Sunday, December 12, 2010

Next Week Or La Semaine Prochaine

Taa-daa. . . the perfect end, to a perfect week of holiday decorating filled with personal treasures, personality, creativity, beauty, and bounty: the promised giveaway of award-winning interior designer (and beloved friend), Betty Lou Philip's latest book French Impressions.

The winners are: Shelley and Gayle Parrish. Please send your addresses to me by e-mail: and I will take care of the rest (or someone will. . .).

FYI, the drawing was made, applying my usual low-tech skills, by My-Reason-For-Living-In-France who drew the names -- written on bits of paper -- from, you'll be happy to know, a lovely old crackly faience bowl.

 On The Calendar For Next Week!!!

As mentioned last Sunday, and proven throughout the week I dare say, this is a month of glorious cadeaux for you and for me. I have moved into my role as editor and put most of the writing aside.

In my position as editor-in-chief of my petit monde, some of the most amazing people have agreed to be guest writers.

See what we have to look forward to next week -- truly, isn't this what joy is all about?

Lundi:  Vicki Archer will tell us how she decorates. She, I have always felt, is an example of how life isn't fair -- she is a sublime writer and her natural flair for decoration, the way she uses color, creates artistic vignettes. . . I could go on and on, but you'll see tomorrow. I can't think of anyone else who understands French Essence the way she does, every day on her blog and in her new book of the same name.

Mardi: Speaking of great writers, Skye Peale, creator of one of the best blogs out there, Privilege, is doing something on Tuesday. It has to do with gift-giving. We'll see. Who doesn't love a surprise?!

Mercredi: Here's where things get iffy. Theoretically, Brooke Berman, award winning writer, daughter of a woman I loved dearly (as I love Brooke) will write a post about families and holidays. However, Brooke is verrrrry pregnant and her baby was due last week. All I can say is, I hope he will be patient for a few more days.

Jeudi: Books on style on fashion on -- well, you'll see by the Dorky Medievalist, who is absolutely hilarious and here's the funny part, she's an intellectual. Yep. This may be a collaborative effort, I'm not certain. We've been working "undercover" and in code. I'm sure she has everything under control.

Vendredi: Freebies, you'll see. This is a wonderful post.

Samedi: A Weekend in Our Country Shops.

Dimanche: The week before Christmas. (Just wait until I tell you about these gifts!)


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning Tish! Looks like a FUN WEEK of many beautiful things coming our way.

Ruben is outside trying to dig us out of 2.5 feet of snow. This is the Minnesota we all know and love! Anita

Sarah said...

I can't wait! This sounds like a wonderful week that you've put together for all of your followers out in cyberspace. Merci!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I'll be here!

Belle de Ville said...

I'm looking forward to the upcoming week!

Lorrie said...

It's going to be another great week here. So much fun!

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