Friday, March 19, 2010

Dear Cherie. . .

Life has been a whirlwind of non-stop excitement: beauty maintenance rituals, parties, no alcohol, regime, dealing with You-Know-Who and her non-stop dithering about 'The Project,' honestly Cherie had to take to her bed at one point, and people constantly asking for autographs -- really, it's all quite grand.

Best of all spring is springing up all over and winter wear seems to be slowly disappearing from the streets of Paris. It might be time for Cherie to suggest You-Know-Who hit les rues with her camera. At least that keeps her occupied.

Enough about moi encore, we are here to address your questions and concerns, let us begin. . .

Q: Mme.B:  Dear Cherie, This may seem like a stupid question, but I'm dying to know, out of all the Rouge Coco collection of 30 lipstick tints, which one is Vanessa Paradise wearing in the huge posters and ads all over the place?

A: Why don't be silly, Mme. B, no question is "stupid" particularly when Cherie knows the answer. Mlle. Paradis is wearing Mademoiselle.

Q: Mme. R: My dear Cherie, While we're on the subject of Vanessa Paradis, is she planning to marry Johnny Depp or not?

A: Dear Mme. R, What in the world makes you think Cherie would be au courant? She is not in the gossip business you know, but you are also no doubt aware that Cherie does not like to disappoint her faithful readers so she will pass on what she does know which is what Vanessa herself said in a recent interview:

"I'm neither for it or against it. I like the idea of the romantic part of it, but the pressure causes me anxiety. I say to myself, 'why not?' and then I say to myself, 'why'?"

When the interviewer asked if she has had a marriage proposal she retorted, "Vous etes trop cruieux."

Q: Mme. S: Chere Cherie, Everyday I am so thankful that you exist. I am less and less interested in magazines, I get my news on the Net or television, but there you are, telling us things we didn't even know we wanted and needed to know. 

A: Dear, dear Mme. S, Cherie is blushing. You are too kind. It seems to be true what you're saying about magazines and it appears fewer and fewer are being published, but not in France. Two new titles just debuted, Be, aimed at an audience of under 30s and best of all, in Cherie's opinion, Fromage Gourmand a bi-monthly devoted to one of the products no one in the world does better. The first issue will hit the newsstands tomorrow.

Q: Mme. R: Dear Cherie, Remember when you told us about that absolutely adorable Sonia Rykiel collection for H&M? Did you buy anything?

A: My dear Mme. R, Cherie wanted to, but even with the chauffeur in the car and the motor idling she would have been forced to stand in a 300 meter long line in front of the Blvd. Haussmann store for heaven knows how long and Cherie has a life. So, to answer your question: regrettably, no.

Q: Mme. C:  Cherie, You promised us another scarf idea.

A: Dear Mme. C, May Cherie be so bold as to point out this is a Q & A format and you are not supposed to give indirect/direct orders. Here's your scarf.

Cherie would like to add that she always spritzes her scarves and shawls with a soupçon of her favorite perfume so they all whisper Cherie, Cherie(!)

Q: Mme. N: Dear Cherie, Would you be so kind as to give us one petite beauty tip today?

A: Why, of course, Mme N., Actually this is a tip from Cherie's favorite French Fashion phenomenon, Ines de la Fressange. She says if you want your hair to be positively "mirror-like" (as in shiny and light reflecting) mix three soup spoons -- they're really large in France btw -- of white vinegar in a smallish bowl and use as the last rinse after a shampoo. She guarantees results, particularly in photographs.

When it comes to Ines, Cherie believes everything she says.


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Ah yes, always sprinkle perfume on the scarf! Delicious.

I must try the vinegar trick.

Châtelaine - The Garden Fairy said...

I can only say that a final rinse of vinegar works wonders. The vinegar creates a sour environement ( what a surprise !) and helps the scales on the hair's surface to close again. This results in shine, and less broken ends from combing. If you do not like the scent of vinegar-ed hair you can mix your own scented hair vinegar by adding a few drops of your favorite essential oil, Lavender perhaps, or some Lemon... or even Rose/Geranium. Very nice as final rinse. Thanks for reminding me - I did this as a young girl, when my hair was hip-long... kind regards, Martina

Deja Pseu said...

Dear Cherie, I plan to try both the perfume-on-scarf and vinegar-on-hair recommendations. We used to give our horses a vinegar rinse after their bath, which made their fur soft, soft, soft and shiny. Hopefully will do the same for une femme's mane.

Fearless Nester said...

My large spoon and bottle of vinegar await me from in the kitchen. I am in need of a little shine and less frizz. Adore these little tidbits. Merci! ~Lili

Kristine said...

A vinegar rinse is worthwhile. Also, to remove any buildup, massage baking soda into your hair while in the shower. Let sit while you bathe or shave your legs then rinse thoroughly. I don't suggest mixing the baking soda with the vinegar unless you want a fizz-o-rama!

Jacqueline said...

Dear Cherie,
Merci for all of the invaluable information and helpful tips.
I saw a women the other day who had put her scarf around her neck in the most beautiful way. There is a definite art to it.
I have tried the vinegar rinse but, as a blonde, lemon juice in the last rinse is better. Vinegar is wonderful when you have dark hair. XXXX

Marsi said...

Cherie, have you tried the Rouge Coco lipstick for yourself yet? It's a dream. I bought a fuchsia one (Taffetas Rose) last week -- j'adore.

Will vinegar strip color from hair?

I suppose not; Ines can do no wrong!

Bon week-end!


Duchesse said...

Imagine just ... living with Johnny Depp. On the yacht. Or elsewhere.

FIONA said...

thanks for the tips. I will try the vinegar rinse tomorrow.

I bought a new scarf today because I was inspired by you.

Have a great weekend

myletterstoemily said...

dear cherie,

my grandmother, who lived in a tiny
town in OKLAHOMA, told me when
very young, the very same vinegar

thanks to her my hair is VERY shiny.


Semi Expat said...

Oh yes Cherie I do too... believe everything that lovely Ines says, that is. Wonderful Friday post as ever - thank you. x

Anonymous said...
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Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

All of Chèrie's advice is marvelous. I can vouch for the vinegar in the hair! I haven't used it in years, but I think I will give it another go instead of paying 30$ for Occitan's wonderful but pricey Olive Oil Paste conditioner!!!!

Merci Madame! Anita

La Petite Gallery said...

I'll try the vinegar tonight.
That Johnnie is Hipp..

Thanks for info I new to get with it..


knitpurl said...

Today Cherie, you are helping me get back to my personal regime after a glorious Sonoran Mexican luncheon here in Tucson. There isn't a word you wrote that isn't valuable.

I'm wondering too about vinegar on highlighted blonde hair. Maybe lemon juice as was posted above is the route to go?
Merci and bon weekend, xoxo Carole

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