Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dear Cherie. . .

The first of July, ce n'est pas possible. So many long weekend trips planned, parties, possibilities. . . Cherie's newly blonder than blonde sublimely coiffed head is spinning.

You-Know-Who does whatever You-Know-Who does. We communicate primarily through Cherie's social secretary. She says she goes to "day camp" that means swimming every afternoon chez her friend Edith. Apparently they have a grand time. 

It is hot, hot, hot in Paris, but Cherie is not complaining, she is merely passing along a weather report. Mother brought us up with several strict rules, among them were: 

1.) Never complain about the weather, it's a bore and there is nothing you can do about it.

2.) Ennui is unacceptable. She maintained there is no excuse to ever be bored, life is full of adventures and pleasures, find them and apply yourself. 

Cherie certainly lives by the second rule and of course shares her never boring inspirations and advice with you. Soooo, today is our day, let's get to your questions.

Q: Mme.F: Dear Cherie, As you know we're approaching the long Fourth of July weekend and in the United States that means BBQs. You probably eschew such bug infested events, but what would you wear if you were invited and had no choice because it was a prince or something who sent the invitation?

A: Dear Mme. F, You are right on the mark on that one. Cherie does avoid BBQs. They're not really Cherie's "thing" if you will. Cherie has heard, even among people of her milieu, that they can be diverting and at times amusing. If Cherie did receive that hypothetical invitation she would wear something dramatic -- a long skirt perhaps with a boat neck, long-sleeved t-shirt, lots of semi-precious baubles, creoles, divine sandals -- and then leave right after the champagne. 

A note to all of you who live in the West and Southwest and find turquoise and coral shall we say demode or pas chic. Cherie lives in Paris -- huge difference.

They do serve champagne at BBQs, non?

On the what-to-wear issue. This flouncy get-up above was a barbecue apparel suggestion from French Elle. Who ever chose this needs to have her meds adjusted. 

Q: Mme: G: Dear, dear Cherie, If I were to ask you the one single item I should buy now (or if I already own one to get another for back up) what would you tell me?

A: Dear Mme. G, Assuming that's a convoluted question, Cherie's answer would be a white jacket. If you already own a blazer-like version, try something new. Cherie likes all of these.

From the top: Michael Kors, Givenchy (interesting twist), Stella McCartney, Etro, Chloe, Brioni and Akris.

Q: Mme. B: Chere Cherie, Anything new and intriguing you've picked-up on lately?

A: My dear Mme. B, Apparently so. Or, more to the point, You-Know-Who has been prattling on about a new blog she discovered and literally begged Cherie to take a look. It's called 
LuxeBytes, she obviously realized with the word "luxe" as part of the title Cherie would be curious.

Normally Cherie has little confidence in YKW's judgment, but at the same time Cherie considers herself -- usually -- intellectually honest, and in this case she is forced to admit, You-Know-Who has a point. LuxeBytes is now on Cherie's must read list -- to her great regret.

Apparently YKW plans a more in-depth blah-on regarding the blog next week so prepare yourself for her slavering slathering of laudatory adjectives. 

Note coy, though Cherie admits quite sophisticated, picture of the author. She appears to be quite pretty. Whatever.


aaonce said...

Judging from my visit to the SW U.S. a mere 2 months ago (to visit family), Cherie's reputation is quite safe. I don't think those who live there will ever tire of suggestions involving semi-precious jewelry, at a barbeque or anywhere else.
A ruffled silk dress at a barbeque? A real one involving barbeque sauce? Are these editors insane?

Deja Pseu said...

On our first visit to Paris three years ago, I was struck by the number of chunky turquoise and other semi-precious stone necklaces I spotted on les femmes plus chic. I've been on the lookout for one ever since.

Cherie, as always is spot-on regarding pefect attire for a BBQ.

Julienne said...

I'm of to the 'big smoke' immediately to get a white jacket!!!

Tabitha said...

That has just made me laugh more than I have all week!

I have to agree that ennui is unacceptable, it's a trait of those who are poor company, they should all be shipped off to the gulag.

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