Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Week Ahead or La Semaine Prochaine

On the Calendar for Next Week:

(This week's line-up will dispel any assumptions you may have about my being a well-organized individual.)

Lundi: Surprise (you see?) No doubt a pot pourri. Won't that be fun?

Jeanne-Aelia is off riding camels and as a consequence we won't be doing our Transatlantic Parallel until she returns. The next one is scheduled for April 5th. I can assure you it will be fan-tas-tic. Really.

Mardi: A survey: What are the two products French women cannot live without?

Mercredi: Edith and I continue foraging in our closets (even though she's in Shanghai -- we planned ahead).

Jeudi: Surprise (!) Who can say? It's only Sunday after all. 

Vendredi: Dear Cherie (This will be the first time in recent memory I'll be glad to see her.)

Samedi: Who knows(?)

Dimanche: The easy one, Next Week in revue.


sharon said...

Hi Tish, I'm so glad to have discovered your blog thanks to Jeanne, and the prize you gave her. Really enjoyed scrolling down your postings, love your style. I became a follower so I'll be back for more.
Thank you, Sharon

Jeanne said...

Hi Tish...I finally posted your very kind award..thanks again...Jeanne :)

Anonymous said...
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