Tuesday, September 28, 2010

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It's probably because I've never asked. Perhaps it's because I like to seek and find on my own -- a mini adventure if you will. But, at last, after years of searching, I've found it, the perfect, beyond my highest aspirations -- T-shirt(!)

Go ahead, call me superficial, shallow. I don't care. My new collection of T-shirts is exactly, precisely what I have been looking for for years. They are as light as pate feuilleté (and as translucent), and slide on the body in a whisper caress. From my point-of-view they are the best of the best for the following reasons:

  • Zero bulk, therefore they add nothing more than a tissue paper thin layer between the skin and a jacket, sweater or shirt.
  • 100 percent cotton.
  • They come in V, deep V, small scoop neck, classic crew.
  • The body and sleeves are super long. 
  • The material is so soft you want to stroke your cheek with it. (I know, it's crazy.)
  • They are available in more colors than one can imagine.
  • They are nicely finished at the neck and wrists, no ribbing.
  • I bought them in white, white, white, pale gray and steel gray.
  • Are you ready? The price is right. They cost a mere 9.90 Euros
The sole drawback is, I found them at the extraordinary Japanese emporium, Uniqlo, which is across the street from the Galeries Lafayette and Printemps department stores in Paris. Kind of expensive when including airfare, meals and hotels I suppose. 

You know I love my GAP T-shirts, but these are an entirely different breed, pure sophistication. They'll last as long as they'll last. As you know I have taken rationalization to a high art form. They are investments in elegance not in durability. I could imagine they would ultimately make superior dust cloths. . .

Excuse Me, Are You Joking or What?

In case you haven't seen the fall H&M catalog, I had to share this with you on a need to know or believe it or not basis -- you decide. 

The headline for the small article buried on page 20 with a gorgeous picture of Catherine Deneuve in the Burberry trench coat she wore in Belle de Jour, is "DO IT YOURSELF."

The text tells us: "The clothes of fall should look comfortably well worn. Follow these simple instructions to embrace the hip vintage trend!"

Alrighty then, here's what we're supposed to do to get that "vintage trend" we should apparently be coveting:
  1. Machine wash at low temperatures our new leather jacket. I can well imagine it will appear distressed after that. I'm distressed at the mere idea.

     2. To "vintagize" a T-shirt we are to wash it at a too high temperature this time and let it "lie around wet" so the wrinkles are fixed in place.

    3. And my favorite: Take your Burberry trench coat for which you paid heaven knows what and you considered one of your great lifetime investments and CUT OFF THE SLEEVES!!!!

Are you kidding me? Are you people out of your minds? Oh, almost forgot in my frenzy, that's not all. After you've cut off the sleeves, machine wash, let the fringe come out ("fringe?" you're talking about ragged threads, you fools!) and obviously leave the "fringe" in place. 

I would think the next step would be, sit down and cry.


Francine Gardner said...

Thank you fashion tips...i am not about to cut the sleeves of my Burberry's....either they are nuts, or they really do not know how much a full price Burberry cost! However, I do roll up the sleeves on mine, tie the belt loosely, turn up the collar....very needed this morning as I am waking to a raining day.

Melinda said...

I already have a "vintage" Burberry -- purchased new in 1983 and still the only trench I own! I buy a new scarf to wear with it from time to time; otherwise, I love it as much today as the day I bought it.

Jeanne said...

I am with you Tish...I think I would need a sedative.
Saying that...I love the T-shirts you mentioned at the top of the post. I will be in Paris at the end of October and have already noted this one. If you are going to have the perfect T- it should be the best!

Enjoyed you post, as always!

Jeanne xx

Jeanne-Aelia Desparmet-Hart said...

Letitia, yes, Uniqlo's T-shirts are perfect! there is a store here in Soho. I love the simplicity/no brand feeling; a little like Muji. Those Japanese geniuses... as for the trench, mine is a Maxmara, just as precious as any high/no brand, and why on earth would you want to cut off the sleeves to start with? maybe make it shorter; that, I understand. but the sleeves? My daughters have been known to cut off jeans, even relatively expensive ones, almost new ones, but at least they wear them as shorts. And they cut a slit on T-shirts or sweat shirts at the neck... It is a way to "create yor own style"; That I get. Not the complete destruction of something fabulous...oh well.. love your humour as always Letitia.

Duchesse said...

Wrecking and twisting stuff has always been an affectation of the young. How far ones goes is, as Jeanne-Aelia points out, a matter of degree. As soon as they have to pay for their own clothes, this idea loses its appeal.

Northmoon said...

Since we have been paying to have the manufacturer put the worn spots and fading on our jeans for quite some time, I suppose trashed trench coats might seem logical to some people.

But I'm with you - machine washing a leather jacket or cutting the sleeves off a Burberry trench is insane!

Cindy Swanson said...

Ahhh...so envious of you about your T-shirts! They sound marvelous.

And I couldn't agree with you more about the do-it-yourself vandalistic defacement of the Burberry coats!

Morgane said...

Hilarious ! C'est le retour du grunge qui fait dire ses anneries au "faiseur de tendances" - Couper un Burberry , non mais !

metscan said...

Great ( ? ) tips. Luckily I don´t like vintage at all. I bet there are soon these burberry´s without sleeves on the racks, and-someone will buy them!

Rubiatonta said...

The New England preppy in me is outraged! Not at the idea of vintage anything, but the idea that one would cheat to get there. If you're not willing to put in the wear time to beat up your jeans or scuff your Topsiders, you're clearly not "in the in crowd."

Not that I dress terribly prep these days, but I can tell you, there are plenty of old money types in Newport wearing the Burberry trench they bought back in college (some 40 years ago). And no, they didn't cut the sleeves off to make it look cooler!

the gardeners cottage said...

i adore vintage clothing but this is ridiculous. i wonder if anyone would do this?

J.W. said...

Obviously I have had it all wrong! Just think of the time and trouble I have wasted taking such care of my older pieces of clothing to preserve their appearance. How un-cool of me! Maybe I should loosen the treads of a few of the buttons on my vintage Chanel blazer and let them dangle...just to show I don't "have" to care.

Thank you for this entertaining post.

Belle de Ville said...

Seriously, how stupid do they think we are?

Gigi said...

Dear God, I need my smelling salts!

Semi Expat said...

Although I am laughing as I read this - they are insane. Off their rockers and out of their minds! x

Murphy said...

I also love uniqlo t-shirts! However, you did not mention my favorite characteristic - they skim without clinging to my slightly squishy woman-of-a-certain-age middle. I can't wait to get a gray one next time I am in a city with uniqlo!

Average Girl said...

Oh you make me giggle!!!! especially the "ragged threads, you fools"! The saddest part is, so many morons will go out and do this, just to be in the next trend!

gucci 2011 said...

I love the way you directly get to the point,inspired

Ann said...

Hahhaha! That made me laugh! I once took my jeans to the country and shot them with a rifle to get the perfect shredded look! We could add that to these how-to's.

Merveilleux said...

I cringed while reading the entire second half of this post. A Burberry trench is high on my lifetime achievements list and to cut the sleeves off would be traumatizing!

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