Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dear Cherie. . .

Since you didn't ask, oui, oui, oui, Cherie had a divine time in Saint--Tropez last weekend. One cannot say it was restful because Cherie is always invited everywhere. Sometimes it is a strain keeping the smile in place, of course the style is always in place. 

When Cherie is tres fatigued she will ask one of the men sitting on either side of her a question about himself and rest in peace. He will natter on for hours; they all do.

This weekend once again Cherie is in a rush, she was invited to Portofino, but it was simply too complicated so she gracefully declined.  Instead it's off to friends who have a spectacular place (and one of those big boats) on Cap Ferrat.

So, let's get down to business: your questions.

Q: Mme. J: Dear Cherie, This in between time is always so difficult for me in the upper, upper northern reaches of the United States. Put simply, my feet get cold. It's too early to bring out the boots; ballerines look 'off' when not donned with bare feet; I'm ready to retire my sandals for the season, what can I do? Help!

A: Dear Mme. J: Socks. 

(Cherie is neither supporting, condoning or commenting -- merely passing on information,  fashion news if you will.)

From the top: Dolce & Gabanna (what's with those scary legs?), Marc by Marc Jacobs, Marc Jacobs and Prada.

Q: Mme. F:  Dear Cherie, I see You-Know-Who  caused quite a raucus in the ranks the other day when she showed all those pleated pants from the admittedly fab-u-lous Chloé collection. I was just wondering, where do you stand on the pleats? Also, does or rather can You-Know-Who wear them?

A: Dear Mme. F: Cherie dabbles in them from time-to-time. You-Know-Who doesn't and shouldn't. For those who are in the same bateau as she, Cherie has spent an inordinate amount of her precious time sifting through the collections and beyond to offer alternatives. 

Pictured: a pair from Talbot's bookended by two pairs from Marc Jacobs for example. There are lots more out there, but Cherie has better things to do than your shopping.

By-the-by, if you don't own gray flannels -- it wouldn't hurt to have more than one pair for heaven's sake, as Mere always said -- get them now before they are sold out. A well-dressed femme of any age cannot call herself elegant without them. 

Q: Mme. K: Dear, dear Cherie, Just a quickie, probably you know better than anyone how annoying You-Know-Who can be, but she told us she would keep us au courant on her bronzage project and not a word. Do you have any updates?

A: Dear Mme. K, You can say that again, the part about YKW being annoying. 

Let's get this subject off the table. Yes, she has been spraying her face every night (apparently she covers her highlights with a shower cap -- how chic. . .), she then follows the directions which say to move the mist around the visage in a circular rotation. (Is that redundant? Whatever)

Thus the problem, one is obliged to close one's eyes. 

Does Cherie need to paint a picture here? Her face is more or less bronzé and so is half of her neck. It looks like her neck is dirty. It's a look. 


CailinMarie said...

as my dear mutti never did tell me I could not be well dressed without gray flannel slacks, I thank you for the information.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh, gray is the color for the new school year for me! Thanks so much Tish, for always stepping forth in style for us all!!! Bonne journée, Anita

Tabitha said...

LOL, Portofino and the Hotel Splendido gets a big thumbs down from me, talk about trading on past merit! But the Cap, ah heaven incarnate.
I love grey, my colouring really suits dressing like a seal.

Morisot said...

I always look forward to the return of cool weather so that my faithful gray flannel slacks can be brought out again. I think I'll have to give a pass to the socks though. I just spent half of the morning reading through your blog and just love it!

Je m'appelle Cynthia said...

Love the socks - but not at my age with skirts or shorts, too school-girlish.

knitpurl said...

Cherie you have made me laugh and I thank you for brightening up the day.
(You really do need a following beyond the blog.)
The clothes were delightful. The socks, now really I would laugh at any female beyond age 10 wearing them in a non-workout situation. Now to wear them with slacks/jeans, let me at them. That's why some of us took up knitting -- to knit glorious socks to be worn with those slacks/jeans. xoxoxo

Belle de Ville said...

Thank you for the no pleat alternatives. And yes, every woman should own a pair of gray flannel slacks, or four.

Anonymous said...


The socks leave me cold.

Mme. J

Anonymous said...

Those bulky socks were horrid. The calves look twice their size. Such a no-no. The thin socks on girls? Hopefully they wear them with shaved legs.

Semi Expat said...

Cherie - you make me smile as ever - love the description of the bronzing sessions for YKW! And I will invest in a pair of grey flannels most definitely. x

LPC said...

I wore so much gray when I was young that once someone called me a sparrow. But aren't they brown? Anyway, I feel, Cherie, that you are not supportive of YKW's bronzage woes. We will have to cheer her up.

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