Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Edith & Moi, Playing In Our Closets

This is the gist of my conversation with Edith this morning -- translated of course because I can't write in French -- just prior to her heading to the airport and boarding a plane for Shanghai:

Edith: I just called to say goodbye and tell you I'll miss you.

Moi: I'll really, really miss you too. Bon voyage (any idiot can spell that).

Edith: What would you like me to bring back for you from Shanghai?

Moi: I have no idea. What's in Shanghai?

Edith: Everything, only cheaper.

Moi: Surprise me.

Edith: How about something in cashmere?

Moi: Perfect.

Edith: I just want to tell you right now, I'm not buying you anything in black. 

Moi: OK, Edith, merci par avance et bon voyage.

So, she's off and I shall now continue our on-going series devoted to pulling great finds out of our closets to create a non-stop procession of ensembles from what we already own. Fortunately we've worked two weeks in advance so our fun feature will not be interrupted due to her untimely travel.

For those of you who are unaware of the game we've been playing for the last few weeks, Edith grabs whatever catches her eye from her armoire and then assembles the pieces while I wear the same black trousers and black pencil skirt, changing only the tops and accessories I find within mine. (I don't actually own an armoire, but I felt I needed a synonym.)

As I've mentioned, when we see a flower bud in our gardens, we'll start talking about spring, until then we're working with what we've got. 

Surely something will begin to bloom before the end of the month.

At the top: I'm wearing a Bill Blass (I know, can you believe it?) silk Lurex blouse; a torsade of gold pearls; a black chiffon scarf with golden dots, used as a belt; my Chanel evening bag and probably the sexiest sandals I've ever worn, but haven't had on in ummmm, quite a while. 

Edith is in a pair of skin-tight satin pants with a short beige crepe dress, spangled with gold sequins, worn as a tunic. She points out: "You've seen the pictures, everything is short this season. We can't wear short, or at least not that short. This is my solution." She said she bought the dress "in a boutique around the corner from my house [in Paris] I have no idea what the name of the place is."

Above: Moi in my marron glacé Chanel cashmere twin-set; huge Chanel double "C" earrings; my coral suede Chanel bag, which you've seen scores of times, and an ancient pair of buttery soft brown leather boots.

Edith is wearing a YSL safari jacket with her own belt -- remember: belts, belts, belts -- and "old" black Repetto ballerinas.

As always and ever, all drawings by Edith.


Duchesse said...

It's such fun to see this feature! Your black pants/skirt with various tops is my 'costume'. Occasionally a fling with gray flannel. Though I love clothes, this is where I've landed.

Morgane said...

i 'll kill for a chanel bag ! A red one like yours ! But i'm not insane , you're safe!
I do love the marron -black combination , i think i never try this on me . But the colors reminds me fall season ( almost there really ! Have you feel this wind blowing? FREEZING)

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Edith is an amazing artist and you, a fine critic and expert on fashion! This is definitely my style....thank you Tish!

Have a splendid day,


Deja Pseu said...

Just love your ensembles here Trish! I'm especially crazy for that Chanel twinset (bien sur). Le sigh.

I second what Duchesse said about the black or grey flanner trousers and various tops. These have become my wardrobe foundations.

Marsi said...

J'adore the touches of green in the first two outfits, and j'adore the red toenails with the beautiful sandals you're wearing, Tish.

But what I have the biggest crush on is Edith's "walking" sketch. I love the action and movement in it, and as a Repetto girl, of course I love the shoes.


Shanghai -- sounds so glamorous, and yet if I think about it, I really wouldn't want to go there because it's not 1920 anymore. I hope Edith has a great trip.

I'm ready for spring, too. I caught a glimpse of bulb leaves pushing a half-inch out of the ground yesterday, so spring is coming!


Deja Pseu said...

Ugh, should not type apres espresso. TISH. :-)

materfamilias said...

I'm inspired -- I have a few sheath dresses in prints I really like that I've been putting in and taking out of my Give-away bag for the past few months -- too short, can't wear any more, give-away EXCept that I still love the prints, the shape, etc., Now I'm going to hunt instead for some very slim black pants -- I'd rather not do leggings, but the pants in Edith's sketch? Perfect!
Such fun, these posts are, I almost want those buds to stay out of your garden longer, but I know you're getting desperate for spring . . .

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

Those short dresses are great with capri leggings and ballerina flats...I was rather tentative about wearing them, but they actually suit me...who knew?
...a torsade of pearls....lovely, and your ensemble sounds dreamy.

Jacqueline said...

I am loving what you have both done with what you have dans la closet !! The beiges and browny golds look wonderful with the black.
Tres jolie, Tish.
I hope that I have redeemed myself after my comment on your awards post !! haha. I did say nice things about you over at Rita's. Seriously, I meant every word. Lots of love. XXXX

Lorrie said...

I do enjoy this weekly feature. Your combinations are all so inspiring.

Bonjour Madame said...

I'm loving the YSL and Chanel in this post. I would love to have a Chanel bag one day. Seeing that you actually wear and use yours makes me justify it as a reasonable purchase.

Jeanne said...

Great combinations Tish and your descriptions of your well worn and much loved items. It is great to be able to mix it all up!

knitpurl said...

Liked all the outfits. Shanghai, how glamorous, but what a l-o-n-g flight.

Post rain, spring has arrived in the southwest US for sure, lots of cactus in bloom.

Loved Edith's thought for you Tish, no black - lol.

PS - back to knitting last year's multi-colored pullover.

Kim said...

I need a pair of Repetto ballerinas. I really want some good comfortable black shoes like I Love Lucy wore. I used to have some and my feets are craving 'em now! Any idea where I can get some?

Marieanne said...

I adore this feature and I have to tell you, Tish, that your first combination actually made me gasp. Fabulous.

My black gab trousers have just about had it and I need a new black pencil skirt. Hmmmm....

Marieanne said...

p.s. and speaking of spring (it was 60F here in the DC metro area today), will the warmer weather signal the return of Out and About?! I so love that feature as well.

Shelley said...

Soft leather boots - made in heaven, I'm sure.

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Dear Tish
If only I could fit back into a black pencil skirt it would once again be my staple wardrobe also... I think you may inspire me yet to shed those pounds and don le chic fashion... Have a great week xx Julie

Mardel said...

My favorite feature. These posts always make me think and refine a little, good thing. I love the way you combine your black pants and skirts with various interesting things -- my basic "uniform". Marron and black has long been a favorite.

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