Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Here Comes A Rant. . .

The day didn't start like this. A rant was not on the agenda. Perhaps they never are. But this is a situation that simply cannot be ignored.

Why do fashion magazines provide their readers -- us -- with pages of IN and OUT items? Do they think we're fools or what? Now, my first job out of college was with Women's Wear Daily where I believe this game was invented. At the time it was rather fun and I can tell you, for many insecure women it was a clip-and-save list every season.

I like to assume we are beyond the need to be told such nonsense. French magazines assume their readers do not need to be warned off certain items and advised to replace them with the next new whatever. Yes, it is the "job" of the magazines to tell us the news. It is our job to interpret it.

My question: Isn't that good enough? Give us the news; we'll deal with it in our own individual -- operative word -- ways.

That's it, end of rant. 

Now I present you with the examples that ignited it.

1.) We're told by an American magazine that charm bracelets are IN. When were charm bracelets ever OUT? 

They are so completely personal, a collection of memories when they are created the way they were supposed to be. They become a reflection of the life of the woman who owns them.

For the sake of decorating this post I've included ready to go charm bracelets, i.e. the jeweler or the designer has done them for you. For example above, Tiffany and YSL, but from my point of view that's cheating it's just fashion, not passion. It is true that one could turn to Tiffany for the bracelet and then choose your own charms wherever you wish.

The one from Monica Rich Kosann at the top is different, it is decorated with collectibles that mean something to the owner. (One day I'll show you mine.)

2.) Patent-leather platform heels are OUT this fall. I regret to say this is untrue as you can see with the examples from the collections of Gianfranco Ferré, Jean-Paul Gaultier and Yves Saint Laurent. (Pictured from the top, YSL, YSL, Gaultier, Gaultier and Ferré.)


Deja Pseu said...

J'adore charm bracelets, but have never started one of my own. Will need to add to my "to do" list.

Here's my rant - designers that send their runway models out in shoes that are obviously too small (see toes hanging off the edge in that one pic). Toes hanging over the edge of an open toed shoe is a particular peeve of mine. (Early on at The Sartorialist, I dared criticize a pic of Carine Roitfeld for this very transgression and my comment was never published.)

metscan said...

I´m sorry, but you are so right, once again. I don´t have a charm bracelet, maybe I should start collecting charms for one, but I´d like mine in platinum or white gold. The platform and wedge shoes, definitely a no, no for me.

Shelley said...

"In" and "Out" lists are just about getting women to rush out and buy stuff so they can feel "In" (for about 5 minutes). Very silly. I have a charm bracelet from my youth and I inherited my Aunt Rita's charm bracelet which dates back to hers. I treasure both.

Dorky Medievalist said...

I had a charm bracelet when I was a young teenager and I distinctly remember a silver hedgehog charm that was a gift from my English grandmother. I loved it and I have no idea where it is now. I suspect Seventeen magazine told me it was out and I believed them.

And I agree with you on the pre-made charm bracelets. It defeats the purpose and the sensibility of the item so completely. I would say the pre-made charm bracelet is definitely out, though it should never have been in. Take that with a grain of salt as I do not work for a fashion mag so what do I know? Great post.

Fran said...

My Grandmother bought me a silver charm bracelet when I was eight. Since then every significant event has been marked with a charm. These days I am frightened to wear it, it means so much to me that I would be devastated if I lost it. I suppose at least pre-made charm bracelets can give people a start.

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

I have a charm bracelet...I only have diamond hearts on it...never knew they were OUT...I really do not subscribe to those ideas of what is Hot and what's Not...purely a personal thing.
I just follow my heart not fads...and what works for my body type.

Belle de Ville said...

First of all, fine jewelry is NEVER out. Second, the In/Out trend lists in magazines are not there to help the reader, they are there to sell product.
Charm bracelets have endured as a style because they are the most personal of all jewelry. Ostensibly, they tell a story of the collectors life. My silver and gold charm bracelets from my childhood disappeared 30 years ago in a robbery. But I've carried on the tradition with my daughter.

knitpurl said...

Lots of comments on charm bracelets. They never appealed to me, but I do have one purchased at my last retail employer. Haven't worn it since I left.

Those Gaultier shoes are so funny. His sense of humor must have prevailed in permitting his models to have toes flopping down. I wonder if the audience at his show howled with laughter. I would have.

How did we get to this after your ably written rant? IN and OUT lists appeal to me on occasion. However, they do not send me off on a buying spree. Such lists at least help me to re-purpose what I already own. One of my reasons for reading your blog, Tish, is that I can read and decide on what is age appropriate too.

SewingLibrarian said...

One of my pet peeves, too. I particularly dislike the ones in Harper's Bazaar. I have noticed that on occasion they contradict themselves in the SAME issue. Something is touted in the editorial pages, then called "out" in that silly column.

LuxeBytes said...

I want those YSL mary janes. They are BEYOND.

I love charm bracelets but never wear mine. It snags on everything. Too bad, really.


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