Tuesday, June 29, 2010

News, Views, Shoes. . .

In my deepest heart of hearts I wouldn't send out these news bulletins if I were not convinced you long to know what's on my radar.

To no one's surprise surely, today we will be exploring head-to-toe fashion finds and fripperies plus funny ha-ha and funny bizarre footwear. Basically shoes we would never wear for two, no make that three reasons: at a certain age one is supposed to possess some wisdom, we would surely break a hip, and then there's the price.

From the top then:

Josephine Bonaparte Knew How to Choose Her Jewels

You are aware of my fascination with the complicated Empress Josephine, but as I've often said she did have sublime taste in her clothes, homes and jewels albeit amassing some hefty debts in the process of accumulating her objects of desire.

This past weekend Princess Victoria, heir to the Swedish throne, wore Josephine's cameo tiara to hold her veil during the wedding to her former gym professor (I'll bet the royal family was thrilled about that match). On her feet she wore Roger Vivier (not literally, but when you see the shoes below you could conceivably pose the question), which could not be seen because of her floor sweeping gown by Swedish designer Par Engsheden.

Don't you feel as if I've saved you a trip to the hair salon to read Gala by giving you all this info?

Sparkle Plenty

If you have the occasion and you would like a touch of ageless sparkle, diamonds -- if you're lucky -- or crystal barrettes are an excessively important statement piece at the moment. Worn appropriately, they can be ageless. May I suggest at the back of the head perhaps?

The bar barrette above was sold at auction among the fabulous jewels Ellen Barkin decided she no longer wished to own after her divorce from Ronald Perelman. It is a splendidly sober example of what one could wear for the rest of her life. If you're not into hair decoration, it would make a perfect pin.

The flower flourish is Swarovski crystal. 

If you're wondering why I bothered with this subject, it's because reportedly bright shiny objects were VERY big on the recent red carpet displays during the Cannes film festival. 

Let's Re-Visit "Fluo"

Am I nagging again? No, no and no, simply another gentle reminder and one that is btw pas cher. The fluo or fluorescent trend that adds a spark of color to the summer collections can be had for a song.

It is one of those ageless, though not timeless movements. That's why I recommend a smidge of it and not a major splash unless you find something on it's fourth markdown or you live in one of those places that has the word "Palm" in your address. But I digress. 

If you want a touch of fluo and you wish to protect your feet at the beach these Meduse plastic shoes are just what you need. Do we call them "Jellies"? 

On the subject -- sort of -- I think I like this Riviera nail polish from Chanel. It has a certain flashy, fashiony fluo flavor.

Let Me Entertain You

Nothing to say here really. How about, creative aberrations at aberrant price points? The fringe ones from Bruno Frissoni make me think one is walking on two small dogs. The Vuitton look like one has stepped on a sheep's foot and as for the Viktor and Rolf flowers and the terrifying baroque-ish number from Versace enjoy the show. The chandelier Prada mules have a certain appeal. Would I wear them if someone gave them to me? Probably.


hostess of the humble bungalow said...

Those shoes are way over the top!
Love the sparkly barrette...I'd love an occasion to wear a crown or tiara!

Lily Lemontree said...

Just love the sparkly bits and I think Princess Victoria looked splendid on her day! Maybe it is just me but I can't get into the jelly sandals and those clogs. Especially the ones that make your feet look like they belong to Chewbacca!

labrocanteuse said...

"I love my past. I love my present. I'm not ashamed of what I've had and I'm not sad because I no longer have it." Colette

unashamedly I copy what you have on your blog..and not because it is my namesake's quote- but I could not agree more! your pic of the hairclip inspired my replacement of my stolen weddingband..love the two-tone colors...and your blog of course!!just joined as follower. Colette x

little augury said...

Gorgeous, in fact the entire wedding party was a study in style, simple unadulterated elegance. the cameo tiara was flawless,the dress,All. Heavens her groom has been by her side what 8 years-Bravo to going with your heart-she could be married to some royal lush or worse. Love the pink polish too. pgt


I wore the Riviera color nail polish all through the 80's. Done it! Those shoes, all of them, are unwearable to me. Paris Hilton could wear the flowered ones & get away with it very well. No one else. Those fringed things; you were correct, they look like 2 small doggies. I'm laughing out loud, Tish, at Chewbacca.

knitpurl said...

The word "shoes" in today's post drew me like a magnet (must get back to daily readings as you're good for the soul). Another version perhaps, lots less pricey, and the right occasion and I would wear the flowered Viktor & R.'s. They're too cute. The Prada's are cute too, but I'm not a Prada fan. For everyone who wrote "Chewbacca", I'm still smiling. xoxo C.

Fashion, Art and other fancies said...

Ah, I adore the jewellery. I prefer antique jewellery by the way. I blame this on my upbringing.
Indeed, princess Victoria looked so lady-like and elegant.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Josephine must have had a little head to wear that tiara so low on her forehead. And what a perturbed expression she's wearing for a portrait.

Lovely bride!

Sara C. said...

I love fluo: in summertime I just wear fluo bra...
I like your blog. I wish I could say that in French.
Sara C.

Melissa said...

Either Josephine had a teeny tiny tete OR she's scowling because her head is being squeeze like a peanut.

But she DID have lovely taste in jewelry.

BTW, there's a diamond and turquoise tiara of hers in the Smithsonian, set in a metal more precious than gold for her time.

It's aluminium.

Melissa said...

J'adore ton blog!

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