into fresh ensembles on a daily basis.

Today's five easy pieces include:

6.) The T-shirt collection, which counts as one item using my math. My collection includes: gray, black, white and navy blue. All long sleeved.

7. and 8.)  Two white shirts: one scrupulously classic like the Agnes b, above, the other with more of a distinctive personality with French cuffs like the Anne Fontaine here. 

French cuffs are great for folding up over a sweater or jacket sleeve and, of course, cuff-links are always fun, even a ribbon tying each side together changes the feeling. Again, the white, white, white rule applies. Dingy is unacceptable.

9.) A well-tailored, zippered charcoal gray flannel jacket. You can see mine in Edith's sketch.

10.) A black silk waistcoat with white and gray pinstripes (similar to the one pictured).

More tomorrow. I'll also tell you about the 20/20 wardrobe. It will help explain why my black redingote with the velvet cuffs, collar and buttons is a "basic" for me.


Shar said...

I simply adore your collection so far, Tish, and agree wholeheartedly with the colors, style and coordinability. One question, though: How does this concept work for summer weather and travel ease since these choices all seem to be darker and heavier?

~ Shari

Cindy Swanson said...

Do you have any recommendations as far as your favorite T-shirts? (By the way, I've been loving your blog for some time!)

Anonymous said...

If you find the vest, please let us know where!

elise said...

Hi Tish,

Oh I so needed this !
You <3

Elise x

California Girl said...

Enjoying your selections. I love French cuffs as well and I have a wonderful selection of cuff links.

Jeanne said...

I love your selections Tish...we think a lot alike :)

Jeanne xx

Beth - In My World... said...

Love this! I have sent my readers your way to be enlightened by your sage advice.

I also would like your input on the long sleeve tees. I won't tell you where I get them now, and the quality is not stellar.

The white blouses are beautiful...and are forcing me to take a good look at mine.

Can't wait for the next post!

~ Beth

BigLittleWolf said...

Who needs Jack Nicholson when you have these 5 easy pieces?

Lovely, chère Tish.

quintessence said...

Love the Anne Fontaine tux like shirt. I think I own at least 5 white man tailored shirts - of different fit, cuffs, length etc. With you so far, although I don't have a chic zip jacket like in the illustration.

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dear Tish, I must find some good T shirts or vests. I don't like high necks but you have inspired me xx

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