Thursday, July 8, 2010

Dear Cherie. . .

Cherie has places to go, people to see, things to do and before she can do any of the previously mentioned projects, she must get a fresh pedicure -- considering, but probably rejecting all out red polish -- massage, hair mask followed by magic blow dry by Estelle and a few other maintenance details we do not need to go into in public.

Since once again Cherie is hurried, but not quite harried, let's get right to your questions.

Q: Mme. G: Dear Cherie, It appears to me there are absolutely no rules when it comes to gems one may wear during the day or the evening.  My question, what do you think of massive "cocktail" rings and do you think they should be worn only for cocktails -- however one may define that elusive hour?

A: Dear Mme. G, What a lot of dithering over bright shiny objects. Cherie loves cocktail rings. She wears them all the time, every day, beginning with breakfast and of course brunches that include Mimosas. Cherie has always been into major statements, otherwise what's the point of getting dressed and accessorized?

Cherie finds these literal cocktail rings from Piaget absolutely, hilariously charming. She wants two.  You-Know-Who has a HUGE cocktail ring given to her as an engagement ring from her Reason-For-Living-In-France. It's an enormous cabochon ruby surrounded by diamonds. (She let Cherie wear it once.)

One rule always applies: perfectly manicured nails.

Q: Mme. E: Dear Cherie, My skin is soooo pale that I find it too jarring to go the red, red route You-Know-Who is spotting on all the trendy toes in Paris. What do you suggest?

A: Dear Mme E, You and Cherie (and yes, You-Know-Who) all share the same problem. Cherie too has seen the red toes -- and the gray ones (there are a surprising number of them btw) -- and is asking herself the same question: to red, or not to red?

The red Dragon from Chanel looks so fresh and striking, Cherie is tempted. As you no doubt know, those French women not blessed with deeper skin tones either start applying their auto-bronzers in March or head off someplace where they can put their legs in the sun. Therefore the red is less shocking in contrast.

Cherie has in the past stayed on the pink side. If she crosses the line, you'll be the first to know.

Q: Mme.F: My dear Cherie, Please tell us one very French, inexpensive something-or-other to pick up right this minute. And please, please not another striped t-shirt from the French navy, OK?

A: Dear Mme. F, For heaven's sake as Mother always said, it's too hot to get all worked up. Cherie has said all she plans on saying about les marinieres. Now is the time to stock-up on
Marcels, one can never have too many. May Cherie suggest you stick to white, black and perhaps beige and gray. Resist colors, please. (OK, maybe navy.) They are the perfect under everything summer throw-on.

Worried about your arms? That's what linen jackets were invented for.

Q: Mme. S: Dear Cherie, If you have access to You-Know-Who's computer do you think you could show us a few more summer feet? Merci par avance.

A: Dear Mme. S, Absolutely.

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Duchesse said...

The cocktail rings are witty, especially the 'slice! But YKW's ruby sounds more wearable by day. You can wear a big stone before 6 pm. but for me the key is to keep the clothing crisp and quiet.

Love the feet pics; here in Canada, where we must stuff our feel into boots for long months on end, I notice all women except those subjugated by a strict dress code wear sandals May-Sept.

Tabitha said...

I love the summer feet, am I becoming a foot fetishist?

Jeanne-Aelia Desparmet-Hart said...

Letitia , I LOVE this column, and today I find all kinds of things I wear: large rings- I get teased by my friends but they all bought giant ones in Tangier on the last trip- I always wear red nail polish on my feet in the summer especially, and I love all the shoes you photographed especially the last pair: just divine. Bravo as always, mon amie.

Dumbwit Tellher said...

You are always so wise. I loved your nail color pics. I have to admit I often sport the dark gray them! Loving the long silhouette of the tanks; very chic.

Hope you have a lovely rest of this week x


Well, Cheri, you have done it again. Before I was seated comfortably I saw those RINGS. Girls from Texas would wear those all the time, & our girlfriends would simply die with laughter, exactly the way I did when I saw the images. Linen jackets? Now, I know. French manicure on toes, always, except during Christmas holiday season, then the red. (I must find out where the nearest Piaget store is located).


Belle de Ville said...

That first ring is fabulous. And your ruby sounds wonderful.

knitpurl said...

Those silver tipped (I hope they are) Repettos for me, thank you very much. The rings are to die for. You are the luckiest woman, Cherie, to be YKW's alter ego so you could wear her ring. I have two large costume-y rings only worn in summer. I love the comments engendered every time one is worn.

Anonymous said...

Recently, the above picture of Princess Letizia's adorable shoes was posted on the HuffPo website.

I know your investigative skills are superior to mine, so I thought it was worth asking who makes these? Any ideas?

Merci merci

LuxeBytes said...

Tish, those rings are so droll I almost can't stand it!! How DO you find these things??

I think you really need to dive into red polish for your toes. Give it a try. If it's too horrid -- which it won't be -- the solution is just a cotton ball away.


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