Wednesday, September 8, 2010

"Le Do It Yourself"

Eh, oui, you too can have your very own Kenzo vest and matching scarf for 95 and 85 Euros, respectively. You can have them that is IF you know how to knit. 

(I know some of you out there are probably giddy with excitement -- Carole, Marsi, Mater, Trisha and more. . .) But, I ask you, where does that leave me? Exactly. I can't even knit without dropping a stitch, and purl, forget about it.

Sorry, I digress. The kit comes with the needles, pattern -- obviously, even I know that much -- and silk yarn. From that point on, you're on your own.

The DIY projects will be available in Kenzo boutiques in mid October.

While we're on the subject of doing it our selves -- I realize this is a stretch -- when having my hair blown out the other day (because I didn't feel like dong it myself) I noticed an ad in one of my favorite magazines, Gala (that literary publication we only read when in a beauty salon), for a new Bourjois gloss.

Here's where the DIY part comes in, when it is applied to the lips (obviously) it takes on a different color with everyone. It is, UNIQUE(!) because it reacts differently to everyone's one-of-a-kind PH factor -- or something. It's called "Rose sur Mesure" or loosely translated, "Rose just for you, or made to measure or you get the idea."

No, I haven't tried it. Yes, I will try it. And yes, I'll get back to you. If it turns out to be gloppy I will be in a very bad mood. I am soooo over goopy and gloppy.

Et voila, the news of the day. 

(Did you notice how the lips on the Kenzo sweater tie this whole post together? Brilliant or what? I didn't go to journalism school for nothing you know.)


Marsi said...

Those are both rather fun! But knitting with silk, which has no "give"? No fun! I hope the lip gloss is all it's cracked up to be. I remember chapsticks with that reactive "technology" in the '80s.

xoxox --

Duchesse said...

That vest is cute but for us busty woman, those lips will lead a little too assertively!

Julienne said...

I think I will just admire both here!

Karena said...

Wonderful ideas!! I adore your site! The gloss is really intriguing!

I have a New Giveaway from the French Basketeer I think you will love!

Art by Karena

materfamilias said...

I like the colour combos of the vest, but for me, part of the fun of knitting is in being able to interpret a pattern in my own colours for a more individualized look. I wonder how well those kits will do -- how many knitters will want to pay that price to have a vest like every other knitter who picked up the kit? Wouldn't appeal to me, quite honestly, especially since silk, while having no give while knitting, as Marsi points out, also lacks memory so doesn't really hold its shape terribly well once it's being worn. That's a pretty simple garment, so it's probably going to be fine, but still . . . I think I'd rather play around with the lip gloss!

A-Dubs said...

I hope somebody knits it and reports in; but that somebody won't be me. I can't even knit with acrylic or cotton; silk is WAY above my sad skill set.

Also, I look forward to hearing how the DIY lippy works out. Whenever I've tried these kinds of products I've ended up with a bright, bright pink that won't entirely wipe off. Some people can do this colour very well, but not this people.

Ellen said...

Knitting? I'll pass. never could get the hang of that one. But the lip gloss! Ding- We have a winner!! I'm will be anxious to read of your opinion about such a goop-less gloss. I'm with you, so done with the goopy mess.


Northmoon said...

Well I knit, but that vest doesn't appeal to me in any way. there are so many wonderful knit items on the runways - how did Kenzo come up with a pair of such boring items (even with the lips)?

Looking forward to your report on the lip gloss. I always think lipstick changes colour on me, usually in a bad way, so I'm interested in a product that's supposed to mutate.

knitpurl said...

Tish, you are so funny. Had to look back to see the lips on the Kenzo. Knit with silk? I'm struggling to finish projects already begun. (will only mention wool hat begun for a now 3 yr. old, which will be given to 2 mo. old instead)But it was kind of you to think of us knitters.
xoxoxo, C.

Dee said...

I've got two words regarding the lip gloss: Tangee Natural.

Am I the only femme d'Un Certain Age, (stateside) who remembers this? I had the same problem A-Dubs mentions. None of those "your personal color" products ever work on me. But I am happy they work on someone :-)

Love Kenzo!I can't knit or purl worth a darn, either. Though the gods know, I've tried. I just zone out. I admire those who knit and do all that groovy crafty stuff.

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