Friday, May 21, 2010

Dear Cherie. . .

It's exasperating.  Really. On Fridays Cherie gives her driver the afternoon off -- not the evening of course because Cherie hasn't spent a Friday night at home in more than 20 years. Therefore, since she does not drive, Cherie is dependent upon others, at the mercy if you will, of You-Know-Who. As one might expect YKW has no respect for Cherie's precious time.

She insisted we stop for almonds and dried apricots (neither of which she's allowed to eat for the moment btw) and more of her wheat and oat chaff. That's why Cherie is off her oats so to speak. 

It's been another week filled with fun functions and diversions about which Cherie will give you all the details at another time. Let's get to your questions. Cherie has places to go and people to see and it's late, late, late.

Q: Mme.F: Dear Cherie, Without peeking at her name, could you tell me who this woman might be? I doubt members of her family would recognize her without the label. I find this shocking. What do you have to say on the subject?

A: Dear Mme. F, As you know, Cherie doesn't shock easily, but she was taken aback by this photo. It seems as if a cream that works this well should be banned from the market. If a woman has spent her entire life building a reputation for one thing or another it is rather a shame to erase her face. Cherie has always been a huge admirer of Diane Keaton. (Cherie is never a "fan" of anyone obviously.)

Q: Mme. J: Dearest Cherie, How about a few quickie beauty tips?

A: Dear Mme. J, Of course:

1.) Immediately put your second tube of 30 or higher SPF into your sac or in the car and apply it over and over, all-day-long to your hands. (Yes, Cherie harps, but if not she who will uphold the standards to which we all aspire.)

2.) The beauty director of Chanel (Cherie can't remember his name and doesn't have time to look for it) was asked: "What is your single most important beauty secret?" He replied: "Curled eyelashes. Immediately the face looks younger, more vibrant, alive."

How many times has Cherie told you that? Right.

3.) When lining your eyes -- if you line your eyes -- do not line the lower lashes it makes eyes appear smaller, but here's the new trick (or newish to Cherie): as you move from the inside corner of the eye, very, very close to the lash line, thicken the line on the outer corner. It lifts the eye and makes it appear younger. It really does. Cherie has tried and approved the technique. 

(You can see the trick was applied on Ms. Keaton, not that she could have looked much younger unless they had given her baby teeth.)

Q: Mme. S: Chere Cherie, Has anything caught your eye lately?

A: Dear Mme. S, Unfortunately, yes. The second part of the problem is trying to find one of Cherie's "friends, walkers or benefactors" to accompany her to Chopard to find the right size ring and make sure she is not arrested as she walks out the bulletproof doors without paying for it. (Cherie is wondering if she hasn't talked about her frog fantasy before. Oh well, hint, hint, hint. Who knows?)

Q: Mme. L: Dear Cherie, Don't you think it's about time you started talking about linen? I mean it is almost the end of May.

A: Dear Mme. L, Excuse me? What is that tone Cherie can hear even in writing? Cherie loves linen, owns more than she should, but she does not have the time to research and dissect its pros and cons. Furthermore, although she hates to admit it, she could never do it as well as La Duchesse did in her May 12 post. Just click here Passage des Perles for everything you've ever wanted to know on the subject (and may Cherie suggest if you leave a message over there you mind your manners).

Pictured above two crisp suits from Jaeger and Ralph Lauren.

Q: Rita from A Refocused Life: Dear Cherie, I'm a little confused. You showed us the picture of the attractive American woman in the red trousers whose picture was taken on-the-street by You-Know-Who and then you made an aside noting you have never seen a French woman in red pants. My question: Isn't Edith French and didn't she choose a pair of red trousers for one of her looks? Just asking.

A: My chere Rita, Interesting, though an extremely annoying question. You do have a sharp eye. Yes, Edith is French. She told me she almost never wears her red pants. 

Q: Mme.M: Dear Cherie, Is there anything you think we should know about what Parisians love at the moment? I like to be au courant and I know I can turn to no one else for the latest and the greatest.

A: Dear Mme. M: Oh how right you are. Neither of these is new, new, but they are hot, hot and that's what counts. N'est-ce pas?

1.) Melody Gardot, the divine American jazz singer, composer and musician. The French are wild about her. She recently walked the red carpet at Cannes. She has been (not literally) in Cherie's car for more than a year. Not surprisingly, Cherie is always ahead of the curve.

2.) Sacs by Jasim Puech, wildly individual, off-beat, surprising. You'll like them or you'll hate them. 


hostess of the humble bungalow said...

Quelle suprise...Diane Keaton...c'est impossible!
What have they/she done? I agree about the's the living colour.

I would be amused and delighted to be wearing that Chopard frog prince bearing gifts...and the bags well, one or two would be nice. You have the most tempting delights.

I do curl my lashes...will stop the lower lining of the worries though as my image is not front and center for all to see!

Happy Friday!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Diane Keaton vs The Air Brusher.
Brusher wins.

I adore linen. It's my wardrobe for summer. With fat bangle braclets and my hair up.

And why,oh why, do I love everything Ralph Lauren makes?

Wonderful post, per usual!!

Shelley said...

I worry about Tish and Cherie someone getting a split personality?

Keaton is obviously airbrushed. I think she should sue. Actually, I think we should all boycott magazines for perpetuating this idiotic idea that women don't actually age. I always had the idea that the French were above that sort of nonsense. Am I wrong?

Deja Pseu said...

Whew, Cherie has spoken. Now my day can begin.

I'm with Cherie on the curled lashes. I only began doing this a few years ago and amazed at the difference it makes. With regard to the eyeliner, Cherie's trick of thickening the line outward applies to the upper lash line only, is that correct?

That Chopard frog is très mignon if something that's probably worth more than my house could be described as mignon.


Cherie could be my best friend.

Marieanne said...

What an awful thing to do to Diane Keaton. PhotoShop is not anyone's friend when it's used in so obvious a manner.

Love the white linen pantsuit.

Jeanne-Aelia Desparmet-Hart said...

I adore the frog! it might get caught in all sorts of sweaters and scarves but it's so much fun. I wear a ton of white or beige or light blue linen in the summer. Hard to keep neat looking though. Great post as usual.

Anonymous said...

Cherie and Tish, do I need to come in there and break the two of you up?! Behave!

That Chopard ring is so funny.

I saw that Diane Keaton ad myself a few days ago and wondered who she was. I don't know whether it's Photoshopping gone mad or plastic surgery gone made -- but it is scary.

xoxox --

Duchesse said...

Cherie does not advise lining the lower eye, however, women who wear smoky kohl-lined eyes (lined upper and lower, nearly circluar eye-lining look so alluring to me. Perhaps Cherie likes BCBG but not the Juliette Greco effect?

No La please. Just Duchesse.

Debra said...

I'm a huge Diane Keaton fan and I had no idea! Hmmmm~ kind of makes you wonderful what is real with the great fashion magazines! I like the liner tip and this is a good reminder to's right in my bag and days go by that I don't curl!!!!

Duchesse said...

Just wanted to say (again) that Diane Keaton is 64. That should provide some insight into the techniques and interventions used to produce this photo. I have seen her at the Toronto Film Festival and she looks nothing like this. A good jawline but lots of fine wrinkles.

knitpurl said...

Liked the linen, hated the bags (those in YKW's Out & About were so perfect), and Diane Keaton -- what a hoot and what a waste! Someone suggested above she should sue, yes, yes, yes!

Thank you Cherie, another amusing and informative post. Bon weekend,

M said...

Blow your eyelash curler with your hairdryer for about 5 seconds to warm it and it works even better. No more than that though or it will be too hot to use.

The Gold Digger said...

Sunblock, sunblock, sunblock on yes, the hands. And the forearms. The face and neck, of course. There is no such thing as a base tan. There is only damaging your skin and creating wrinkles.

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Another wonderful post. I always think I should put spf on my hands but then again I wash them so many times throughout the day that I feel I just wash it right off! I must be vigilant though as the hands are so telling of age... Hope you're well! xo

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