Monday, March 15, 2010

Think Pink, A Touch of the Beast, Eyebrows, etc.

Yes, you're spot on. We're having a pot pourri day and we know how that translates: An all-over-the-place what's new, what's hot, what's not, whatever post.  

To further clarify: My Transatlantic Parallel partner, Jeanne-Aelia Desparmet-Hart of the divine design blog, aptly named, Through the French Eye of Design is off riding camels with her twin sister and a friend, leaving only one side of the Atlantic covered and that would never do, so you'll have to stay over here with me for the duration. Our weekly series will recommence April 5th.

We'll make it up to you, I promise.

Moving right along -- I'll provide subtitles because, I'm warning you, this really is stream of consciousness:

In the Pink

Keep it hot, no sorbet, naa-naa baby pinks. Pictured here are three ideas. In the Isabel Marant design (above, above) where the model forgot her trousers (or skirt) think of the top as a tunic. The abbreviated spencer from Vanessa Bruno is sweet, but remember to keep an unbroken line beneath -- no choppy, choppy no matter how tall and slim one may be, one always wants to be taller and slimmer and if one is less so, stay on the straight and therefore narrow.

The city chick meets, wild west woman is also by Isabel Marant. Note pink earrings for the fainthearted and don't forget, if you can't go all the way, you always have the pink scarf option.

If You Do Headbands, Pourquoi Pas?

Some of you looking at this hedline might be wondering why I don't get a life -- two-tones take time -- but let me explain: I just finished my last good book and the only thing on television last tonight was the returns from regional elections where everyone from the green party through the communists (who call themselves something else these days), by way of the socialists on over to the UMP, Sarkozy's party, were screaming at each other in what the French laughingly refer to as a debate.

Sorry for that digression, but I feel so much better now.

Since I don't have much to say on the subject at hand, it's not the end of the world that I took a circuitous route to get to the point: a leopard headband.

If you want a little leopard in your life, you can always wear a headband. In fact, some fashion forward femmes are suggesting it's a suitable spring/summer accessory. You be the judge.

Great  Sweater, But Why Isn't It Black?

It's also from my new Eric Bompard catalog and comes in this gray and a beige. Don't get me wrong, I like both gray and beige, but it seems as if it was made to be also in black. Just think of the panache it would add to a black on black on black wardrobe. Yes, I know, it would look swell with a pair of gray flannel pants or pencil skirt, a filmy chiffon something-or-other, but still. .

Need New Brows? Your Worries Are Over

Thanks to Dr. Sydney Ohana, the famous plastic surgeon who practices in Paris (and perhaps other places of which I am unaware) has come up with a solution for those with skimpy brows.

How it's done: He takes hair from your head, chosen in the neck area for those special fine, short bits (it sounds like we're talking about cashmere goats here) and implants the crop where eyebrows are supposed to grow. There is no redness or scaring and all is done with a local anesthesia. In three months, voila, the crop starts to sprout and in six months, maturation.

The price: two Euros per hair -- so far, within most budgets -- and 2500 Euros to completely remake two, that's a relief, brows. Time and patience involved, three hours.

My Latest Bijou Fantasy

I would love a finger-full of these rings by Helene Courtaigne-Delalande.

Check This Out. . .

Two other important spring/summer trends: checks and plaids, alongside those ditsy floral prints. If you want to ease your way in, as always I suggest a scarf. I could live with a ditsy floral print scarf, but the trend stops there for me (and for Cherie).

It Is What It Is

In France there are warnings on not only cigarettes, alcohol and wine ( I separate wine), but also on snack foods advising the consumer of dire consequences for everything from serious disease to unsightly kilo gains. The latest legislation to hit the books is the "honesty in photography" law (I'm paraphrasing as I'm wont to do). 

In other words, all fashion photography that has been retouched is to be so labeled. Pictured here is the March cover of French Marie Claire proclaiming the photo: "Sans Retouches" as are most of the fashion spreads within.

Apparently this law does not apply to advertising, so we can still expect to see pictures of actresses of a certain age who appear vaguely familiar, but thanks to the products they espouse -- and of course use daily -- they get younger every year, which makes it difficult for us to figure out who they are. Fortunately the advertisers in their divine wisdom, label the faces that sell their anti-aging potions.


JMW said...

LOVE the gray sweater - it looks so soft and comfy! The rings are gorgeous, too. Very interesting about the requirement to label when a photo has been touched-up. Because, truly, who really looks like what's on the magazine covers?

Châtelaine - The Garden Fairy said...

I love the rings.. lovely ! The ?? beneath the rings are earrings, hoops I suppose.. and very easy to make yourself. In fact - after writing this comment- I will dive into my stash and see what I still have in means of facetted teardrops.. and hoops...Did I ever mention that I am hoarding earrings? If not, it is stated herewith. Kind regards, Martina

James said...

No I don't do hairbands, but God knows I could use new eyebrows.

LPC said...

I love that jewelry. Reminds me of Ippolita, another maker that I like very much.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

As if we couldn't tell who's been airbrushed and who hasn't!

I am always tempted by headbands. Until I try one on. They just do not suit me. But I am longing for a pink something or other this season!

And I have blonde eyebrows, so I don't obsess over them!

Shelley said...

Yep, I think honesty is best and very amusing when the mascara ads admit they added false eyelashes to the TV advert. Why not just sell fake eyelashes instead? Love the pink jacket on top of the taupe and cream. I do small bits of leopard...not sure 50-somethings should wear headbands in public.

Big question for Cherie -- how do you store your many scarves? I really wanna know...

Lily Lemontree said...

Love those rings and all the hot pink! I have never heard of the eyebrow 'replacement', I continue to be amazed everyday! :)
Have a great week, Tish!

EntertainingMom said...

Your headband would look lovely with my latest post! Love the rings and anything pink and any time of the day or year... love the disclosure on food re the unsightly kilos... clever... we're too fat here for that to work. I also love the fact that French glossies now have to disclose whether they've been touched up or not... Did you hear that in NYC they are trying to ban salt from all kitchens (restaurants)? Absolutely ridiculous. That's like giving a painter an easel and a brush but no paint!

Jacqueline said...

Hi Tish,
I love the rings and, thanks for the tip on checks. I nearly bought a ditsy print skirt yeaterday but they didn't have my size. Perhaps that was a good thing as you and Edith wouldn't wear one and would only have something small in a ditsy print.
I think that I could definitely use a few eyebrow implants!! Mine are getting thinner the older I get !!.... and, I'm afraid that I still can't get into the whole animal print thing. Just not for me......and, finally, I love the look of the girl in the white trousers, grey and white layered thingy (!) and the pink jacket. Much food for thought today, on the fashion front, Tish. XXXX

Belle de Ville said...

Wow, I need new and improved eyebrows. Maybe a trip to Paris is in order.
And, LPC is right, we've seen that jewelry before buy Ippolita.

Anonymous said...

Eeew. Eyebrow hair transplants? *shudders*
Though I love the idea of 100% sans retouches. Very much appreciated!

Metropolitan Mum said...

That was me. The last comment. I was so excited, I forgot to 'sign'. :-)

Duchesse said...

I utterly loathe headbands (the type shown, not the terry gym ones) on grown women. They are infantalizing on any female over 12. One of the very, very few things that send me over the edge.

The rings are delightful and the EB sweater divine- if one has firm arms.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh everything is divine. Those rings are a must have!!! I don't care if I am 52....I want to wear everything here!!!!

Beautiful post as usual, Anita

knitpurl said...

I could live in the Isabel Marants, and yes why not a black sweater? Even I could wear it. Those rings are lovely. How would you describe that pink? Pink with blue tones? Strawberry? Peony?
PS - appreciate all the work you did,in adding color to your prose, Tish. There's so much rain in the US northeast your US counterpart is probably celebrating that she is off the continent.

Jeanne said...

Tish..this is all great and I do love that coral pink and was thinking of the second top but pulled back after reading your comment...makes sense! Eyebrows...yes, that would suit me, will need further consideration on the price:)Jewelry is great! Thanks again for a most informative and fun post as always and thank you for your kind are most welcome !
Jeanne :)

Marsi said...

Tish, you're absolutely right: that Bompard sweater in black in a black on black on black wardrobe would be sublime. Really, I love the flutter sleeve; how gorgeous and feminine is that?

Pink is my favorite color. It just makes me happy to look at it -- though I'm also happy looking at its kissing cousins, red and coral. But to me, pink is joyful.

And that ring with the delicate gemstone teardrops? WANT. NEED. NOW.

That's the good.

Here's the bad.

I may have nightmares tonight about eyebrow plugs.


A Refocused Life said...

Yes to everything! I want the sweater in black, love the rings, and most definitely needed the tip on 'pink' as the color trend. I'm looking for a jacket for my trip to San Francisco and needed help on the color choice. I keep seeing this wild tangerine as well as the bright pink. As always, thanks for your fashion guidance..I'll feel much more confident in my choice.

BigLittleWolf said...

Love all these almost coral pinks! (And the "sans retouches" is too cute.) Your bijoux picks look scrumptious.

Clarity said...

First of all "Think Pink" said Kay, I agree,

On a serious note, the Eyebrow Retriever could do a lot for women who made the mistake of overplucking and tattooed.

Lastly, very witty Tish :) Funny how big biz just did not have to do that, hmmm.

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Well Tish...
I am of the skimpy brow crowd.. sadly.. always wanted thick brows so I could pluck them all out!! hahaha
If I were in Europe i just might consider this.. you could completely change the brow shape.. how clever..

I think I want that sweater in black also.. I think we should start a campaign .. hhaha.. Oh well.. Dear Tish please pop over my way . I have left you a little thank you.. xxx Julie

Semi Expat said...

The rings are my absolute favourite... wonderful post Tish... and love the idea of letting us know if a photo has been retouched or not... great. X

Looking Fab in your forties said...

Love that outfit with the pink jacket, its gorgeous!

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