Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hi-Lo, Here/There, It's a Pot Pourri (!)

Tuesday. I like to think of this day as the single moment in the week where my absolutely brilliant, timely, possibly world-changing questions are answered by a host of French women (and sometimes men) who look aghast, roll-their eyes and give me the best response they can come up with in the alloted time my patience holds out. When the queries are made by telephone I hear sighs, when presented in e-mail format I wait impatiently. Shortly thereafter, I send an e-mail reminder.

Exceptionnellement I didn't get my questions out on the public platform in time to meet my rigorous deadlines. 

Therefore, ta-da . . . You will be treated to another one of my "whatever catches my fancy or ignites my imagination" -- yes, you guessed it: A Pot Pourri (!)

Surely you're as excited as I am. . .

It All Started Yesterday

In my weekly "conversation" with mon amie, Jeanne-Aelia, when choosing women in politics and their fashion sense, or usually non-sense (please see yesterday's post chez elle and chez moi.) I noticed the sandals Carla Bruni-Sarkozy was wearing while meeting and greeting at the front door of the Elysee Palace. 

Presto, my little mind never stops whirling -- it's terrifying really -- I thought: let's take a look at Carla's shoe choices ever since she married the diminutive president of France.

Et voila.

Continuing on The Theme (More or Less)

I apologize in advance, but here comes an outburst: I HATE THEM!

It makes no difference to me if they're so "in" that photographers are tripping over themselves photographing stars on the street wearing them, that even Chanel and Prada want a piece of the action, that they're all over the fashion magazines, that I saw them in every boutique selling shoes in Paris yesterday. I don't care!

I still hate them. 

The French call them "sabots" -- I don't know what you call them. I call them clunky, chunky and ugly. 

Pictured here a quick review. From the top: Chanel, Miu-Miu, Sonia Rykiel, Marni and Ralph Lauren. (Actually, I hate Ralph's the least even though they give the impression the cowgirl left half of her boot in the stirrup). 

Don't even ask about the prices.

Let the dissenters come back with their arguments.

Big, Bold, Bare & Totally Out There

In another of Jeanne-Aelia's and my Transatlantic Parallels we talked about nudity in advertising. The other day when I was snapping on-the-street pictures for your delectation I turned around and saw this giant ad turning slowly on some magic axis on the side of several kiosks. 

If she and I hadn't recently discussed the subject I don't think I would have noticed.

Think Pink: Rose and Rosé

Veuve Clicquot is introducing a limited edition rose bottle, which I suppose translates "collectors' item, might be worth something someday, even empty" of its festive rosé champagne.

It is priced at a mere 50 Euros, considerably more expensive than the Lagerfeld Coca-Cola Light bottles which you will note have a pink chapeau.

It's a tough call. What to collect, what to drink, what to ignore completely.

Ed. Note:  As I mentioned Edith is in Corsica so our usual Wednesday "playing dress-up" feature will not be part of tomorrow's entertainment unless I can figure out a way to draw clothes on stick figures. Do not fear, I'll be here, but sadly without Edith who is probably swimming, sunning and shopping. Poor Edith.


Duchesse said...

Clogs: In my student days, 40 years ago, I clomped around in clogs, worn with bellbottoms and beads. They were ugly then, but when you're young you an wear anything, and these shoes are for the very young women, are they not?

Flats: And I'm a fan of Mme Bruni-Sarkozy's flats, have posted on them myself.

Nudity: I've seen some clothed ads that are more explicit than the nude shown. Depends on the art direction. While I have long been aware of the objectification of women, the healthy body is a beautiful sight and I often think it's far more magnificent to behold than a car or container of yoghurt.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, my condolences for "poor" Edith, too!

Clogs are so hideous, period. I had a Swedish pair when I was in the 7th grade back in the late '70s. No matter what bells and whistles designers try to tie on them, they all look like they're straight out of The Decade That Taste Forgot. And they're so chunky, they can't possibly make your legs look pretty.

Well, that's my Two Minutes Hate this morning.

Here's some love: how pretty and feminine Carla looks in her flats.

xoxo --

Deja Pseu said...

I have a pair of Dansko clogs that I slip on to walk the dogs or take out the garbage in rainy weather. C'est tout. Now if some flats were available in the Miu Miu kitty fabric, I might not be able to control myself.

In some ways, that ad with nudity is actually less objectifying than a lot of what passes for "decent" here. A few years back, Hype clothing had a campaign that featured models fully clothed but posed in such a way that it appeared they'd just been raped or mugged or worse, in trash strewn alleys, torn stockings and all. And those were all over the city on bus benches and billboards.

Jeanne-Aelia Desparmet-Hart said...

Joy, my daughter is 6'11 and wears flat shoes most of the time. When she wears something higher she feels too "conspicuous" (never happened to me...sigh) so I can see why Carla Bruni would stick to flats even more so than Joy- read: Sarko- The one thing NOONE looks good in, is a big heavy "sabot"; NOONE. Some thick soled shoes are OK, but I don't see how anyone can like the clunky wooden ones; (maybe we have "grown up"... too much?); you are right though, the 70's did create the same kind of monstrosities and we happily wore them; sort of.
Great post. Well done as always. and yes, poor Edith...

materfamilias said...

I'm with you on the clog-hating. Didn't get them in the 70s, didn't like the elevated Dr. Scholls thing 5 or 6 (or more?) years ago, and will not be picking up a pair this time 'round either. But I do wonder if I might be slipping a Coke bottle or two into my suitcase in July . . .

Debra said...

The Shoes~ Flats-Flats-Flats...unless I am playing over-the-top dress-up. Clogs...two thumbs down!
Nudity~ No problem if in good taste. Oh I do love turning on my computer and finding something new and delicious from you! Awwww Edith~ what can we do to help???

JMW said...

I have not been keen on many of the shoe fashions within the last couple of seasons. Very severe, as if encaging a woman's feet. I have to say, France's First Lady looks divine. I realize with her tall stature, she's likely taking on flats, as you say, b/c of Mr. Sarkozy, but she still looks stylish nonetheless.

metscan said...

I do like one or two photos, where Carla Bruni wears ballerinas, but..the sandals look terrible and definitely she would look better with some heels. If Sarkozy has a problem with his height, he should not make it Bruni´s problem. I can´t understand how Bruni accepts him ruling. The clogs are dangerous to wear and ugly to look at. I don´t find the outdoor adds with half dressed or nude women disturbing. I wonder how I´d react to nude men? ; )

Who you callin' housewife? said...

Bring on the black flats!!!! I'm so sick of seeing women stuffing their feet into stiletto heels. I'm hoping flats are the new thing. As for those chunky shoes, I don't think I'd be interested in strapping bricks onto my feet.

Nude bodies. OK. But if Calvin Klein is going to run a huge ad with mostly nude bodies preparing to fornicate, I'm going to be mad.

knitpurl said...

Yes, clogs are not very attractive. But I do own a few Dansko for walking in rain and certain snow type weather situations. I don't look at them as fashionable, they're not, but practical worn with brightly colored long wool socks. (Some of us are even attempting to knit socks!:)

Flats: Looked nice on Mme. Bruni-Sarkozy's feet as she has slim legs. Have been very conscious of heel height among women here "of a certain age". As usual, Tish, you are correct. The right lower heeled shoe can indeed look good.

knitpurl said...

Please add my condolences to poor Edith too. What a life!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I have thought how very comfortable Madame Sarkosy must be now that she's married to someone, dare we say, a bit height-challenged. It must make all that standing around in receiving lines a breeze!

Hate, and I do mean hate, those clogs.

My Grama's Soul said...

Oh those clogs......awful and I do mean awful!!

But the coke bottle, that is another matter, very sexy. Don't seem to have that in the states, or I just haven't seen them.



Everyone here seems to feel the same. Hate the clogs. I wouldn't wear those things anywhere, and I definitely do not take out the garbage! Duchesse said it right, the young will wear anything, and they should! I should be with Edith. xx's

Edel said...

its so refreshing to finally read an honest comment about what is considered to be "in" at the moment....share your views on clogs. thought i was the only one to refuse to even consider them! btw love the piece on flats (which i adore and own several pairs myself!). can you identify the source of Mme Bruni-Sarkozy's flats? they're adorable!

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