Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dear Cherie. . .

Cherie is fine thank you, has her eye on a three-quarter length camel hair/cashmere coat from Eric Bompard and just bought a gray wool pea coat -- she already owns a long gray wool/cashmere reefer, so things are looking up. 

Invitations pouring in so shopping is imperative, may have some of the houses send try-ons directly to one of Cherie's houses/apartments. Even with the driver, it is simply too exhausting to troll from boutique to boutique, designer to designer. 

Enough about Cherie's favorite subject, here's the message received from You-Know-Who:

 "A charming woman told me she saves all of her good clothes for special occasions of which there are few, and doesn't understand how Frenchwomen can do housework, cook, garden, run around and still look chic every day. She says she wears 'old clothes' most of the time and was wondering if I had any ideas on the subject. That's why, Cherie, I'm passing this along to you. I admit you can handle the challenging conundrum better than I." 

Then she signed it. 

OK, let's get to it. First off, Cherie doesn't cook, garden, clean and does a minimum amount of running around. Usually other people do the running around for her. That is not to say Cherie hasn't heard about people who do their own thing. In fact, You-Know-Who pretty much does.

Cherie's precious advice:

1.) Think crisp and polished.

2.) Unwrinkled jeans or trousers (Cherie doesn't do jeans only linen, gab or grey flannel), but has nothing against them. The jeans must be in the blue or black family. Forget about bright colors.

3.) Unwrinkled T-shirts. Preferred colors for the chic quotient: white, grey, black and perhaps a mariniere, Cherie concedes they are a classic for summer even if sailor fatigue is setting in.

4.) When white T-shirts no long pass the white-white test -- out-they-go. Buy several at a time. Cherie likes the ones from the GAP.

5.) Smart white shirts, same white rule applies, but bleach is an interesting product.

6.) V-neck and turtleneck sweaters in the winter. Cashmere T-shirts are nice and finish off smartly with scarves.

7.) Shoes: No. Never, ever running, tennis or other sport shoes -- ever! Got that! Instead, espadrilles, sandals, ballerinas, moccasins, low boots -- you get the idea. (OK, maybe some funky Converse or feminine Keds.)

8.) Add a belt, that's the polish part.

9.) Every morning, repeat, every morning, after washing your face and applying a sun block/ moisturizer, take three minutes to add mascara, blush and lip gloss.

10.) Make sure your hair is well maintained.

11.) Always keep nails manicured. Polish is not necessary. Keep a buffer next to the bed and a nail brush in the bathroom. Of course, hand cream all-day-long.

12.) How about a pair of creoles? 

13.) Pedicures all year 'round, just because they are great spirit boosters.

14.) No matter how much you really, really want to: DO NOT WEAR SWEATS!

15.) Final, and highly valuable accessory trick: find a long chef's apron and wear it in the kitchen. (Cherie always dons hers to see what the cooks are up to.)

These on-the-street pictures taken by YKW, are good examples of everyday, stylish no fuss dressing that makes you feel good about yourself. 


Dorky Medievalist said...

Cherie, merci, excellent advice for the madding crowd. My own YKW, who thinks she needs to look "presentable" (and, mon Dieu, do not get me started on presentable for mam'zelle) around her town, because of her ubiquitous students, often wears Bensimon tennies. She thinks they are chic (we can giggle over her version of "chic" some day avec a bottle from the widow Cliquot) but, if I may admit to you and you alone, she is not far wrong. They are "cute", n'est-ce pas? (Bien sur, you did not hear this from me.)

knitpurl said...

Cherie, merci, from here too.

A comment to YKW on Talbot's LBDs' couldn't they style even one with an A-line skirt? Really, how senseless to think we all are hipless.
xoxo, C.

Deja Pseu said...

Great tips, Cherie! Merci.

BODECI body said...

Grazie Mille, Cherie!

I have just been pondering my Fall wardrobe with all of my buddies posting photos of theirs. Love the simplicity as it works so well with my lifestyle.

However, I must confess, I wore a dress to luncheon with a friend and continued to wear it, along with my accessories, while doing my own housework/ prepping dinner. It was comfortable as the fabric was stretch cotton. I wore it with gold flip flops.


LPC said...

Cherie, in this, bien sur, you and I are veritable twins. Except the belt outside of belt loops. I buy a cheap but fun patterned belt, and wear that. And, as you say, voila. BTW I just got three new tees at Target. Quite spiffy they are. And so cheap as to feel like free.

Cherie said...

Merci for the post and the reminder that I need to add a belt to my fall/winter wardrobe.

As for aprons, I always wear a very feminine one when doing chores around the house. Really does save your clothes.

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

Love these tips...I think I embrace most of these strategies already but do not own Keds or Converse shoes...there's always another day to shop...and the apron, well that's a must for me in the Bungalow kitchen as I a very sloppy cook!

Duchesse said...

That is a GREAT capsule summary on how to look pulled together even if you have to do stuff.

The shots prove the point, these women look comfortable with themselves and well put-together.

Stephanie said...

So true and a great post. I like how you've simplified the age old question that keeps getting asked. It's not hard to upgrade a casual look from sweats to something more polished like this. I really enjoyed reading this!

BigLittleWolf said...

There is something so classic about the crisp white shirt. And love the belts in the street pictures!

My Carolina Kitchen said...

As always, Cherie is spot on. I can't help but ask about those pink shoes on the lady in the last photo. They look cool. I wonder if Cherie approves of pink.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Marvelous advice!
Cherie and I are in agreement about jeans. And shoes. And the dreaded sweats!! And cooking is always so much more fun in a chef's apron.

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hausfrau said...

So much good advice! I know I ought to wear the apron - and I own several- msut try harder. I must take issue with Cherie's insistance on the white shirt however as I look not only aged but ill in white: it'll have to be black, grey or one of 'my' colours. Sorry.

Gretchen said...

SUCH perfect advice, and really, why would someone wear frumpy-schlumpy clothes when it's so much easier to put in a tiny effort with huge payoff, anyway. However, I must ask, what are creoles?

knitpurl said...

Hoop style earrings, Gretchen. (Any diameter).

Grace @ Sense and Simplicity said...

I love your advice for dressing simply, but still stylishly. I was wondering if you could elaborate on appropriate footwear - I struggle with this. I cannot wear heals over 2 inches and I have very fussy wide feet so I'm often at a loss for comfortable footwear. I would love a post on footwear, complete with pictures - merci!

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