Friday, July 30, 2010

Out and About In The Country

The up-coming weekend is the busiest of the year on the roads -- in both directions -- with those returning from their July vacations and on the other side of the highway, those departing for their August R&R. As a result, I am finding fewer and fewer subjects to photograph. 

The streets are deserted, at least in the countryside where we live.  All the boutiques in the village near ours will close next week and when they re-open the soldes will be finished and the racks will be overflowing with the new fall offerings. 

Speaking of flowing -- one takes a transition wherever one can -- lots of this week's subjects liked that easy, breezy summer look.

Today while scouting my subjects, I found a fab-u-lous 50 percent off dress for my daughter chez Babette, plus a scarf which may or may not be for her. I think it's for moi

That's the great thing about scarves (and jewelry of course) size has no relevance. The last time I wore a size 38 was probably when I was eight.


annecychic said...

Another great post--I love the taupes and greys. Thanks Tish!

Rebecca said...

Besides the great-looking outfits, I just realized that the confidence and poise with which these ladies WEAR them is a MAJOR part of the attraction!

Hmmmmmm. I'm going to practice that (although I think it comes from "inside"...I can work on THAT, too).

Deja Pseu said...

Everyone looks comfortable. Is it still blisteringly hot there? Our cousins just returned from the south of France last week and said it had been tres, tres chaud.

I love these flowy looks for summertime, even in black.

James said...

I must echo Rebecca, it is an attitude they wear as wonderfully as they wear clothes. I think some American women have that as well, but when you see the sweatpanted,too small jeans or raunchy tee shirt type it just screams low self esteem.

Metropolitan Mum said...

Ahhh, to be in France... Lovely post, as usual. MM x

metscan said...

The first pictures show a wise way of using light clothes at a certain age and with not a runway body. Loose layering.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your street photos so much! I was hoping you could help with enlarging them? I can always enlarge and then zoom on the first pic in the lot but am unable to enlarge/zoom any of the other ones. Any tips?

BigLittlewolf said...

It's so refreshing and calming to see the whites and taupes and grays. I love it. And yes, les foulards.


knitpurl said...

To upset the proverbial apple cart, while I loved the style of every outfit shown today, my lst reaction is to throw a punch of something with bright color on each. Taupes, greys, blacks look divine but in my mind cry out for color somewhere.

Everyone looked happily comfy in their colors, but I doubt they would've caught my eye on the street.

Bon weekend. Are you off for the Parisians' August holiday?

Joanna Jenkins said...

These women all look so chic! Love the colors.
Happy weekend.... and shopping.

Lily Lemontree said...

What lovely photos! All the ladies look tres chic, as does, I am sure, the lady behind the lens!
Hope you are having a marvelous weekend my friend!

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