Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I Would If I Could Part V: Les Chemises

Since minimalism is the guiding principle of my, "If I Could, I Would" shopping adventure, one blouse or shirt could change separates, a skirted or pantsuit into something entirely new, thus extending its investment with another.

Remember, all the clothes I've chosen last week and this week are for me, they cover my issues, literally, arms, thighs (just to the knee area), and not too, too dippy low in the front, i.e. cleavage is not my thing. I also take into account what I already own, as you would do as well if you were shopping. 

Next week I'll show you a few, mostly dresses, I thought were drop-dead gorgeous, but to my great regret, not for me. Perhaps they are precisely what you've been dreaming about these days.

And finally, remember, I'm shopping virtually, scanning the collections with the precision of a scientist looking through a microscope at every stitch and detail. Then, I take my favorites into my "dressing room" and whittle down. Above are my top three favorites and the single one I chose. And, below the rejects. I like all of these blouses and shirts, otherwise I wouldn't have chosen them, but unfortunately I can't have everything I want. 

C'est la vie. Even in my make-believe world I must display a modicum of discipline. (I really, really, really want that drape-y Armani Privé blouse in the gorgeous pinky fawn color. Actually, I may "buy" it and not tell you. . .)

And the winners are:

1.) Monique L'Huillier -- herself -- after her collection, wearing, for me the ultimate blouse. And the way she has put it together with the cummerbund and tuxedo pants is absolute perfection. I want it.

2.) Ungaro's peasant blouse -- I know, you're shocked (and yes, it's a print), but imagine it with Monique L'Huillier's trousers and cummerbund, red or violet satin shoes. Sublime.

3.) Chloe -- well, obviously.

And the rejects (I do like all of them, but one must be reasonable):

1.) Dolce et Gabbana

2.) Dolce et Gabbana (are you paying attention, Pseu?)

3.) Isabel Marant -- big mistake.

4.) Dolce et Gabbana

5.) John Galliano -- I know, but strip off the weird accessories and you'll see the possibilities.

6.) Aquascutum -- immaculate with the French cuffs. There should be one of these in every woman's closet.

7.) Chloe -- imagine with black or navy.

8.) Armani Privé -- I may cheat on this one.

9.) Armani -- obviously not with my midriff sticking out. . .

10.) Celine -- with a nude body suit for heaven's sake.


Deja Pseu said...

Love the Dolce leopard, you know me, but also the black polka dotty one right below it. Why is the Isabelle Marant a mistake?

Belle de Ville said...

I love the Aquascutum and the Chloe. They are both chic and timeless.

ida said...

The Chloe blouse would be my choice,I have the same issues as yourself + neck issues!!
Monique L'Huillier (have never heard of her must check out!) the neck looks too tightish.
I have an Aquascutum white blouse very much in the same style,but worn unbuttoned at the neck,it is one of my great stand bys.
Enjoy your blog thankyou. Ida

Anonymous said...

Are shoulder pads allowed ever anymore - even little ones? They give my 5'3" frame grace and height. I rarely opt for high heels to give the illusion - they just aren't comfortable enough for me. Are wedges an acceptable substitute? Am I alone wishing that shoulder pads (not ala Joan Crawford) would return?

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous,
If petite shoulder pads is flattering look for YOU, just go for it! For illusion of height, try kitten heels with pointy toe and low vamp in a color that matches your skin tone or hair color. They are more comfortable than high heels and more formal looking than wedges.

Beatnheart said...

I just want to find jeans that fit, don’t look old ladyish, and are “age appropriate”..can’t find any thing!!

Shelley said...

Most of these seem too dramatic for me. Love the blush pink outfit, for the satin and the colour both. Also love the Armani pale blue/grey ruffled blouse. 'Fraid those are the only ones that tempt me.

I'm 5'3" and as I re-vamp my clothes, I'm adding very small shoulder pads. Who cares if they are fashionable - the look good on me. Isn't that what we 'certain-aged' women are supposed to do?

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

GOOD MORNING TISH! You are so wise in telling it like it is and showcasing a variety of things for a variety of women. MERCI BIEN. We are getting ready to celebrate Thanksgiving out here and we wish you all across the pond a heartfelt MERCI for all of your friendships and kindnesses!

And I just have to think that you are a stunning woman who can wear more than she thinks....Anita

concretenprimroses said...

Fun to look at your selections. I love the leopard with the polkadot skirt, but not sure I could carry it off. But then, leopard goes with everything doesn't it?

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