Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Surprises & Non-Stop Fun (Seriously)

You know what they say about "if you want the job done right?" Well, I've done it myself. 

You see here a rendering of the perfect LBD. I am assuming Edith would agree, but since she is MIA on the beaches of Corsica a few steps from her house I didn't ask her. 

So you get more of a feel for the dress I've included a photograph realizing full-well it doesn't have the panache of a real artist's flair. It will nonetheless give you an idea of how you might like to wear it. The dress, in cotton, is a mere 59 Euros from COS stores. (If you go to the site you'll find lots of unusual items that will magically turn classics into something special and make all your friends jealous.)

Since, to be perfectly honest, we're having another "Pot Pourri" or a "News & Views" day, I'll move right along.

Matchy, Matchy

Everyone knows matching fingernail and toenail polish is so yesterday and shoes and bags from the same family are so four decades ago.

As always -- which makes the fun-filled world of fashion so fascinating -- this season and into fall we have an exception. Yes, I know, you're shocked. 

It's lips and fingernails, the same color. (Cameron Diaz gave it a try at the Academy awards. It seems to work, also look at the distance between lips and hands, only someone obsessed with the subject would even notice.)

The matched set was a major movement on the runways and we know what that means. All I can say is I certainly hope the greens, the blues, yellows and the grays are the exception to the exception. (Before you tell me how much you hate the orange combo up there, I agree.)

Quick Grab a Macaron and Go Here. . .

If you haven't already read the Wall Street Journal story about how those 10 extra pounds we've been trying to lose may actually be worth saving, you must mosey on over there. When you arrive, click on "Life & Style."

You Too Can Tattoo

Remember all the models covered with tattoos strutting the latest creations from Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel? OK, are you sitting down? You too can tattoo. For about 55 Euros all of us can buy five plackets of Chanel tatoos. Talk about throwaway chic. 

Just think, you can put them anywhere you wish on your body. You can reveal solely on a need-to-know basis. Is that exciting or what?

At Home: Inside Out

As the French say, I "cracked" when I saw these not only cleverly creative, but also useful and well-designed accessories for the home and garden.

1.) This I can almost not believe in its ingenuity: a birdhouse made out of natural wood that sits on the end of a long faux branch, designed by Emilie Cazin for balconies. Now birds too can have a pied-a-terre a Paris.

2.) The aptly named "bucket" stool -- you see the reason -- which allows one to have two free hands to tote whatever else one desires. It is great for gardening I'm told. It was designed by Carl Clerkin for Design de Collection.

3.) Instead of several small clay pots all in a row, how about lots of small clay pots attached to one another all in a row for a windowsill herb garden? Sweet and smart -- in the two senses of the word.

Et voila. A demain on-the-street.


Deja Pseu said...

Your drawing is a hoot!

I'm not down with the matching lips/nails, but jamais dit jamais.

LOVE the flowerpots. My head's in the garden these days.

Shelley said...

Does 'cracked' mean you laughed? Or you bought it?

Anonymous said...

I love your sketch, Tish ... and don't think I didn't notice the Viviers! :o)

These potpourri posts are so great, so full of interesting little tidbits to take away and ruminate on.

The birdhouse on a stick is tres amusant.

xoxox --

Morgane said...

ton dessin est fabuleux : j'ai beaucoup ri en le voyant !!!
I'm drawing like a child and i'm happy to know i'm not the only one lol!

Jeanne-Aelia Desparmet-Hart said...

You are too HILARIOUS! you get an A+ for trying and an A++ for self assurance!!! You are on your way to the a MAJOR art gallery...I don't love color nail polish on hands and never wear anything but " nude" lip-something, but I thought the idea of matching was new. LOVE the bird house ; how do you use it? inside as an objects or on a flat surface outside? Great in any case. TRES bien cet article. Bravo..

Beadboard UpCountry said...

Hi Tish!
I LIKED the orange!!! Loved your artwork too, and the little black dress is a classic......Always fun to read your blog.....Hugs Maryanne:)


Love those Chanel tats.

Lorrie said...

You had me smiling from the top!

Semi Expat said...

Love your pot pourri Tish!! But not as much as I love your drawing oh, and the dress! So many LBDs are sleeveless which I am NOT comfortable about at all! Great post.... ps Edith may think you have made her redundant! x

Anonymous said...

Dear Cherie:

What are the best French fashion magazines for a femme d'un certain age?

xoxox --

Duchesse said...

I see so many discordant lip/nail pairings, but anything is better than the harsh long "French" manicures I still see on women here. A balcony birdhouse, so whimsical.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

FABULOUS RENDERING! I LOVE IT! Such fun here Tish, thank you for the is my treat to myself in the quiet of the moment. Anita

Dumbwit Tellher said...

You are always such a pleasure to read. I adore the LBD & your art work! That is a dress to last the test of time. I hope you are having a lovely week?!!

x Deb

The Daily Connoisseur said...

LOL- love the drawing!! xo

Sara Louise said...

That drawing is awesome! I think you should keep doing them too even after Edith comes back, at least once a week. It made me smile :-)

Belle de Ville said...

Loved the drawing!
And, I like the shoulder detail on the LBD.

Metropolitan Mum said...

Love the drawing. And the bird's house. I think I want to be a bird. Otherwise I'll never be able to afford that pied-a-terre...

Anonymous said...

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